Thursday, October 14, 2021


 2021-10-14                                     KEEP YOUR EYES ON ME                                                INRI                                                                                                                                 


I freed you from the fear of death, from the slavery to sin, and made you to be with Me, heirs of Heaven.


It is therefore, when you remove your eyes from Me, placing your sights on creatures and the love of monetary gain, that you allow yourselves to be placed in the territory of sin.


But when a person has his mind, heart and will fixed on Me, as the primary source of his love, then I transform him and form virtues in him and give every grace, that he may grow even more.


With those who have immersed themselves in the world, investing all their time and energy in self gain, the first thing must be repentance, in order to cleanse the soul, I need only to see a sincere desire from such a soul, and I pour many saving graces for their salvation.


Those who are Mine will suffer, this is My gift to you, uniting your small and great pains with My Passion, this will save many souls, that will be accounted to your benefit and glory.


The world must see your joy, how can you say that you follow Me and be sad, worried, discouraged, this is not from Me, I am so close to you, indeed I am in you, may you reflect My Joy that I have in loving you.


Keeping your eyes on Me, you will be able to have words and deeds that demonstrate Christian love, this is what I desire from you.


Do spend time before Me in Adoration, you will experience peace as you realize that I am there just for you, for you cannot outdo My generosity to you, tell Me your desires for the future, and relate to Me all your troubles and I will comfort you.


Remember how Peter, getting out of the boat, wanted to join Me walking on the water, he was doing fine, until he took his eyes off of Me and as he began to sink, he cried out for My help, he momentarily began to doubt.


You may not ever desire to walk on water, but I may have a mission for you that would require that your eyes be fixed firmly on Me, that is in order that the task at hand may be accomplished successfully.


Daily surrender yourselves to Me, tell Me how you cannot do anything without My help and I will do it, there is nothing to fear if you will put your trust in the One Who Loves you and died loving you.                                           SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR

    Fr. Sam Johnston                                                        to   Irene Noordhoek    INRI

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