Sunday, December 30, 2012



Thank you for gathering for prayer, it warms My Heart to see what love has formed in mutual affection.

It is My hope that the gifts will flourish more abundantly, especially that the gift of Tongues be received by all who are lead by My Spirit.

This is the gift for building up of self and should be used frequently, also ask for discernment of spirits, knowledge, Wisdom and Prophecy, each are beneficial, among others, in evangelization.

For I wish to administer them to you in great power, as you yield in cooperation with the Spirit.

How can you be instruments of Faith, without My blessings, indeed you who are Baptized in the Spirit have already received all the gifts.

You need only to yield as you ask and earnestly desire and believe you are receiving them.

I greatly desire that you know My mind, also that others know My Will, therefore I give prophetic words.

It should not be just one or two in this gathering who receive this gift, for I wish to speak through each one of you.

Do not be afraid of failure, you are among friends, whom I have chosen to uphold you in love.

Some visions and images given by Me, have gone by the wayside, and need to be shared by those to
whom it has been given.

Fear is never from Me, I give courage, peace, joy and an abundant ability to function in times of doubt and frustration, these are special graces timely given.

When you only petition Me during your gatherings, it becomes all about you and your needs.

Praise Me and I will meet those needs without your being duly concerned about them, forget yourselves and concentrate on Me, do I not know your needs even better than you?

Be lights in this ever darkening world, and don't be afraid to let My brightness within you shine out
among men.

I value your life even more than you do and I send you with My love and Holy Spirit into a needy world.

For My New Dawning will involve you, I came into humanity to bring the dignity of Divinity to each of you.

Join Me now in this time of preparing for My Second Coming, by being strengthened for whatever plans are awaiting the changes necessary for the New Paradise.

l have so much more for you My children.  Be at peace for I am coming for you soon. 


Thursday, December 27, 2012



Each of you are unique and I will strengthen and prepare you as you are needing for the time of trial.
I do not wish that you act like Me, but your efforts are to be in your release of self-will to My Divine Will.

Allow Me to take over your every thought and action, your words and all that is your duty, through the Holy Spirit as a river.

You must give yourself over to Me completely, I will teach you to forget yourself and My Spirit to flow in and through you.

What difference does it make to you if you are in ecstasy or suffering as long as it is My Will?

You are Mine from all eternity, I have destined it and it pleases Me to see you finally respond in like

Child in this way, it will not matter as to what is going on about you, for I am in control and grant you
complete peace.

You need not know the future only keep your eyes on Me, I'll make Myself known and felt by you that you may be faithful.
All that you hope for will be fulfilled but for now learn to rely on Me and your Holy Mother, who loves you as She loves Me.

I desire to train you now in this way, as the earth becomes more and more chaotic and unruly, hatred
and unrest in all the world.

You must be firmly established in Me before your time of trial begins for I desire that you serve
powerfully and without fear of failure.

But do not be concerned, My plan will unfold as Satan tries earnestly to reclaim as many of the
converted brethren as he can.

Your words of encouragement will be what brings peace to many souls, who will not be able to fathom all that is happening about them as they see violence all around them.
Stay close to Me now, as I teach you My ways of letting go of self, for the world is bent on selfishness, but you My children are created for greater joy that will be realized in the New Paradise.

My Mother, out of love for you, is to be found in you along with Me, She is leading you into obedient submission for Salvation.

I have longed to be free to act in you, and now some will not understand this concept, I see through
your eyes, talk through your mouth, and serve through your hands but only if your will allows Me to.


Monday, December 17, 2012



Hear what I say, My dear ones, you are not your own to do with as you please.

When I say enter into My vineyard, I am asking for your free will to be given to Me.
In this way the fruit produced by you will be from My vineyard, your good works, My produce to do with as I please.
I will make you know without a doubt of My love for you, that you may tell others of My love for them with confidence and credibility.

Without you truly knowing, without you saying ’'I know that I know that my God loves me” how else can you convincingly tell others that I love them infinitely without bounds.

I am preparing you day by day, moment by moment, until love is in every cell of your being , for this is how you will feel at home in My New Kingdom, in order that it will feel right, filled with joy and peace.

In the condition in which you find yourselves at present, you would not be able to withstand the glory of God in this holy place.

I love everyone of My creation as much as I love the Father, you see, I cannot love to a lesser degree.

Allow My love to permeate your whole being, as I feed you with Myself today, there can be no other
affection occupying your heart, without Me you have no life in you.

When you suffer, lift up your thoughts to Me in thanksgiving, for you will be following Me.

Even when accused of some wrong doing, though you be innocent, remain silent, calm, as I also
remained silent, when accused at the time of My Passion.

Make of St. Michael the Archangel a good friend, for you to be protected against the enemy.

Can anyone truly cause you to be sad, when you know I am walking always with you and in you?

Do not sadden Me with a countenance of gloom, only sin can cause such a loss of joy.
Come back to Me quickly in repentance, and I will take you into My heart, even closer than before, I will strengthen you with graces to overcome sin in the future.

My Father is being patient, for many in the world are needing conversion, your prayers are greatly
required, I will multiply them in this time of grace.

You are not your own, fulfill your missions each of you, while there is still time, some of you will have less time than others but all are to remain joyful, I am the Master of the vineyard, let Me see your smiling faces.


Thursday, December 13, 2012



You who are reading this message have already received the grace of conversion and forgiveness but soon the Holy Spirit will set afire the hearts of all for a period of 15 minutes throughout the world.

It will be the illumination of conscience that will bring many the opportunity to ask for forgiveness that would not otherwise have been accomplished in their lives, so that they might be saved.
Still some will refuse to accept My gift and not believe in My Mercy which is given without measure.

Strive for lowliness and humility of which your Blessed Mother is Queen. Her fiat in every moment of Her life is to be your prime example to follow.

Only in this way will you prepare for My dwelling in you, which I desire very much.

Oh blessed generation, I am preparing for you a home that will be beyond anything that you have even imagined.
When your thoughts are lifted up to this new life with Me, you begin to live here and now in the proper perspective of the things of earth, how they will mean nothing in the next.
Only love will survive the purification, only those whose hearts maintain grace will feel in that time the peace and joy of uniting with Me your Saviour, all will feel  the Holy Spirit's fire of purification. 

My Mother prepared the Apostles for the coming of the Holy Spirit, after My Ascension into Heaven, and she now prepares you for My Second coming, instructing you to pray the Rosary, Confession and the Mass.

In order to save as many souls as possible, pray for those who would otherwise be damned for all
eternity, pray the Divine Mercy for yourselves and the whole world.

In your new life, death and hatred will no longer exist, pain and suffering will be no more, and all bodily imperfections will be made perfect, this is only a fraction of what awaits you My dear ones, who have faithfully complied with My Will.

Love will be the atmosphere within each of you as was meant to be from the very first of creation, all
will be one family.

Do not doubt or fear, only adore Me for My unfathomable Mercy and great capacity of love for each
person of the world, open your hearts and l will fill them with love for all, even for those who hate you.