Thursday, July 19, 2018


2108-07-19                                                              INRI

Quiet your heart and meditate, look more upon My Compassion for you, rather than on the evil you’ve amassed this day and throughout your life.

Those who have gained a peaceful soul, seek to live for God, thus this peace unites the soul with his neighbour and compels him to visit the sick, feed the hungry, clothe the naked.

They see that in loving others, ultimately one loves and gives what they offer to God Himself.

Your present shortcomings and not your past sins are the cause of your pain, and in reflection you feel that you’ve done nothing or very little for God to Whom you owe everything.

I give abundantly to those who seek a greater reasoning and faith, to know that they are not in opposition to each other, thus enabling one to have a release from doubt and a solid belief.

Having this certitude in your faith, gives you the ability to act accordingly, I say to you, as I said to Peter “Flesh and blood has not revealed it to you, but My Father Who is in Heaven”.

Since nothing can shake your faith, you become bolder in your judgments, your discerning, for you now have a Divine standard by which to judge.

When such a person looks upon our world’s situations of political clash of systems, one realizes that it is but a moral judgment of the way people think and live.

Turn to the Light, may your intellect be enlightened in order to see the Truth, ask for the strength to follow it.

From My perspective, I want to give you an image of what your life can become through grace, in this way, there will be ever before you a goal in which to strive to achieve, ever higher by the day.

This will give you hope, regardless of what stage in life you are whether young or old, it does not matter, only trust in Me for the final outcome.

There is never a wrong time for anyone, who turns to God for transformation, I will enable the change, I give all that you will need, in ways that only I will know and arrange.

Unite all your sufferings, small as they may be, with My Sorrowful Passion, so that they may have infinite value, by this I receive refreshment in My Agony, when you offer your meditations to Me.

Meditating sincerely upon My Passion, gives you peace of soul, for My desire is not to allow you to wallow in the mire of the consequences of original sin while you remain on earth, but that you would come to live the supernatural life through Me.

Thursday, July 12, 2018


2018-07-12                                                                       INRI

As I gaze on you from My Cross, always with such Love, I desire that you come to know that it was My great Love for you, that alone could hold Me there.

Know that the very depths of My Love for you compelled Me, to create a most remarkable way of remaining intimately with each of you, a Sacrifice that would be renewed daily through the hands of My Priests.

My Gift to you is the Gift of Myself, instituted on the night of My betrayal, at the Last Supper, I took in My Hands the bread and declared, this is My Body, and taking the wine, said this is My Blood of the new and eternal Covenant.

This is indeed food and drink for your mortal bodies, healing and life for your spiritual souls.

That you might share in My Divinity and have fellowship with Me and with one another, I am the Head and My Body, the Church.

You see, Judas had remorse, whereas Peter after his fall, had sorrow, the two are completely different.

The release from guilt can only come from My Divine Mercy, and being made ready to ask for forgiveness brings you to repentance, to sorrow.

Remorse on the other hand is guilt unrepented and without a firm purpose of amendment, instead one despairs as in the case of Judas.

Pray for unrepented sinners, especially for souls who in their final moments are dependent on your prayers and offered sacrifices.

Pray also for the conversion of the unrepented sinners, whose weaknesses and vices keep them from making spiritual progress while on earth, their lives affect many not only among their families but in the world at large.

These times in which you are now living are crucial for the graces needed, when faith in Me will be at a  minimum and persecutions a very real threat.

Come to Me, I am a fountain of Mercy for all, you were not meant to carry a burden of guilt which will destroy your life, be forgiven in My Sacrament of Reconciliation.

All have the capacity to do evil but all sinners have the capacity for doing good, when you see the potential for good in your enemy, then your thoughts are Divine and I can work through you.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018


2018-07-05                                                  INRI

Do not be afraid to come to Me, this saddens and dishonors Me, your mistrust and lack of confidence is the reason for your fear.

Realize that all your fear would dissolve if you would commune with Me, love is the antidote that would render fear obsolete.

Show Me gratitude that most souls overlook, they are forgetful or indifferent to Me, your thankfulness will be rewarded, especially when it is difficult to do so.

I will incite you to show kindness to souls who are not mindful of My many gifts, this lack of appreciation causes Me to grant graces to those who humble themselves before Me.

When a person thanks Me, I open up a treasure of new graces not only for him but for many who neglect to do so, this brings grace to many who would otherwise fail to reach their potential heights.

The chosen souls among the religious orders sustain the existence of the world, beware of the gradual decline of religious vocations or even when they shall cease.

Many people do not understand the great importance of their time spent on earth, that is the benefit determined by your relationship with Me now, will be the position in eternity in Heaven.

With each Holy Communion, which unites you with Me, by this means which I Myself have given to each of you, you come to understand more clearly the ways of Heaven, true unconditional love.

I desire that you have a childlike spirit, neither worrying about the past nor the future, only making the best of the present moment, relying on the Master for all that you will need.

Humble yourself before My Majesty, and realize that humiliation is the best gift that I can give a soul.

You cannot give Me anything but your misery, that is what is truly and solely yours to give Me, lay it at the foot of My Cross and leave it there. 

You are seeing that everywhere there is deception and wretchedness in the world, and you feel no trust in yourself, this is as it should be, only trust in Me, for you know that at any given moment sin in your life may happen. 

Accept with gratitude whatever befalls you each day, with patience and an interior joy, knowing that I am with you to strengthen you, know that I share everything that you go through, except sin that is.

At times you may be blamed for something that you did not do, innocent though you may be, accept it all, this shame and humiliation will most resemble what I suffered in the Passion, will you follow Me?

Thursday, June 28, 2018


2018-06-28                                                                               INRI

Child, be merciful and gentle toward others, for I have shown you compassion and I have given you so much, should you not do likewise to your fellowman.

Is Mercy not My greatest attribute, for no one can exhaust it, I created all angels and man from the very depths of My Mercy.

Your life would be abundantly blessed if you only trusted in Me, not only in theory but in actuality, for what could you not accomplish when strengthened by Me Who Am.

Yes, I am ready to work with you to do the Will of God in all things, I will increase your trust in Me slowly, gradually enabling you to do the great things I purposed for you to do for the Kingdom.

Will you continue to pass judgment on each other, when I have placed My extraordinary Mercy on them, no one can comprehend such generosity.

My desire is that you should fear nothing as you place your trust in Me, for My Glory is best exhibited in all the world, when I choose the weakest and most simple souls to accomplish God’s greatest works.

You are not even aware of just how sinful you are, it is only because of My Love for you that the gap between us is bridged, in order that I may use you who are so unworthy.

There will come a time in your life when you will realize the depth of My Love for you, only then will you abandon all your misery to Me, and be able to trust more and increasingly more in My Mercy.

Do not dwell saddly thinking of your sins, but count the many blessings that I’ve given you, the beauty of the morning and the glorious closing of each day, so much colour, so brilliant the hues yet I could have created nothing less because of My Love for all humanity.

Because I am living in you, I want to love through you, I want you to pay it forward to others, what you received with an open hand from Me, you must also give with an open hand, after all it is Mine to give.

You are not to differentiate and choose who will benefit from our generosity, yours and Mine, for I do the Father’s Will constantly on the earth through My faithful followers.

Whether or not you are aware of the Father’s Will being accomplished on earth, I want you to be alert to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, for the opportunity of obtaining many graces at hand.

When you accept a directive that you feel is from God, and proceed in this work I strengthen you, that in this you may have more power, that is greater than your own, grace floods your soul and joy ensues.

I desire that you receive throughout your life many graces, therefore do not refuse out of fear or lack of trust anything that is being asked of you, submission to God’s Will is more beneficial than many fasts and mortifications.

Sunday, June 24, 2018


2018-06-07                                   INRI

You’ve asked Me to pour My Love into your heart and soul, have I not done so with giving you My very Self in the Holy Eucharist ever since I initiated it at the Last Supper before My Passion and Death.

At each Mass I lift you up to the Father, Who accepts My Offering, so that through Me you may continue to do His Will continuously, throughout the world.

I fill you with the power of transformation, no longer you, but us, you and Me together to accomplish all that the Father requires, for I only desire to do His Will forever.

Flowing from Heaven is a torrent of graces that earth cannot see nor perceive, yet it is there, making needed changes to those who are being prepared now for My return in Glory.

My Church will be renewed in the Unity of having One Shepherd and one flock, also are you united with the Saints of Heaven, and the souls in Purgatory, pray for them and all who will cooperate with Me to bring about the final victory.

Love one another as one family in God, do not discriminate against those who differ from you in their customs and traditions, see through My Eyes the glorious diversity of My creation, you are being formed to be citizens of Heaven.

You fear what is unfamiliar to you, persons not within your associations, nor do you understand them, show your acceptance of them for love of Me, you will please Me and all of Heaven.

When the Church will show the deserved honour to My Holy Mother Mary, then will the Church be renewed in Faith, for I desire that She be venerated by all whom I have made Her Mother.

My servant Moses refused to be called the son of the King’s daughter and preferred to suffer with God’s people rather than to enjoy sin for a little while.

He reckoned that to suffer scorn for the Messiah was worth far more than all the treasures of Egypt for he kept his eyes on the future reward.  Heb. 11:25-27

My people become strong in unity, you are My chosen ones, created with a purpose and mission, think often of Me, and tell Me especially when troubled, that you trust in Me, that you know I will take care of everything.

I am transforming you as you receive Me in Eucharist, you allow Me to do the Father’s Will through you when you love, in all that you do for others, and when you forgive the wrongs that are done to you.

Thursday, June 21, 2018


2018-06-21                                                                          INRI

Just reading My Word in Holy Scripture is not enough, you must take it into yourself and make it your own.

How much longer will you go on, and not seeing it as instruction for yourself and not for others only, know that you are loosing precious time that is allotted to you.

Sit with Me awhile, and I will make you to understand as you never had seen before, your connection to the Truth, I will set it deeply into your being, so that it becomes a part of who you are.

It has all been written for your encouragement and growth, but if you will not give Me the time and quiet indulgence to obtain My Revelations which enlighten you, then you gain nothing.

It would be as a student who daydreams all the day long, and then expects to have the grades he sodesires just for being in the class, not having participated and giving no real efforts to advance himself.

I have sent you many good spiritual teachers, even now I am sending My Blessed Mother to form andinstruct you, yet there are some who still need further help to rouse them into compliance.

My goal is to live in you while you are still on the earth, and to lead you to accomplish deeds of power, especially bringing to conversion, through bodily and spiritual healing, those who are being saved andto complete My work of salvation.

There are spiritual insights into My Passion, that I would like to reveal and long to share with you, if you would only spend time with Me, do you not realize that I want a closer relationship with you?

I require that you be at peace for our encounter, do what you must to attain this peace of
soul, only then will the channels of grace be open for you to see clearly and to receive from Me all I have for you. 

I cannot be specific here as to what you will receive from Me, for each of you will be given what is most beneficial for your life at this time, I receive from your heart all the love that you have for Me.

Have you truly found happiness in anything else, is there any activity that satisfied longer than the moment, allow Me to bring into the light of each day, a new joy for living and a new purpose for your being.

Saturday, June 16, 2018


2018-06-14                                                INRI

In humility and thanksgiving, come to Me, I await you and have prepared graces to bring you further along the way of your perfection.

Your failures have been many, but I will remember them no longer, as I behold your sincerity of heart, you are seeking a closer relationship with Me, and I hold you in My embrace.

Because of My Love for you, I allow trials and sufferings of every kind to invade your life, these will bring you to your knees in prayer, you do not now understand the Wisdom of these ways but I assure you I am to be found by you through them.

These hardships are molding you daily, I am seeing you already perfected, but I allow you to see yourself in your misery and sinfulness, thereby rendering you humble before Me.

My Love for you is unfailing, even as I occasionally see you block My graces for completing your conversion, you are not immediately running to the source of everlasting life, to be healed.

I am your only remedy to sin in your life, what you overlook this day and consider as nothing, I take into account, I want to change you even in small imperfections that blur My Image in you.

You are the one I desire to possess, bringing My Holiness into a world of darkness and sin, you are to be holy and unique as no other for I am creating a new saint.

Ordinary as you are, yes, but chosen by Me to walk amidst your family and friends, quietly and not boastful, with My Holy Spirit to empower you to finish your race in a dynamic way for My Glory.

Among you are many foolish souls who have made the things of this world their god, without verbalizing it, they give all their attention and talents to these endeavors and give their Creator nothing.

I grieve for them, the loss of the potential of heavenly goals that they should have had while on earth, their lives have been lived without the help of the benefits of the One Who loves them so completely.

So I allow them to love this life to their detriment, all the while empowering in their families one or more members, who are turning to Me in relationship and help, to aid those who are spiritually blind in this life, by prayer and by good example.

Do persevere in prayer, My faithful servants, pray for those who do not pray to Me at all or very little, your reward will be great, and even now I bless you.

Thursday, May 31, 2018


2018-05-31                                                                       INRI

My prayer for each one is that you be converted, everyday should be a new beginning, a receiving of a new outpouring of grace, a freshness in the joy that comes from being with your Savior.

Open your hearts, that My Goodness may enter into you, I am there within you as well as outside of you, let Me have My Way in every avenue of your life, allowing all that I desire to be accomplished through you.

You have heard of the Hebrew word Shalom, it means “complete” entirely filled with the presence of God, with no emptiness within you.

This is what I desire for each person, this is exactly what I gave My Apostles when I first came to them at the time of My Resurrection from the dead.

I can do all things, believe in Me and ask for the things you need, do not linger with unbelief, what was prophesied will come about, I am returning and even now, ready yourselves.

This world seems real to you, but in reality it is but an illusion, all looks as if it will continue forever, but what you cannot see is what is truly real, it is what is truth and you must awaken from your stupor before it is too late.

Repent therefore and be converted that your sins may be blotted out, in order that when the time of refreshment shall come from the presence of the Lord, you shall see the restoration of all things.

You are all adopted sons and daughters, children of God, children of the New Covenant, and in order that all would be blessed I was raised from the dead.

Through the Holy Eucharist, you receive Me, I am your strength and all that you require, in order that all may turn from wickedness and be transformed into love, fit for the Kingdom, for all have fallen from grace.

With each Eucharist you receive, My presence is more powerful in all the world, all inhabitants benefit with grace against the pull of evil, saving many who waiver in their vulnerability, in their lukewarmness and apathy towards Me.

Thursday, May 24, 2018


2018-05-24                                                                        INRI

In your discouragement, if all you can see is your misery, sinfulness and wretchedness, then you do not have confidence in God’s Mercy, which is being poured out for all the world.

When God’s great Mercy is not a certainty, is not something you depend on, then your eyes are on self and not on Me as need be.

Surrender to Me those things that you are not trusting God with, that you think are too big or too small, whatever it is that claims your peace of mind, which is a necessity for a calm and collected disposition that makes our relationship a reality.  

Do you have a sense of My great Love for you, how is it that you could look at the Cross and not be aware that it was all for love of you.

At this very moment when you are feeling low, I hold you close to My Heart, and wait for you to accept My infilling Peace, take and receive My Holy Spirit, He will bring you His gift of Peace.

Allow Me to fill your heart and soul with joy, I wait and will not proceed unless, with your permission you allow Me to change you, I want you to want Me of your own freewill.

I want to change your fearful, anxious and worried heart, into a vessel that carries My Love for you and all those whom you will meet, bring them My Love.

When you are centered on self and dwell on all of your problems, even when you are not directly conscious of it, I cannot work in you, your heart remains closed to others, yes, but also closed to Me.

My gift of abundant life, greater than you are asking from Me, will strengthen you against the devil’s lies, he wants you to remain as you are, centered on self and deeply engrossed in your problems, perpetually overwhelmed and confused as to what to do. 

He wants to keep you away from My presence, where freedom in spirit leads to answers, I bless you with many gifts, I have supplied you with gifts you need which are yet unused, they are at your disposal, ask Me to reveal them.

Do not complicate My Love, I come in simplicity and I do not operate in difficult scenarios, I am the One Who has come looking for you, are you looking for Me, seek I want to be found by you.

Will you pray for those who have not come as far as you have in faith, they are in need of your prayers, and you need to pray for them, it is My mandate for you today

Thursday, May 17, 2018


2018-05-17                                                                                              INRI

Come close to Me, I want you in My embrace, as we together say the prayer I gave to you.

We will praise our Heavenly Father’s Holy Name, He is My Father and yours, I love Him completely and enclose you within Myself, that you also may love Him through Me.

Together, in this perfect expression of love, we will ask that the realization of His Kingdom be known and served by all.

And that His Will be done, I always, in perfect obedience to My Father’s Will did as He desired, but through Me you will continue on earth to do His Will, as it is continually done in all of Heaven.

Here on earth you begin what you will do perfectly well in eternity, this is boot camp if you will.

I am now allowing you the lead, to pray asking to receive each day your daily bread, I am the Bread of Life, and I give Myself to you, empowering you for every task.

You ask for forgiveness of your trespasses, you ask that your sins be forgiven in order that, having been cleansed you may have the grace to forgive those who offend you, without Me you can do nothing.

Asking the Father that you not be put to the test but to be delivered from all the evil that may assail you, for the Kingdom and the power and the glory are His forever more.

Say the “Our Father” slowly, meditating upon Me, visualize our being together, and think of your obligation in what is being asked of you, I will be with you and will acknowledge your presence before My Father and all of Heaven for He loves you all.