Saturday, April 7, 2012



Enter now into My wounded Heart.

There you will find strength to forgive even when those who offend you and will show no remorse.

Come to My pierced Hands, receive what I have gained for you, forgiveness for yourselves.
Come to My Feet again pierced for your transgressions, unable now to carry on as I had walked upon the earth.

But you now must be My Hands, My Feet, My Heart in the world.

Mortifying your senses for love of Me carry My Love to the Nations.

My Mission fulfilled, I now hand on to you and Consecrate you to the Father that we may be one.
My Mother is not with the other women going to the tomb to anoint My Body, for She knows and awaits My rising.

I am here with you and never leave you but do you realise how each day must be a new beginning for each of you, and that you are not to look back?

Receive in this very moment My Joy and fullness of grace to proceed in the mission I give you.

Go out from here radiating what you have received in full Faith of your resurrection from the dead, that is  your death from sin.

Do not go about unbelieving and downtrodden as if I had not arisen and given you new life.

I am the Light of the World and I set you ablaze for others still in darkness and gloom.

Move your feet, lift your faces, that I may Glorify My Father through you, you are Mine.

There is  much to be accomplished before My Second coming.

Satan with full force is hurriedly enticing many of the unsuspecting Souls who are looking for pleasures this world affords.

My dear ones do not be idle but at Prayer, gathering as you do, feel My presence for I am with you to empower your walk with Me,  I came as a slave that you be set free from enslavement to sin.