Thursday, March 19, 2020


2020-03-19                                                     LET THEM SEE ME                                     INRI

Do not be afraid, I am with you to sustain you, all that is transpiring has been allowed by Me or it would not have happened.

Complacency was with many of My people, but now they yearn to receive Me in the Sacraments that have been taken away from them.

Pray and remain with Me in prayer, seek the help of your Blessed Mother, Who is waiting to embrace each of Her children who may be so frightened by the media news.

This is only a taste of what is to come, and I need you to be firmly grounded in the Truth, for your good and that of others who depend on you.

Stand secure in what you already know in your hearts to be true, and do not react to the lies that stir up the unbelievers among you, Satan wants only to divide and conquer what belongs to God.

My Holy Spirit will breathe in you so that your thoughts may be holy, He will act in you so that all your works also may be holy, He will draw close to you so that you may live your life with eternal life as your destiny.

These are indeed troubling times for each of you, but you need not fear, only have the trust in Me that will be beneficial to each, encourage one another in the Truth and do not succumb to fear for you belong to God as His adopted children, and He will not forsake you, not now, never.

Find a reason, no, find many reasons to thank Me today in fact, for it is fitting that because I have made this very day just as you are experiencing it, that you give thanks, this is the Will of God.

Pray for your loved ones who may not be of the same frame of mind as you are, perhaps you could fast for them, this would show Me your sincerity and love, ask for a virtue that you have longed to receive.

Heaven is composed of Saints who were just like you while on earth, they did not despair but persevered in their quest for holiness, My Hand transformed them and I am desiring this for you also.

Salvation is hard work, and one must strive for perfection, I gave every drop of My Blood for love of you, that you may receive your eternal reward in good faith when your life on earth is complete.

When people look at you, let them see Me, for I am in you, let love be your motive for all that you do always.

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