Tuesday, April 25, 2017


2017-04-25                                                                 INRI

The Magi followed the star and found what they were seeking, something greater than themselves, something they could believe in, a King.

Children, I am preparing you for what is coming, and giving you always My very best, I give you My Mother, the celestial star to lead you to Myself and to give you the help you will need even now.

In order that those who are sincerely seeking Me may find Me, there is no surer way than She, She is Queen of Heaven and earth, a refuge for all.

These are ominous times, the urgency of the world’s dilemma is so great, help is now required as in no other time in history for the fulfillment of My Father’s Will.

Be aware of the fact that it should not matter to you, if you should live or die, have I not promised eternal life to you, for those who would believe and trust in Me?

Whether you escape with your life to a safe refuge or are martyred for your faith in Me, doing God’s Will is all that should concern you at any given time.

Fear nothing, for great are My plans for the renewal of My Church and for all the world to live in My reign, all is being accomplished, evil will not prevail.

Today receive My gift of peace as you trust with all your heart, for My Holy Spirit breathes His life and sustains each of you.

Do not fear hardships but embrace them in following Me, accepting what is given and letting go of all that is withdrawn from you, for everything you have has ultimately been given to you by Me.

Nothing is happening to you by chance, it is all permitted by God, therefore you must gather all the graces that you can in these times, accumulate spiritual strength and increase in humility toward God.

Humility allows you to bend to My Will in all that is your lot in life, from the very least thing to the giving of your very life as I have done for you, you will receive grace according to the need.

Yes, My Mother Mary has been given to you as a gift as She stood by Me at the foot of the Cross, She is more necessary than most know, for She is the star from Heaven Who loves you as She loved Me Her Son.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


2017-04-19                                                                                   INRI

I have seen the Lord” was Mary Magdalene’s excited cry to the disciples, but they needed to see for themselves for they did not believe her.

Now I am walking with you, you who are fearful as you hear the news in the world, you walk defeated on the way to Emmaus, and so today you will recognize Me in the breaking of the bread.

I will call you by name as you receive Me in Communion, just as Mary had realized it was Me when I said her name, but you will now receive Me in My Body and Blood, I will enter into you and remain with you in the Eucharist.

You have come to believe, let your face be aglow with the hope that has been given you, reflect the new life that you have been empowered with.

Your new resurrected life is in Me, no longer are you alone in your thinking, in your pain, or in your life’s mission.

For I, from the very beginning, ordained all your days before even one of them came to be.

I have permitted calamity and strife and even do I allow others to sin against you in your life, all with a greater purpose in mind, that you will not understand while you live upon this earth.

But ultimately I will always be in control with all that is happening throughout the world, and those who make decisions, who think that they have themselves allowed it, they are sadly mistaken.

You may not be aware of My involvement throughout your daily life, even as I permit things that I do not approve of that grieve Me deeply.

I am grieved by the evil in the world and by human abuse of each other, but do not lose hope, for all those who love Me and are in My Merciful love, I turn bad things into good.

Without manipulating your freewill, I am able to inspire you to do good works, but Satan on the other hand taps into peoples’ brains to their detriment and downfall.

Be transformed as you live your new life in Me, no longer are you the same with each new day, for My Spirit empowers you to go forward in faith and hope.

Not to death but to new life, for you were crucified with your Saviour on the Cross, now live the resurrected life of the Spirit laid out for you from the beginning, be full of joy and unafraid of the future.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


2017-04-11                                                                                   INRI

With each new day you will have many decisions to make, some insignificant ones and others that may be life changing.

I am going to present to you in black and white, a serious picture for your spiritual vision, one that I pray will cause you to take a second look at your day.

Each one of you will construct for himself either a home on sand or one on a foundation of rock, according to whether his actions are self-centered or for others.

One foundation is on shifting sand as on a seashore, the other on solid rock, self-serving actions are building on sand, while those who will serve others for love of Me, build on the surety of their future.

Your self-actions are in themselves not bad, but they are not productive, you look upon your own weakness and not on something invincible for your goal and model.

When the tide of life rolls in as assuredly as it will, may it be sickness or trial, all that you’ve built up throughout your life may be washed away, you may be discouraged and devastated.

Your decisions to do one thing or another will matter in the end, even the mundane activities of one’s duties can be offered to the Father in the name of love, they will be bricks of stone laid upon a firm incorruptible foundation for all time.

So that when calamity strikes upon you, I will be your strength, and what you have done for others will stand as an example to all, as one who believes in the invisible God, in Whom your faith depends.

For those building on the weakness of sand, I allow that their castles may be washed away perhaps, that they may see and realize that it really matters what they say and do in their everyday life.

You all know which house you are building, and at each new moment a new decision may bring those who are on the path of destruction to revert back to Me.

Always look to Me for your strength, forget yourself and put your best efforts towards building something that will count for all eternity, only love will last.

Your time upon earth will be short even if you live to be 100, it must not be wasted nor are you to presume that in the end you will have time to convert, leave the details to Me and give Me your heart today.

Lay the first brick while on your knees, this structure will never be destroyed, for in joy I work with you, that what you build, you build with others for the unity of My Kingdom.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


2017-04-05                                                                   INRI

I am your gentle Jesus, only one time did I ask anything for Myself from My Apostles, it was in the inner garden of Gethsemane.

Could you not watch one hour with me?” while all the inhabitants of Heaven watched on as I prayed fervently to the Father, “all things are possible with You, let this cup pass from Me, yet let it not be My Will but Yours be done”.

As the hour passed I came once again to Peter, James and John and said, it is time get up, and I say it to you also My people, it is time to get up let us go now, how much more vile has this world grown since even the time of Sodom and Gomorrah.

I Who give and sustain the very life of My executioners, I must be strong and continue for the salvation of the world even for those who persecute Me, I am the Lamb of God, who will be sacrificed for all.

Naked, covered with spittle, bloody and wounded, thrown down into the filth, what has hell not thought of to try to humiliate God’s own Son, Who willingly gives His Life for the good of all.

And yet the Perfect Sacrifice has atoned for all the sins of man, the pure unblemished Lamb of God is raised high upon the tree of life, and as I give up My Spirit to the Father, the temple veil that has long separated man from his God, is forever torn in two.

No longer will God be separated from the redeemed of earth, Heaven’s gate opened once again, as the salvation of all mankind is assured forever.

Yes, I died, but I am risen from the dead, you and your fellowmen will each have a cross to bear in following Me, not one can follow after Me without a cross, do not fear anything that I will send or allow in your life.

Your suffering will never be futile, for I carefully design My plan for your greatest good, every trial is tailored precisely with you in mind, your eternal reward forthcoming.

Trust that when your life is ended, that what was your trial or cross in life, was the best thing that had ever happened to you, even while you are in its midst of what seems like the worst thing possible.

Yet some of you are dead in sin, thus unable on your own to return to Me, therefore in My compassion and love for you, I will draw you to Myself.

Pray for those who have no hope for I am able to do the impossible, I supply grace empowering conversion to the ones you would not deem willing to convert, that it would be possible or probable.

I read hearts and can see and know those who are reaching out to Me spiritually, they lack the capacity to help themselves, but as for all of you I have gone ahead and prepared a place, a mansion for all.

Thursday, March 30, 2017


2017-03-30                                                                          INRI

Walk in the newness of life each day, I will give you new and greater graces, set your hearts ready to receive them.

Do not be defeated by your own weaknesses, as I have given you strength and power through My presence living in you.

As you decide for a new conversion daily, you will be made aware of My Words coming to life, as if you are hearing them for the first time, they will be for your instruction today.

The songs that you sing in My honour and the prayers that you’ve constantly prayed, will now have a meaning that they’ve not had before.

You child are not the same as you were yesterday, you have grown spiritually, I Myself am preparing you for your eternity with Me, you are being made holy.

Come before Me in the Blessed Sacrament and hear your name softly whispered with an ‘I love you’.

Yes you, each of you are uniquely created in My plan of Salvation, for all the world will be given help for their special situation and needs, for their greatest growth will be through suffering and trials.

I am within you, empowering you to do My Will with the authority given to you from Heaven.

Do not cower, not today, never again, for it is not from your weaknesses that you will serve your brothers and sisters, but from My strength given to you, as much as you willingly accept from Me.

Even if yesterday you disbelieved, that I wanted to use you, in a way you thought was beyond your capability, today, feel with confidence, the power of My Spirit flowing into your being, courage that you had not known before.

Trusting in Me completely, for the way that the Saints also traveled, as sinners themselves before you, you will also travel with grace abounding.

You are being prepared in this time of grace, as this is an urgent cry from Heaven, that you accept the challenge set before you to grow in the necessary holiness required as a citizen of Heaven.

I am giving you new eyes for your heart to recognize what is before you, opportunities for growth in serving your fellowman, and obtaining from Me every grace and blessing.

I want to give you all for My glory, also am I preparing the world for My coming, may you be My instruments of love for those who are Mine as well, those who at this present time are not experiencing acceptance from those around them. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017


2017-03-23                                                            INRI

You have been given another Advocate, the Holy Spirit, He honors Me by giving you and making known to you the benefits I have gained for you by My death and resurrection.

Both the Father and I send Him to you, We agree completely as One God, the Holy Trinity.

Lay down your free will that is given to you, to do the Will of God, for only those who lay aside their knowledge, that is what they know and walk by faith, in the service of God with love, these alone will acquire God’s Wisdom.

You cannot walk with a divided spirit, loving a life that includes many worldly loves, while loving God, this combined effort, together there is little time and diminished love alone for Me.

You do Me a grievous injustice and also to yourself, for in this way little progress is made towards  a greater holiness and affection for Me.

It is the soul that suffers the loss of joy and fulfillment, for it was created to enjoy graces that bring the soul higher as it was meant to soar with its Divine Spouse, even as it is still on earth.

You experience a greater aridity and difficulty in prayer, a dryness and inability to concentrate in our time together, so necessary for your spiritual growth.

Will you take one step to show Me your willingness to detachment from the world and its allure so I may bless you?

These worldly things only lead you to emptiness and poverty, once you acquire them, their promises leave you wanting, I hold true and lasting treasures for you, yet some will never attain them.

Each time you say the prayer I taught you, the “Our Father”, I wrap My Arms around you, and together we approach God our Father, Who loves you as I do.

Together we pray for His Kingdom to come and that on earth as it is in Heaven, His Will be done, I am in you to accomplish this, you are not alone, and never have you been left alone.

I feed you, and I forgive you, that in turn you may be able to forgive others their offense towards you, you become empowered by grace through Me.

Thursday, March 16, 2017


2017-03-16                                                                             INRI

I want to bless you today and give you a fresh new hope for tomorrow, a hope that will give Me the glory and also for the good of your neighbour.

Give Me the burden of old worries and stored grievances, that I may relieve you of them and give you peace within your heart, a new perspective for your future.

Your life upon earth is meant to prepare you to pass through the narrow gate that leads to the Kingdom.

I have especially chosen people that you will meet today and tomorrow, that will be the means for your growth, in virtue, strength in trial and adversity, and in overcoming fears.

You will be able to serve in freedom and in peace with a greater capacity, as you pray both for guidance and for the humility to know that it is not your ability but Mine.

Some of you are in need of healing, who live with depression, scrupulosity and anxiety, I will set you free.

Then you will know true joy and true love, how can you love Me with a divided heart, a heart burdened with other cares?

Is there anything that you refuse to part with, be it a person or material possessions, I make you realize these facts only to draw you closer to Me by means of renunciation.

Lukewarmness is from Satan, who is perfectly pleased in your remaining in the dark regarding worldly loves and attractions, that do not lead to God.

I am bringing you now into the light, as you spend some quiet time alone with Me, this is of great importance as it pertains to your growth and transformation that need to be accomplished sooner than later.

I have made provision for you to travel through this life in safety and security, depend on your Guardian Angel, who is near and who has no other agenda but your well being and to assist you.

I Myself will defend you against all that would slow your steps and weigh you down, run with Me as we ascend the mountain together, being lead in the way of the Gospels.

Friday, March 10, 2017


2017-03-10                                                            INRI

I want to transform you from the inside out, I want to empower you to walk in the world with confidence and authority operating through My Divine Will.

From today and everyday, I want you to walk with Me as I walked upon the earth with the Holy Spirit, I am with you to enable you to aim higher, to aim for Sainthood.

When you receive Me in the Holy Eucharist, you are being transformed, but the extent of that transformation depends on you and the condition of the soul I will inhabit with docility.

There may be many factors that will prevent My transforming power of perfection from changing you, that is I am perfect in My Body and Blood which is given to you, but you may not be receiving Me as I have planned and desired for you.

Grave sin blocks you from receiving all graces, in darkness sadness covers your view and does not allow you to have optimism for the future, only defeat, you may be allowing habitual lesser sin to dominate your life, this clouds your soul also.

But to the one who seeks to meditate, and frequents the Sacraments, quieting his heart to converse with Me, he will eventually reach what he is striving for, the way of perfection.

I have so much that I want to do through you, but without My presence being fully received, your progress may be slowed until such time as you find your means to advance, the Holy Mother will lead you, go to Her.

Yes, there is sin that is deadly and when good works are performed in this state, no grace is received.

But when one repents and receives absolution through the Sacrament, all graces not received during the period of darkness and despair are reinstated, I no longer see the sin and your life begins anew.

Seek to engage in mental prayer for the means to Salvation, you must unite yourself with Me, I am the Way and there is no other.

Meditating on the Sacred Scriptures and reading the lives of the saints that have gone successfully before you, will all lead to conversation and uniting with Me, Who Am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Thursday, March 2, 2017


2017-03-02                                                           INRI

You are coming to Me in prayer, but I want you to see and acknowledge, that it is not of you, but it is My Father in Heaven Who is drawing you to Me.

He draws you in order that you may bear fruit for the Kingdom, you were created out of love, that you may grow in virtue and holiness.

If you are not growing you are dying, strive to advance in humility, goodness towards your neighbour and in generosity to serve.

When you confess your sin, you are given a grace to resist the forces of sin from drawing you back in.

You will be given the gift of Faith, that will liberate you from self-preoccupation, so that you may in compassion for your neighbour, not only see his need but out of love be led to help him.

I will make it possible for our relationship to escalate, by what you experience in your daily life, and out of love and need you will come to Me.

Into your lives I will place people and events that will benefit your future as only I can see.

When you forgive another it sets you free, this is the essence of love in action, a letting go of your will and the acceptance of the Will of God, for then it is His grace that you accept in order to do the divine.

To allow hidden sin in your life is counter productive in that it does not allow My Life to flow easily into your mind and soul.

My Living Waters may not flow because sin blocks your receptivity, My Spirit, Who brings all the gifts and graces may not enter such a one, who does not allow My Light to illumine the darkness within.

You must prepare now, for in Heaven there is only One Bridegroom, in this life you are made ready to be born into eternal life, you will go from death to life.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


2017-02-22                                                                            INRI

The most important act you will perform each day is to pray, if possible attend and pray the Mass.

For in the Mass you receive the Giver of all gifts Himself, the times are urgent and your enemy prowls waiting for an opportune moment of weakness to defeat your resolve, I am your recourse.

Chaos is everywhere and the Truth is being violated daily in the political realm and in society as the bigotry and hatred run rampant against the most vulnerable of My people.

In prayer I will instruct and strengthen your convictions, you are to obey as I speak to your heart, your priorities for your life must be defined through the Words of the Gospels.

Throughout the world, My Mother has appeared and has given many messages to pray, pray, pray.

She is telling Her children to convert by prayer and fasting, it is time to get serious in your resolve, no longer must you put off discovering what is clouding our relationship. 

Have you become complacent and tired of hearing this mandate to pray, I am not pleased with lukewarm prayers that do not lead to either a desire to love in a greater capacity Me or your neighbour.

Yes, I will call you to penance, you need not fear for the results will be freeing and peace will ensue.

When you pray sincerely, your heart will soften and I will unite My Heart with yours, I am compassionate and forgiving, all things are possible through Me, believe and be healed.

Again I say there is an urgency in these times, and it is the action of My faithful that I depend on to change the world, the grace offered by the Spirit is crucial for today. 

You are not to remain idle, pray always and not only in times of trouble, but even in such times you will be made ready with every conviction needed.

One at a time let go of those things that occupy your time, those unproductive activities that do not lead to God, they do not advance you for eternity and waste your valuable time.

Follow in My Footsteps, I often went to pray to My Father, alone on the mountain, where I could be strengthened and empowered for My Mission on earth, if I needed to pray, how much more do you.

Do not procrastinate, for this would be irresponsible and foolish, you are the example for your children and those for whom you are responsible, even the stranger who passes by, for these I will hold you accountable.

If you would trust and not cease in prayer, you will taste and see My Goodness, yet I will share with you that My Heart breaks that so few seek a deep relationship with Me, most ignore and forget My presence.