Thursday, February 20, 2020


2020-02-20                                                   I AM THE WAY                                                   INRI

I am the Way to the Father, I am the Way to eternal life, no one comes to the Father except through Me.

Salvation cannot be achieved through good works, by righteous living, by following perfectly the Commandments, only by trusting and following Me by Faith, it cannot be earned it is a Gift.

Your Faith in Me ultimately will put you on the right path to Salvation that is to eternal life.

It is not important that you know the time nor date of My Second Coming, only that you be prepared at any moment to meet Meyour death will be a new beginning for life eternal.

When you breathe your last on earth, this may be your final opportunity for repentance, after which will be the destination of Heaven, Hell or Purgatory, one must not wait and presume that this grace will be granted to you as you procrastinate.

Yes, I do require, indeed command that you do good works, you will only know after death the true benefit that it affords you in regards to your Heavenly reward.

Performed out of love for Me, you are not saved by the good that you do, but in serving your brothers and sisters, you are acting with the graces which I Myself am empowering you to act in the most loving ways.

For by My Sacrifice on the Cross, I have opened for you the Doors of Heaven, and gained Salvation for all who believe in Me, for I have other sheep that are not of this fold.

As the Good Shepherd, I desire that your love be true and sincere, what kind of relationship would lovers have if they did not communicate regularly with each other, telling their deepest thoughts and concerns to the other.

Everything has been prepared for you to achieve your greatest victory on earth, while you still have today, what you do matters, what you say matters, I care for your loved ones even more that you do.

All that is in the world entices you to withdraw your attention from Me, it will seem to you as if you were swimming upstream, against the current, when you turn away from media and come to Me in prayer instead of entertainment, you will not be disappointed.

Come and drink to your hearts content, all who are thirsty, come to the fountain of Living Water, forgetting yourself, placing every worry at My Feet, enjoy your Beloved, Who comes to meet you.

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, is it not clear to you yet, that nothing, absolutely nothing else in this world really matters, have Faith in Me, I will bring you home, seek Me and I will make sure that you find Me.

Thursday, February 13, 2020


2020-02-13                           FOR I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD                             INRI

I am giving you a new heart and a new spirit, that I alone may be enthroned there, for only as you recognize My Love for you, will you be able to love others.

My Word will become alive in you as it has never been before, thus you will keep My Statutes and Ordinances which will not be a burden but a joy.

I am a jealous God, Who will not have your hearts divided, no longer will you give priority to anyone else nor to anything else that I have created for your use and not for you to idolize.

You were made for Me, and it is vital that your love be pure and that your spirit be ever contrite.

May My Cross of your salvation be ever in your sight, meditating day and night upon what it cost Me for love of you, you shall not forget also the Father’s sorrow in this great Sacrifice of Mine.

Because I have given to you a new heart of flesh, you will be given new eyes with which to see your fellowman, receive a new caring and a new sense of what he is needing from Me, I will use you to give as I will provide.

Today make up your mind to let go of all that is weighing on your mind, that is whatever is distracting you from following My mandate in each given moment, allowing Me to answer someone’s prayer.

From the Throne of your hearts, I am now directing you, listen attentively, for I do not shout but whisper to My servant’s ear, I will make you conscious of the needs of others, though you may be oblivious to his present concerns.

As you become more attuned to your Master’s desires, you will find that I bless you abundantly, giving gifts and showering you with signs of affection when you least expect it.

There is a great need among My people, I have a great Love for them, so you must not be afraid when I call on you to assist Me in the answering of their prayers, for I am blessing you for the task at hand.

For My people are broken and wounded by others who have taken advantage of them, defrauded them, used them mercilessly, some are despairing and want to end their lives, they see no future good.

I am giving you a new hunger for My Word, devour it and let the Scriptures comfort and direct you.

Go now and proclaim the Good News to the captives, set prisoners free and give hope to the poor,  I am alive but I must be alive in you first, I am the Light in you, go light the hearts of others in My Name, 
I am empowering you today.

Thursday, February 6, 2020


2020-02-06                           ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN                                 INRI

The Father in His Great Wisdom has a plan for the world, He will not destroy the earth, but will transform what has been contaminated by materialism, love of wealth, and the corruption of His people.

Selfish ambition must give way to humble obedience, and to love of neighbour, pray for those who do not pray, pray for those who desperately seek to love and be loved, pray for the destitute, who have nothing and feel they have no one who cares for them.

Pray for all Priests who serve God in order for them to continue serving you in holiness, they are sometimes overlooked in prayer intentions, it may just surprise you to know how needy they really are.

Pray for those who seem to have everything in life, they may seem happy with all their possessions, good health, money to squander however they please, yet, in the reality of Heaven’s gaze they may have nothing, that is if they do not have Me in their lives.

I am the Bread from Heaven, sent to nourish you, My Heart was pierced to allow you to enter into My Heart of Love, broken by the manifold sins of humanity, but open that you may gain entrance.

With My Love, you will care for others, as you act out of love to the undeserving one, who may have not been so loving to you, he just may be converted by your kindness in the face of mistreatment.

The Holy Spirit is the One Who will unite people, He will be the Flame to ignite hearts everywhere.

The Father is Holy and only holy saints will be admitted into Heaven, strive to become holy through repentance and making reparation for all of God’s created, that all will have an opportunity to be saved.

A pilgrim Church of dedicated followers, a remnant of peoples who are fervent in their Faith, who truly believe in God, and whose hearts are immersed in the love of God and for their neighbour, this will be a new beginning for the world.

Those who have been spared from the great chastisements, who have invoked My Blessed MotherMary and Consecrated themselves to Her, they will have been protected and instructed, they will be at peace and find new life with Me.

Do not fear the unknown for if you are truly trying to follow Me, even if mistakes are made, I am faithful to forgive you and all your sins and iniquities, I will protect you and as you surrender completely to Me, I will make sure that you remain with Me.

Thursday, January 30, 2020


2020-01-30                               BEFORE THE FINAL DAY OF JUDGMENT                         INRI

There is coming for all peoples a final day of judgment, but at this time it is the end of an era and not the end of the world, choose to repent now, come to Me in humility and sorrow for your sins.

To save the world, I am giving to all the gift of Illumination of Conscience, My Second Coming, that they may have an opportunity for forgiveness and for conversion, that is before I come as Judge.

Many will come to a realization of the Truth, that they had previously refused to believe, they will be given a chance within a short period of time to repent and come to conversion.

My Mercy is for all for their redemption, even the faithful will benefit and they will become firm in their Faith, there will be some who will refuse to believe even in seeing the Great Sign in the sky.

All will see how their sin affected the lives of others, especially within their family and acquaintances.

The Sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation are available even now in preparation for these coming events, and later when many will be repenting of their lives of slavery to sin.

Those in the state of mortal sin will see the place where they would go for all eternity if they should die at this time, pray for these souls, pray that they may not despair but that they be willing to convert.

My faithful followers, I am fortifying you now in preparation for these coming events which are soon to take place, you will be a means of saving the lost, many will be overcome with grief and sorrow.

This is a time of saving grace for all, I am Merciful and Good, making possible a means for the multitudes who in their lives, have not found it necessary to even acknowledge Me as their God.

They have not thought of their future home in eternity, therefore a pervasive darkness has spread over all the world, soon a Great Sign will appear in the darkened sky.

A Cross with the Son of God, Victorious and Brilliantly Shining as the sun, with Light streaming from where the Nails of the Crucifixion pierced My Hands and Feet, I will appear in the sky, illuminating the consciences of every human being on the earth.  

Today as you receive Me in the Holy Eucharist, it is a foretaste of Heaven Itself, look at the Host being raised, I am looking at you as you look at Me, and I see all your life at once, I am coming to dine with you today and My desire is to remain with you forever.

Thursday, January 23, 2020


2020-01-23                               IN PREPARATION FOR TRANSFORMATION                        INRI

The Church will be cleansed by the blood of her Martyrs, Satan will first and foremost go after the priesthood.

Offer to Me sacrifices, selflessly giving of yourselves for the salvation of others, without this many will perish, they will not have prepared for this time of trial and chastisements.

You are not to ask Me only for a few people that you dearly care for, no, but ask Me for the conversion of the world, and to realize the dire times that they are in, many are oblivious to the coming disasters.

Even now, the elect are refusing to recognize the urgency of this call to salvation, My warning to the nations is a grace, it is a great grace to all who call themselves Christians to pray for those who are not yet believers.

My Covenant promise was to all who would obey My Commandments, I have never left them, but they for all intents and purposes, they have left Me behind.

My Mother Mary will be your Ark of safety, a refuge and place of security, She will guide you in the way you should go, be attentive to Her words, and you will have peace in your hearts.

Today you must examine your lives before the Illumination of Conscience, confess with sincerity to My priests, they represent Me in the Confessional, it may be difficult to find a confessor for those who wait much longer.

Don’t be afraid, you who are My Faithful Followers, prepare yourselves as I have advised and pray making sacrifices for others, the remaining time is short but use every opportunity to help those in need.

Those who are in denial are the ones to be pitied, they have not utilized the given time of preparation for their transformation, but My graces for them are within the prayers that you may offer for them.

Invoke My Divine Mercy for these and for all the world, I love all and desire them to be saved, many evil spirits are presently roaming the world seeking any unguarded souls that they may find.

Ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you regarding the state of your soul, you may not be aware of the very presence of sin hiding within, of which you may have become accustomed to.

My greatest gift to humanity was My Eucharistic Presence remaining in your Tabernacles of the world, open your hearts and I will make you conscious of just how close I am, then you will become aware of the beauty of your own soul because of My Presence there.

Thursday, January 16, 2020


2020-01-16                                         PRIOR TO MY RETURN                                       INRI

Blessed are you who have not seen, yet have believed, hold with great faith to the Truth.

I choose the simple and ordinary people, so that you will know without a doubt, that it is not you but I, Who Am allowing you to go forward in the mission that has been given to you for the conversion of souls.

All are called to be saints, some have been given extraordinary manifestations and revelations, no one is deserving of the manifold graces that are being lavished on them, in preparation to inhabit the New Heavens and New Earth.

You are blessed who believe without having seen the Heavenly Angels and Saints that are assisting you in My plans for your well being and not for your destruction.

The Sacraments are a necessary and marvelous means for your obtaining graces, these gifts are a very effective way that I come to you in Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, in which I remain with you.

When you open your heart to Me, I enter in, when you praise and thank Me, I reveal Myself in a deeper and closer relationship with you, revealing the depths of sin within and leading you to new repentance.

And so you find the joy that you have longed for, request from Me the needs of those who have asked for your prayers, within this joy you find a new compassion for your fellowman, I hear every request, they will be answered according to the Father’s Will and timing.

Therefore before My Second Coming, I commission all who are hearing this, to pray for the conversion of My Jewish People, it is time for them to recognize Me as their Messiah, pray and do penance for them, that there will be mass conversions of the Jewish Brethren to Catholicism.

You will have in your lifetime trials and sufferings, united to the Sufferings and Death that I endured for your Redemption, this will be in reparation for the sins of the world.

Even in the midst of your pain and agony, you can experience your greatest joy when it is united in conjunction with the Passion of My Cross and Resurrection.

This joy is a mystery that the Saints have discovered in having a deep abiding love for Me, I desire this also for each one, with amazement and ultimate joy, for My Love for you is eternal.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020


2020-01-06                      THE CROSS HAS BECOME THE TREE OF LIFE                INRI

Since Adam and Eve sinned by eating the fruit of the tree that God had forbidden them to eat, death entered the world, but when the Father sent Me, His only begotten Son, the Cross became the Tree of Life.

I have overcome death for humanity, when you come in repentance to the Cross, I give you new life.

In coming to Me, you find a new joy, peace dwells in your heart and you then have a greater resignation to make Me the center of your life, I long for this in each life.

Thus, you no longer feel drawn towards the sins that previously have ensnared you, your priorities have changed, you are seeking more fervently to do My Will and not your own. 

Indeed, to be able to give Me your life is a great grace given to those who ask it of Me, this grace is unsurpassed in attaining your eternal reward in Heaven.

The parable of the rich young man, who was seeking eternal life, could not see himself following Me, by selling all his possessions, which were many for he was thinking of how this would affect his life now.

Many walk the path of destruction, they think that all is well with them and all those that accompany them, the road is smooth and enjoyable, how could this be wrong?

Yet, I tell you seek the narrow gate, the path less traveled, strewn with difficulties and hardships, often you will feel very much alone in your journey, weary in your striving to finally reach home.

At this time, it is vital for you to make good decisions in everything that you may discern, the Holy Spirit is available that you may not be mistaken, you will actually be given the facts you need to know.

I have set you apart, though you see thousands in the world going the way which will be most accepted, most popular, you will go against them in light of the Truth.

You must not be swayed by those whose hidden agenda is clearly against Me, you have been given a wisdom that will allow you to choose rightly and not one that is wrong and easily convenient.

At times you will be instructed to blindly follow what I say, I am presently building your trust in Me, when people become unruly and in selfishness are against one another, I send you to bring My Peace.

Take the Scriptures often in hand and place My Promises within your heart, they will bring you the security, direction, and comfort that you will need.

Gather in My Name, where there are two or more agreeing on anything according to His Will, My Father will grant that request, hold fast to My Words.

Friday, January 3, 2020


2020-01-03                                    A MATTER OF INDIFFERENCE                                   INRI

My people, I have given to you the gift of time, there is no time in eternity, and for My purposes and for your salvation, I created time.

This world as you now know it is passing away, and to those who honour, serve, and reverence Me, I give the eternal reward of Salvation.

The evil one has sown indifference in the world, many offend Me by this indifference, especially the ones I have favoured with great graces and blessings.

have been given the place of least importance in their busy chaotic lives, entertainment and their striving to gain greater standing among their peers, is the driving force behind most of their thinking.

Therefore I am depending on you who are My Faithful, you who are enduring much confusion and trials of every kind in this present time, I am with you and make Myself felt in tangible ways to help you.

I want to give you My Peace, let your tears reveal to Me your sincerity in wanting to serve well your brothers and sisters, I know your needs, but you are in need of telling Me everything that concerns you.

Your Angel sees Me, ask for the faith to see as he sees, he has been given graces to help you in this journey home, Michael the Archangel, is especially prepared to assist all who call to him.

I chose you before the earth was made, to be with Me in Eternity, I have put My Faith in you, and so there is a work that you are to do in this world, a work that I have prepared for you to do in a selfless spirit.

Because of the responsibility given to each of you, you are to have complete trust in Me, alone you are without power, but you have been given great and powerful weapons, so that you may be fearless in the confrontation.

I am Trustworthy, make up your mind not to fail in the quest set before you, with complete confidencein Me you will be courageous no matter what the circumstances are before you.

While still in his mother’s womb, John the Baptist received My visit, as My Mother came to Elizabeth, while carrying The Savior of The World, John received My Holy Spirit.

You receive Me in the Holy Eucharist, the power is now within you, go to the people of indifference, their offenses are an abomination to Me, I am enthroned upon your Altar as your King.

Saturday, December 28, 2019


2019-12-26                                                       INRI

It is a matter of trust, yet in truth, do you still worry, so as to be paralyzed from the action you should undertake, even neglecting to do your duty in your family and community?

This mistrust dishonors Me, thus this generation lacks the Blessings I desire to give to them, they do not believe in anything that they cannot feel, see, or visualize, they are skeptical of what must be believed by faith.

With an indifference to God, most people today are seeking to find happiness with material possessions, and failing to find fulfillment in these, look to make gods of sports figures or actors.

You who have been given the faith to believe, must accept your mission to be My Love in the world, this world is passing away, soon all will be made aware of their sinfulness and their need to change.

Many are depressed, young and old, pray that My Precious Blood poured down, will release them to a new freedom, free from the clutches of the evil one, then will they be a contributing member of society.

There are lost souls especially among the youths, who are wandering aimlessly in towns and cities, seeking purpose for their lives, and finding none, no love, not even within their own families, they are recruited by criminal gangs or try to end their own lives in desperation.

Despondent, they are then further involved with killing others, stealing or brutally violating innocent victims.

I give you the means of being strengthened, My trust is placed in you who are My faithful, by the assisting at Mass, worthily receiving the Sacraments and daily praying the Rosary.

If you will allow Me by the Power of the Holy Spirit, I will change your timid personality to boldness, for vibrant lights are now needed in this darkened world before it is too late, for sin is consuming this world.

Under the protection and leadership of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, a Cohort of Believers, who have been washed in the Blood of the Lamb, are being led against the Devil and all his minions.

In the Holy Eucharist, you receive the All Powerful Trinity, a Victorious Lamb, Sacrificed for you, now standing enthroned upon the Altar, this is the Food you receive, that you may go forth with power.

What more could I give to each of you, sending you as My Father sent Me, you are empowered, trust that I am giving you all that you need to fulfill your mission.

Thursday, December 19, 2019


2019-12-19                                         A TIME OF REPENTANCE                                     INRI

I came that you might have life unto the full, you are meant to have the joy of the Holy Spirit.

Your joy will come when you have repented and turned from your sins, then in serving Me, you will help others to freedom as well.

Have full trust and confidence in Me and do not be afraid of man, fear only God, Who is commissioning you to tell others of My Second Coming.

You will be given boldness from which to proclaim My Words of Eternal Salvation as on the day of Pentecost, the Apostles became fearless.

This will be a time of confusion and chaos, people will not know what to think or what they should do, but with My grace given to you, you will be guiding them to Me, to repentance and Baptism if needed.

Terror will be all around but in faith you will persevere, miracles will abound, for in My Name you will perform healings and set people free from oppression.

It is a time of repentance, humility will be the vehicle, that will enable you to help everyone that I am planning for you to rescue using My Name.

You need not know the details of the future, it will all unfold whether you are aware of it or not, I am going to direct you during the most difficult circumstances, and make sure of your safety, all the while using you for the sake of others’ needs as well.

My Love is for all, do not be judging anyone, for this is not the purpose of My having called you.

My Body the Church must undergo suffering as in My Own Passion on the Cross, She must be Sanctified, My Bride must be purified.

You will see yourself in Truth and have the opportunity to rectify your own image, that is how you see yourself, which was distorted by sin, within a short time, one will choose for Me or for the world, whose prince is the Devil.

You may begin now to ask Me to lift the blindness from your eyes, that you may clearly see yourself, the veil of darkness I will remove from those who ask Me.

This must all take place because of the Love of God for His people, He will not destroy the world but replenish it anew.