Thursday, February 22, 2018


2018-02-22                                                                                        INRI

Worship the Father, encourage all in their walk of life and enable others to do God’s Will, these and more you will do, along with Me, for I am the power behind you.

Yes, all are in need of encouragement and affirmation, but some by their very lives deny God’s existence, they turn their backs on His guidance and grace, in the pursuit of other things which they consider more pressing in their present lives.

They live in the “now” and feel that they have many more years in which to consider the afterlife, but those who have come to believe in their immortality and that eternity awaits them, these seek to do everything in their power to further that endeavor and gain Heaven.

They desire to bring children into the world for the love of God and to carry out His Commands, whereas in the unbeliever, children are seen as a hindrance to their selfish pleasures they pursue.

As in no other time in all of history is the fear of death more prevalent as today, they fear death from some who would for varied reasons take their life before its time, and yet there are those who through frustration in life resort to immorality of every kind, pushing the boundaries to its limits and beyond.

And so all have sinned, as I have said to those gathered in accusing the poor woman caught in adultery,whichever one of you has committed no sin may throw the first stone.

Today immorality has run rampant in society, acceptance to relativism is promoted and rejection to any is frowned upon as intolerance, sexuality taught to innocent children and through the examples of even their parents in many cases is corrupt, where I initially designed the family unit to be a haven of safety and security.

First and foremost a person must seek to free himself from the slavery of sin, through the help provided by God, in the Church and the Sacraments.

Thus spiritual freedom will be gained, not through the criticism of others but by prayer for conversion, and fasting, which is powerful for change.

You are being bombarded daily by a constant promoting of dissatisfaction with yourself, in order that you realize your need for their product, which previously you didn’t know you needed.

Remove the scales from your eyes people, I am praying constantly for you to the Father, turn to Me, wake up and do not be lulled into submission by the evil one, for I am coming soon to renew My Church.

Thursday, February 15, 2018


2018-02-15                                                                                   INRI

Will you come to Me for a little while, consoling Me in the Garden of Gethsemane, I am there alone praying to the Father and He sends Me an Angel to strengthen Me.

My Apostles are weary from the events and deep emotions of the day, I have just instituted the Holy Eucharist and told them that they must eat My Body and drink My Blood, transforming the simple bread and wine which was before them at their Passover meal.

They are confused, yet remain with Me as we enter the garden, I told them that unless they would eat My Body and drink My Blood, that they would not enter into the Kingdom of God.

I leave them to pray, that they would not enter into the temptation, but they are asleep, I come back to rouse them, but again they fall asleep, unaware of the coming soldiers lead by Judas.

They are unaware of the fear that will grip them as they see Me being taken away, and they flee for their lives.

But you My child, you have been feeding on My Body and Blood for some time now, remain with Me now, and I will empower you to surrender yourself completely, as I had always surrendered all to the Will of My Father.

At the Passover meal I created the Priesthood, where My chosen sons would, in My Name, transform the bread and wine into My Body and Blood, in order that nations would be continually fed.

Pray and intercede for Priests, never should you criticize them nor belittle them in their human frailty.

Do not do the work of the evil one by broadcasting any scandal against them, pray instead for their holiness, for they endure many hardships and attacks repeatedly.

When you spend time with Me, you are able to bring My Light into a darkened world that does not come to Me, among My little children, I place the seed of faith for vocations, thus the flame will not be extinguished.

Desire to possess a deeper faith, oh, how readily I answer such a prayer, I am the One Who will deepen your faith and do much more, keep asking for more love and trust, more virtue.

In this hour I am asking the Father if He Will let this cup pass from Me, but quickly add, let it not be My Will but Thine be done, should you not also ask likewise to be relieved of your present sufferings and trials, or for healing and certain needs to be met.

Yet, in the same manner you should add that you are abandoning your whole self to the Father’s Will, I am here always to accomplish whatever is happening in your life along with you.

Worry does not come from Me, dismiss it from your mind and heart, say to Me sentiments of trust and confidence, over and over until peace reigns there, for I am the Prince of Peace.

Friday, February 9, 2018


2018-02-08                                                                                INRI

I have a Divine Strategy for My Militant Church, but there is a complacency among you My people, many are content thinking themselves good, holy people, but by what standards.

By the world’s standards, you feel quite above the maddening crowds, but do not compare yourselves to anyone else but to Me in your quest for holiness.

Have I not said be holy as your Heavenly Father is holy, your Father is the King, should your standards as His child not be what should please Him?

In light of this, you have been given the gift of the Sacraments, each is a plateau, a resting place that enables you to rise ever higher.

I must be clear about this, I am a real person, granted that you cannot now see Me, yet I patiently await you at all times, everywhere to communicate with Me, especially am I present in the Holy Eucharist.

Speak with Me, even just sit in My presence quietly, gazing at each other, you will receive graces for the world, your family and community, I will instruct your spirit in the Divine Nature of Love and Forgiveness.

All that is visible in your world is fleeting and will not last, do not fret over anything temporary, concern yourself with those things that are true and which are known by faith.

Lift your thoughts constantly to God and that which concerns Him, thus the graces that you will be receiving will no longer fall by the wayside from being unused.

You have already entered eternal life, not yet in the palace of the King, but nonetheless you are His child who is making his way home, focus on praising and thanking God.

When your life is centered on a worldly life, one finds that he is miserable, seeking comforts and temporary pleasures that do not satisfy, you operate outside of God’s Will and ultimately your plans fail and emotions flair.

Decide now to have a daily routine of meaningful prayer with Me, and I will invest many graces in order to give you the victory you seek for holiness, prayer will be our powerful weapon of grace for arelationship in the Divine Strategy.

Thursday, February 1, 2018


2018-02-01                                                                                           INRI

You want to change something in your life, but your nature may be fighting against it, things will be demanded of you and you will become aware that something needs to change, you enter into a responsibility.

When you receive Me in Holy Eucharist, I am feeding you and you are strengthened.

You are strengthened with My Love, you are not yet understanding the power that is given you at this time, yet it is there for you to utilize, not being aware of this ability has diminished your potential.

Receive within you My Voice, which is gentle and humble, I want you to be simple, invisible and not seeking attention, serve rather than be served.

Some are serving with an agenda, they’re looking for a reward, they have a motive that is conditional.

The Holy Spirit will inspire ideas for serving, this will be a solid foundation upon which you may build our relationship, it will be a rock for I am forming you anew.

Many people concern themselves with unimportant details that will do nothing for their eternity, I am leading you to living waters, which will flow from you to feed and nurture others.

I will be found in simplicity of life, remember My Birth and earthly life, imitate simplicity and humility for you complicate the workings of your heart with many things, make room for Me alone.

Satan wants to distract you 24-7 so that My plans for your eternity may be put off, until tomorrow perhaps or maybe at a time when your life is less complicated, but it may never come.

You need not fear anyone who may kill the body, but cannot kill the soul;  rather be afraid of God who can destroy both body and soul in hell.

You each have a testimony to share even with one other person, I will prepare the ground for conversion, your mission is to carry My Love to as many as will accept your words which I will bless.

Humility is what is necessary here, it is after all My Work in you, do not walk around with a sad face, you are My little lamb, cradled in My Arms, listen as I tell you of My Love for you.

Thursday, January 25, 2018


2018-01-25                                                                           INRI

Because you have joy and trust in God that He will work all things to the good for those who love God, know that your trials are temporary and they will get resolved, and that you are strengthened by them.

Keep My Word close to your heart, you will not understand everything even upon meditating, yet your soul, which is eternal, is enriched through the reading, as prayer enriches the heart.

It is important that you believe that the Scripture that you are reading is truly the Word of God, this is and always remains My definitive Word of instruction to you, you must take it seriously and decide to obey.

I will walk with you as you believe and are desiring to do the Will of God, by studying the Bible you will deepen your understanding of My presence, seek always humility as you grow in knowledge.

Some have assumed and come to the conclusion that the stories are fabricated, I assure you that it is the real Truth, everything in the Bible is true.

When you pray, talk to Me from your heart, tell Me how you have today decided to be serious in the decision to obey and to change your life trusting in My Love to guide and assist you.

I build up your faith through your daily experiences, slowly you learn to be patient, compassionate and loving, surely there will be failures, but through forgiveness and getting back on the right road, you will eventually succeed in holiness.

You must not be attached to possessions in this life, it is what distracts, it is what causes worry, because the more you have, the more you must be concerned to hold on to it, this is My very point of contention.

What is your most prized possession, remember Abraham, his son Isaac was to be sacrificed, he did not hesitate to give up what he treasured the most, it was a test and he gained the title “Father of many Nations.”

I test all, to show you how much better it is to love God instead of things, I am after all preparing you to be inhabitants of the New Heavens and the New Earth.

Until you release everything to Me, your heart will be divided, truly I tell you that if even one drop of My Blood flowed within your veins, people would convert even in hearing your words, some would be healed of their ailments and there would be peace in your presence.

A divided heart will never meet God, you must be Christ like in all you do, not just try, for you can do it.

I can make you new, I can fill you with My Spirit and give you an anointing that will enable you to die to self that will change your whole outlook on this life, all I need is your permission, show Me that you are serious

Thursday, January 18, 2018


2018-01-18                                                           INRI

Every minute of everyday, you will have decisions to make, choices, and if you will focus on your eternity, your decisions will be the best, the right ones and without doubts, you will have peace.

There is a normal, ordinary life that most good people live, good as it may be, they do not produce much fruit for the Kingdom, they do not feel called to anything more, perhaps they fear the unknown.

Many would not consider any change, that life is going OK, what more is there to life, they believe in God, they go regularly to Church, they are kind to their fellowman, yet there is very little peace and joy, no real sense that the Lord is using them.

I gave you a gift at Baptism, an anointing so that with Me, in Me and through Me, you might rise above, which means that you do not have to live in worry or fear, concerned about what others think of you, afraid of their criticism.

Your actions matter, focus on your eternity constantly, and see the difference, begin to view people as “souls”, see them as souls all seeking salvation in God.

Souls have no difference in colour or difference in appearance, all are equal, now you begin to have a change of heart, love for all, you begin to place yourself last in line, giving preference to others.

Your concern for their salvation, takes the emphasis off of self, I see that you are thanking Me for the things that you previously took for granted, and peace has entered your heart, deeply.

You find yourself no longer afraid to testify about Me, no longer are you timid as you remember how I allowed Myself to be crowned with thorns, mocked and spit on for love of you.

You are My saint in training, there really is no time to lose, you need not fear anything that is forth-coming, but decide for this new life now, you will be aware of our closer relationship.

Our main objective is to save souls, many are in jeopardy of being forever lost, be vigilant in prayerdaily for sinners that they may convert before it is too late.

This new life will not shield you from tragedy or from trials, but you will circumvent the pitfalls that Satan will have planned to ensnare you, you will be strengthened even to the point of martyrdom.

Open your hearts to Holy Scripture, I will instruct you daily through these Words, take time to meditate and receive knowledge and understanding.

You will be challenged in this new resurrected life, I am with you and all of Heaven to assist in all of your assignments, go in peace and in joy, the community needs to see this in all who are My representatives.

Thursday, January 11, 2018


2018-01-11                                                INRI

Loved one, you place too much emphasis on self, why do you give Me scant minutes of your day, and spend hours on self activities, seeking to find happiness and be entertained?

I am relying on your prayers and good works to advance the world, what you gain in graces and sanctification benefits not only you, your family, and friends, but all the world.

You make up for those that neglect Me entirely, those who are quite indifferent to Me and are taken up with many functions, who are greatly concerned with the body, or other worries that in the end will not have any benefit for their eternal life whatsoever.

My desire is that none should perish, yet even My Church Militant on earth is divided, humanity’s love is imperfect, lacking in love for each other, prejudiced, contingent on self benefiting.

Each one has their own agenda, they have lack of compassion for their fellowman, and seeing their neighbour in serious sin, they value not loosing the friendship, instead of confronting their friend.

Allow Me to shed light within your soul, your mission is to strive increasingly to place Me first, then will My Spirit be able to accomplish the work He intends through you.

Maintain peace within your heart even through trial and bodily suffering, offer all in reparation for sin, you become My instruments to benefit all with the needed graces for their conversion.

Frequent the Sacraments, for with each Mass Heaven and earth unite, Angels fill the Church, Saints gather round the Altar, a feast is being held, you are there in Heaven as you devoutly attend. 

You are not your own to do with as you please, you are Mine and I have given you a mission to accomplish, do not waste any more of your precious time.

There are many books and talks, that show you self-improvement schemes, they are not for you, for they teach you to be independent of Me, I am all you’ll ever need to fulfill all that is required of you.

Some have looked at what needs to change in their lives and have concluded that it is too much to ask, too much to try to attempt to correct, for some all of their lives have centered on the self, I want and can change these patterns.

I want you to decide now, be determined and I will grant the graces needed, do not doubt but believe, I believe in you, do you believe in Me?

Thursday, January 4, 2018


2018-01-04                                                                                     INRI

I came to earth to show you the Father, to show you Truth, I am the Truth and when you receive the Holy Spirit you will know the Truth.

He is the Consoler, He is the One to tell you what to do, where to go, and what to say, He will remind you of everything that I have taught, and bring you into all the Truth.

The Paraclete will bring His anointing and you will receive all the knowledge that the Apostles had, so that your heart may be constantly growing, and by your good example others also grow in holiness.

Bring Me your needs, that I may give you peace, for this is the way that you will find peace with God.

Bring everything to Me, whatever your need, be it large or small, all those burdened with guilt, those that are tempted mercilessly, do not hold on to sin, for this is what I died for, your forgiveness and salvation.

Do you doubt that I even answer prayer, tell Me this complaint against Me, lay it all before Me, I want to resolve whatever is separating us.

Don’t just turn away, yes, tell Me of your anger but be there when I do respond.

Acknowledge that I am Wisdom and Love, bring to Me all your emotions and let Me clarify your misunderstandings a little at a time, as much as I know you can handle.

Has another wronged you, or have you been the one who has caused hurt, I want to forgive you through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, here you will obtain all the graces necessary to have the strength and courage to fulfill what love demands.

Have the determination to leave nothing unfinished, gain My Peace and be healed before it becomes too late.

I want to set you free to live joyfully today and always, you will be able to minister to others as you lay your burden at My Feet, others have burdens as well, they will see Me in you, bring them to Me.

Commit all your worries to Me, leave all with Me and receive the peace that is rightfully yours, the peace that I gained for you at the Cross, child, come as you are.

Your previous life of worry now no longer weighs you down, hurt of abandonment and fear of the future are now given to Me in full trust.

I am giving you a totally new life, do not look back nor go back, for you are to live the Resurrected life through Me, look to the New Heavens and New Earth, you are part of the remnant chosen to go forward victoriously

Friday, December 29, 2017


2017-12-29                                                INRI

I desire eternal life for all people which I gained by My Death and Resurrection, opening up the Kingdom of Heaven to all believers.

What have I not given you, that you might be victorious in your journey to Heaven, indeed the works that you will do upon earth will be important in the day of your judgment and for salvation.

My blessings will come to you through those you serve especially the poor.

You will receive strength to carry on your work, though you may not see the sick being healed, it is through these that you will gain grace, pray with confidence in My Wisdom and Love.

Do not fear to ask Me for the same joy and courage that I gave the Apostles through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Man values worthless things, but it is those who recognize their own poverty of spirit, it is to those whom I reveal Myself, they shall see Me, they shall hear Me.

While you await My Second Coming, do not become restless, for the temptation to idolize material things, entertainment and being successful in the world all become paramount, to those who let down their guard.

You are My people, I came down from Heaven to teach you how to love one another, to live in peace.

Still you become weary in waiting for My return, be steadfast in faith, for My return is sure, I am counting on you to be the righteous ones, that the grace I am giving you will bring you to the promised finish line successfully.

It is there that I will give you the crown of glory, that I will place on your head and seat you with Me upon the Throne on High.

Do not look back upon your life nor try to decipher exactly what the future holds for you.

Only today in this moment unite the good that you are able to accomplish, unite them with My Power, for you cannot know everything that I want to do through you even today.

I will consider Holy, those who will pray for their enemies, it is the hardest virtue and most contrary to your human nature.

I will give strength to My Church upon earth as they unite with the banquet of Heaven, your greatest of all graces you will obtain through the Mass

Thursday, December 21, 2017


2017-12-21                                                                                      INRI

You are headed one way or the other, either you are striving toward Heaven or slipping backward to the depths of despair and frustration.

There is no alternative, no middle of the road per say, which many find themselves in and that is indifference, you cannot live not choosing God for that is a decision in itself, it is what you have chosen.

The fact that you do not work at holiness does not exempt you from destruction, even as you do not think about death, you are still headed there.

One must avail himself of the helps provided, man has a freewill but by not advancing in spiritual progress, one goes backward.

The lukewarm person does not quite reject God exactly, but will eventually end up worshiping a false god, instead of what was designed for him, the true love of God.

How many there are who are not awaiting My return, their indifference, their busy worldliness, makes them anxious and stressed over much in the life they have pursued.

Dependence on God forms humility in the person, they please Me, whereas pride blinds a person of his weaknesses, he imagines that as a good person he will prevail eventually to gain Heaven.

Pride has an element of stubbornness which makes a person incapable of accepting God’s help, it has a pretense of thinking oneself as knowing all, or of letting others know how little they know.

When one has an intense love of luxury it is a sign of interior poverty, and this poverty is not the poor in spirit kind, the less grace there is in the soul, the more ornaments must be on the body.

Man tends to compensate with material possessions, seeking to fill that interior void by an exterior quest for accumulated wealth.

I want to fill that soul with love, which is the alternative to anxiety, by letting go of everything including yourself and all that pertains to you.

Do not surrender any longer to the world that has seduced you, but subject yourself to a life that transcends and brings at last peace to your soul, you will not accomplish this without Me.

Here I am beside you, only acknowledge that you believe in My Love which is waiting bountifully to bestow upon each of you all that you will ever need.