Thursday, December 2, 2021


 2021-12-02                                 LIVING THE SURRENDERED LIFE                              INRI


My beloved people, because of your inner joy that will be visible in your radiance, especially in these troubled times when many are in dreaded fear, you will see many refusing to carry their cross, opting for the world and all that it promises.


The Holy Spirit has united you all, though you may be separated by distance perhaps, but you will all be united in spirit with Me.


I am aware of your desire to imitate Me in humility, when you allow the Will of the Father to form you and make you ready to be a citizen of Heaven, according to His plan of love for each one of you.


So what will it matter if today you should lose your earthly life and gain eternity in Heaven, for grace is presently transforming you as you surrender to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.


A veil covers the minds of those who mutilate and kill others for profit, pray that they will come to perceive the Truth before it becomes too late for them to be saved.


Praise wells up within your hearts as you gather in song to adore Me, I am with you, blessing each one, for My Spirit dwells therein, rejoicing brings down the Heavenly choirs to accompany your joyous song.


I am the voice of encouragement, for your times are in My Hands, I want you to be more focused on doing the Father’s Will, whatever is His agenda, you will perceive it in your spirit, do not be overly concerned by the troubles in the world.


He will require that you make yourself available to speak words of encouragement to your brothers and sisters, who have not given any attention to their eternity, times are becoming critical regarding the salvation of many.


In fact, it has been the devil’s ploy to distract all, with glitter and things that fascinate, as many as he can, taking them away from their eternal reward.


Those who serve Me, be alert because even as you save one single soul for the Kingdom of God, your reward will be great in Heaven, but your goal should be to save as many as possible, for it is grace which is abundant today that will empower you.


A life surrendered to God, is a life that is free, even if you should become imprisoned or martyred, it is only the earthly body, not your soul nor your spirit, for I have overcome death.                                     SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR

      Fr. Sam Johnston                                                to Irene Noordhoek   INRI

Thursday, November 25, 2021


 2021-11-25                                MY GRACE IS ABUNDANT FOR YOU                                   INRI


You are now seeing the effects of the damage, that the enemy has perpetrated against My people, these are My very own who are being hurt, I am the God of Justice.


But the world has not yet seen what I have planned for the renewal of all that the enemy of the people has taken from them, mainly their God-given freedom they were meant to have as My children.


You who have steadfastly believed in Me, you must not be afraid, only trust in My promises, I will never disappoint you, I will bring you a security and satisfaction, more indeed than you’ve ever experienced before.


Draw ever closer to your Mother Mary in Heaven, She is at this time protecting you in ways that you are not presently aware of, She is covering you as a mother hen shelters her chicks from present danger.


For you are all Her beloved children, having been given power from the Father, She will crush the serpent’s head, but know this, the Father’s plan and design is for His children to ask in prayer, anything that they need and according to His Will, it shall be given.


The Blessed Mother needs only to hear the cry of Her children in prayer, She will know what to do in order to remedy their need, She will be near the brokenhearted and those who grieve, especially those who have sorrow over their sinful lives, She will bring them to Me, Her Son.


Have confidence in Me, even as evil deceptions grow ever greater, ensnaring the weak and the unsuspecting souls, the greed for more money and the control of people is the driving force behind it.


I must continually inform you of My presence with you, for the raging elements that bombard you today are causing some of you great anxiety, I want you all to have My Peace, this prepares you to receive the abundant graces that you will need.


Humility is knowing that you need God in your life on every levelrealizing that what is being portrayed by the world is a deception, it will not bring you happiness.


Materialism and socialism are behind the forces that are trying to eliminate God from the world, the Holy Spirit is the counter-force, but your co-operation in this fight is paramount to your having the victory in your lives.


In due time they will be dealt with, do not concern yourselves with these godless tyrants, strive today to be the persons I created you to be, even now, the graces are abundant for you.
                                           SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR

       Fr. Sam Johnston                                                     to Irene Noordhoek    INRI

Thursday, November 18, 2021


 2021-11-18                                     UNITED IN ONE ACCORD                                            INRI


You were created for this time in history, not of your own choosing, but of Mine, realize the dire implications of this wisdom, that God has decided to use you in His plan for Creation.


Everything in your present world may seem unsettled and uncertain, your personal security may look to be in terrible jeopardy.


But be assured, I have your well being infinitely in mind, nothing is being allowed to happen in your life, that I will not bring around for your eternal benefit.


My Love for you is constant, review what I have done for your salvation, right from your conception and birth to your demise, which I have already planned, to be the best for you at the end of your life.


Would I now fail you at this most chaotic time in all of history, when each one faces so much deception and confusion, My people are persecuted and targeted, I desire to give them power to defeat the enemy.


The Prince in the Heavenly Courts leading the Angels, is Michael the Arch Angel, prepared now to defeat the darts of the evil one, who is aiming to kill and destroy anyone who is opposing him.


The Blessed Mother Mary is anticipating your prayers to defeat and crush the head of Satan, She will answer the cry of all who call upon Her for help, for the devil is launching his henchmen on those who do not pray or have a relationship with God, they will have no defence.


Believe in Me and do not succumb to fear, for you will soon see the effects of the demons’ poison, the ones who have fallen prey to the tactics of the evil one will not survive.


Many will perish from sickness, the greed of the rich will not yet be satisfied, if ever, as they proceed to eliminate the most vulnerable of society.


But you must not become discouraged, indeed you must encourage one another in these most terrifying times.


Unite with Me in one accord, for it is the objective of the devil to seclude and separate you from one another, so that you may not present a strong front against him, you will defeat him because of your trust in Me as you reject his taunts.                             SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR 

    Fr. Sam Johnston                                         to Irene Noordhoek   INRI


Thursday, November 11, 2021


 2021-11-11                                  THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR                                        INRI


People are slaughtering one another taking peace out from the earth, all in the name of benefit for the good of humanity.


Soon famine will come created by those hungry for power and money, systematically designed to cause an economic downfall, business closures and unheard of unemployment will ensue.


The funds that man has accumulated has not brought them the desired happiness nor the security that was sought, only fear remains concerning its loss.


All that remains is fear of the future, have I not told you time and time again not to fear?


MY GOD STANDS BY ME, ALL MY TRUST IS IN HIS PROMISE, this is what should be on your lips, every time that the evil one tries to convince you or discourage you to fear anything.


I am depending on My faithful people to evangelize the survivors, after the Illumination of Conscience even that you pray now for the ones who will die of fright, seeing the truth that without God, they have been living a lie.


Do not fear persecution, the strength of the Holy Spirit will empower and guide you, in what you are to say or when to remain silent, though you do not see Me, I know everything that concerns you now and will always be with you especially in your time of need.


For those who would try to save their lives will lose them, and those who lose their lives for the sake of the Gospel will save them.


Your faith is a gift, I encourage you to build up your faith in My Word, stand on it firmly, even in the face of death, no grace will be withheld from you in your time of need be assured.


I know that some of you fear that you will cower in that hour of decision, for I know very well the weaknesses of humanity, but I have faith in you, given the grace of the moment, you will be victorious.


Determine now in your resolve to respond affirmatively to the trial, a trial perhaps that is being prepared for you as we now speak together, you and I.


There is nothing to fear, for by My Passion and death, your salvation was gained, do not dwell on what could happen tomorrow, today has enough of its own worries. 


With every moment that is left to you, strengthen your resolve to remain faithful in grace, ready for the Father’s plan to unfold, trusting in the love and care of God.                                    SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR

       Fr. Sam Johnston                                             to Irene Noordhoek  INRI


Thursday, November 4, 2021


 2021-11-04                                      WORDS OF ETERNAL LIFE                                            INRI


Without the Eucharist, that is without Communion with Me, you will have no life within you.


For My Flesh is food indeed and My Blood is true drink, for from the believer will flow living waters.


These are the Words of Truth, put nothing before Me, for everything else is of no value to the one who wishes to follow Me.


For the conversion of your heart must happen before the end of your life on earth, to love and serve your God is commanded of you, not the success and accumulation of the world’s goods, your priorities must be in order.


Each person created by God, has been given an attribute of God, to shine that quality upon the earth, He has graciously given man this glorious gift out of love for humanity.


Man born selfish must work to overcome this sinful tendency, in desiring to serve others one gives his Lord and Saviour praise and thanksgiving prayers, giving God what is owed to Him Who has given him freedom from his sinful ways and eternal salvation.


In order to be free to be inspired and act in accord with the Father’s Will, that may include unexpected situations of bravery and selflessness in giving of ones possessions and time, be open to the possibilities always.


I am the risen Lord in your life, some of you act as if of your own accord, struggling in an effort that I did not desire for you, again I say I am your risen Lord, I want to be the One Who is acting in you.


Do not perceive Me as distant, for I am beside you, in you, knowing even your every thought and emotion, closer than a child in his mother’s womb, ask Me to allow you to know the very attribute that was given to you alone, that you would glorify Me on earth, from birth to death.


Give Me your life and I will give you Mine, My Spirit dwelling in you will bring you the happiness that you persistently seek, He will empower you to forget self, for selfishness never would lead you to happiness that only serving others can bring.


Many fail to serve Me adequately because they busy themselves following their own agendas in My Name no less, but if I have not required it of you, it will not have My blessing, acquire My dictates and directives in the silence of your heart, then you will hear Me.                                  SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR

    Fr. Sam Johnston                                               to Irene Noordhoek  INRI

Thursday, October 28, 2021


 2021-10-28                              YOU MUST BE BORN FROM ABOVE                               INRI                   


Very truly I tell you no one can enter the Kingdom of God without being born of water and spirit.......

you must be born from above.


I came to the earth that you may have eternal life through Me, the Father did not spare His only begotten Son, but gave Him up to save you.


Through your Baptism you first received the Spirit of God, making you, along with Me an heir of Heaven.


But you, yourself of your own free will, must choose to follow Me, some profess to be a follower, but ultimately follow their own designs, the world holds too many interesting or worrisome problems to contend with, that they do not have time for Me.


They give Me lip service in prayer, but their hearts are not in tune with Mine, oh how I would desire to remedy this, I wait eagerly to fulfill the desires of their hearts which most of the time are far from Me.


You should be acquainted in this life with the ways of Heaven, the language of love is always present, praise and gratitude, songs that fill the soul are offered to the Trinity, I want to prepare you to be a citizen of your eternal reward.


Strive to become saints, live as children of God because that is what you are, and do not be overwhelmed by what is happening now or possibly will happen in the world in which you now live.


I know very well that you may not be conscious of the devil’s influence on your life, but I have died on the Cross that has freed you from the bondage of sin, remember this often for the Cross will be the key to living your new life in Me.


Invoke My Holy Spirit, He will open your eyes and help you to live His Love in all your dealings, He will enlighten you to the life you were meant to live.


Learn and live in the ways of Heaven, you as My faithful servants will be welcomed as such at the end of your time on earth, do not waste this precious opportunity, for graces are being given as at no other time in history.


Your acceptance of the Holy Spirit’s help and direction, will open up doors to save many that the devil had already deemed as his, you will snatch them back into My Kingdom, as I bless and multiply your every effort to serve Me for the sake of your brothers and sisters.

                          SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR

    Fr. Sam Johnston                                       to Irene Noordhoek   INRI


Thursday, October 21, 2021


 2021-10-21                       THE DARKNESS SHALL NOT PREVAIL                                       INRI                                                                                                                                     


My children, once you were darkness but now you are light, live as children of light.


What will ultimately remain, may be but a handful of faithful, a mere remnant of peoples, who are dedicated to the Apostolic Faith and Traditions of the Church I Myself founded.


The true faith must be reinstated in a more pure, holy and genuine faith, simplified and joy filled, rich in the love therein.


Evil will not prevail and those who are persecuted must now remain strong, uniting with one another in order to overcome temptations, which are so prevalent when one becomes vulnerable in the face of discouragement and attacks.


Seek to do the things that are pleasing to God, I am giving you graces, so that you will act always in a loving way, even when insulted or when accused and viewed in a negative way by family and friends.


Be mindful that nothing is happening on the earth or in your life, that I have not consented to, even if you cannot understand My actions, believe that I will make each situation the “best” for your eternity.


My Wisdom is sure, therefore trust in Me to bring out of your life’s circumstances glory for the Kingdom, which was promised for all who would believe in Me.


You will sing Psalms and spiritual songs among yourselves, together your spirits will be lifted and united with My Holy Spirit, all of Heaven rejoicing, your Angels joyful, as you bring Our Father the gratitude He deserves. 


Those in charge who are prohibiting your songs and praises to Me will not be able to take away your faith, which will only become stronger as they continue to try to take you away from Me, I will still see your hearts that long to embrace Me.


Grace upon grace I pour down on all My poor children, who are being saddened by having the gifts and privileges, which I have given to them be senselessly taken away, do not retaliate for I Myself will repay them who cause you to be disheartened, but remain with Me in the silence of your hearts.


Thus the darkness shall not prevail, for I am sending you to be light in the world, where so much darkness threatens to envelope unsuspecting and careless souls, who are preoccupied with fear of sickness.


I alone will be your fulfillment, the longing within shall be satisfied, seek patience as your predominant virtue, for My Father’s plan for salvation is unfolding according to His long awaited schedule.
                                    SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR

       Fr. Sam Johnston                                              to Irene Noordhoek        INRI

Thursday, October 14, 2021


 2021-10-14                                     KEEP YOUR EYES ON ME                                                INRI                                                                                                                                 


I freed you from the fear of death, from the slavery to sin, and made you to be with Me, heirs of Heaven.


It is therefore, when you remove your eyes from Me, placing your sights on creatures and the love of monetary gain, that you allow yourselves to be placed in the territory of sin.


But when a person has his mind, heart and will fixed on Me, as the primary source of his love, then I transform him and form virtues in him and give every grace, that he may grow even more.


With those who have immersed themselves in the world, investing all their time and energy in self gain, the first thing must be repentance, in order to cleanse the soul, I need only to see a sincere desire from such a soul, and I pour many saving graces for their salvation.


Those who are Mine will suffer, this is My gift to you, uniting your small and great pains with My Passion, this will save many souls, that will be accounted to your benefit and glory.


The world must see your joy, how can you say that you follow Me and be sad, worried, discouraged, this is not from Me, I am so close to you, indeed I am in you, may you reflect My Joy that I have in loving you.


Keeping your eyes on Me, you will be able to have words and deeds that demonstrate Christian love, this is what I desire from you.


Do spend time before Me in Adoration, you will experience peace as you realize that I am there just for you, for you cannot outdo My generosity to you, tell Me your desires for the future, and relate to Me all your troubles and I will comfort you.


Remember how Peter, getting out of the boat, wanted to join Me walking on the water, he was doing fine, until he took his eyes off of Me and as he began to sink, he cried out for My help, he momentarily began to doubt.


You may not ever desire to walk on water, but I may have a mission for you that would require that your eyes be fixed firmly on Me, that is in order that the task at hand may be accomplished successfully.


Daily surrender yourselves to Me, tell Me how you cannot do anything without My help and I will do it, there is nothing to fear if you will put your trust in the One Who Loves you and died loving you.                                           SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR

    Fr. Sam Johnston                                                        to   Irene Noordhoek    INRI

Thursday, October 7, 2021


 2021-10-07                          RECEIVING MY MERCY AND GRACE                                       INRI                                                                                                                                         


It is God, Who is at work in you, do you not realize that when I created you, that I breathed My Divine Life into you?


How incredible is it that you received life, not by a chance of nature, but by the very Breath of God Himself.


Consider your Baptism, how you were received into the family of God, reborn by water and the Spirit for Salvation and new life into Christ.


I have come to you today to give you a new hope, to enliven anew your belief in Me, for these are dangerous and evil times, threatening to shake the faith of even staunch believers.


Rejoice My people, for you are not of the world, the sincerity of your hearts is known to Me, though the storm rages about you presently, just as the frightened Apostles feared that their boat be overwhelmed on the stormy sea.


When I rescued them, for what reason did I chastise them, it was for their lack of faith in Me, and you also, do you not receive Me in the Sacraments, are you doubting My very presence in you today and always?


Therefore, since you have died to self, and you have been Crucified with Me, should you not now be living as though I were acting in and through you, do not be anxious for yourselves but concern yourselves for the well being of others, your loved ones and your fellowman.


Remain in prayer, this is how you will connect with Me, I hear your every prayer, pray in the belief that I will answer your requests, for I give consideration to the needs of everyone who prays sincerely to Me.


For you are now enduring so many evil deceptions which are being propagated against you as a means to control the world, many are dying, others are sick and the saving vaccines are but an illusion, with the murder of the most helpless children in the womb, and the lies being taught to the school aged children, the cup of wrath overflows, chastisements must proceed.


Your peace and freedom are in jeopardy, for your faith is in need of being strengthened, doubts and stress invade your minds, listen to your Guardian Angels, as they remind you to pray “Jesus I trust in You,” pray this often for with this you are calling on Me for help, and I will take care of everything.


You are all Mine, and what you do now matters, especially because as My representatives, you act in My Name, obtain the plentiful graces and My Mercy, your prayers are heard and your requests are all taken in consideration of these troubled times, trust in Me.
                                            SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR 

      Fr. Sam Johnston                                                      to   Irene Noordhoek    INRI

Thursday, September 30, 2021


 2021-09-30                              DIRECTED BY GOD’S SPIRIT                                           INRI


I would not have you dwell on the afflictions of this present day, rather that you now think on your eternity in the glory of Heaven.


Even though your earthly life will end with death, yet will you live, your bodies which on this earth are perishable, will then be in Heaven imperishable, spiritual beings.


Sin brought death into the world, lawlessness into a life that I had created to be joyful, was turned to toil and suffering for all of mankind.


But I have redeemed all of humanity, the Father so loved the world which He had created, that He sent Me, His only Son, to save each one of you, so that none would be lost.


You suffer now, all will carry a cross of some kind, and most will experience death in this world, but just as I rose from the dead, so will My faithful rise to newness of life.


Entering Heaven you will have a spiritual body, your earthly body, which was buried in weakness, will again be raised no longer in weakness but in power and perfection for all eternity.


Therefore, as I was the first born of all My brothers and sisters and have gone before you, I am now preparing a place for you, My redeemed, to be forever with Me.


Have courage My people, to work out the Salvation that was gained for you, ceaselessly working and praying for those who would otherwise be lost, I am therefore commissioning each of you to do this work on behalf of those in need.


Do not fear anything, for I am always beside you in times of trouble, in every disappointment, and when faced with those who will openly show hate towards you because of your fidelity to Me.


Pray in the Spirit, you will be edified and sanctified, a holy boldness will be evident in your character, when I call on you to act, you will have the courageous ability to bring to completion the work to be done.


By neglecting to invoke the aid of My Holy Spirit, you will grieve Him, for He is Gentle, yet all Powerful, He is the Comforter and will Console those who befriend Him, you will need His assistance in the work that is coming shortly.


He is waiting patiently for the opportunity to assist you and for the benefit of all, He is wanting to work wonders in your lives, all for the safety and security of God’s Kingdom, for your humanity is fragile and is in need of Heaven’s resources.                                        SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR

      Fr. Sam Johnston                                                 to Irene Noordhoek    INRI