Wednesday, March 23, 2016


2016-03-23                                                          INRI

I desire your childlike simplicity, filial trust and abandonment to renew My earth, to take back My people.

When you have been shown by illumination the truth of the state of your souls, each will be given the opportunity to choose either to change in the purification or to turn away completely from Me and the promised Salvation.

It will be a difficult time for all the world in the coming chastisements, but My Angels have been dispersed in the work of bringing to safety the faithful who willingly are submitting to My Divine Will.

Trials and tribulations, persecutions will devastate the earth and its inhabitants for a period of time in the purification of the remaining people.

Pray and persevere remaining in the refuge of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, here is the safety that She will bring you to, teaching you to humble yourselves in order to be transformed into love.

Yes, My era of peace will be realized in My Eucharistic Reign, following the purification period, where Eucharistic adoration was denied and where the celebration of Holy Mass restricted, now love will once again reign.

Do not fear what shall be, for My Mercy is about to be released, in My Justice and Mercy will bring about forgiveness and healing to a hurting nation.

Many who have left the Church for varied reasons, will find the Truth in the illumination of their souls and choose rightly to change.

I am coming to reign in Peace and Love, I will heal broken and hardened hearts, and My Love will prevail upon your world as it was in the beginning.

Yes, it will at the end appear that evil has won because of the turmoil, devastation, desolation and disease, but in triumph will My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary reign.

Ultimately Our Hearts will be victorious, pray within your families, do not wait, the courage that it takes to initiate family prayer is being offered to you today, in My great Mercy there is no better time than now.

Thursday, March 17, 2016


2016-03-17                                                                                       INRI

Your life on earth is lived in unfolding stages of development, and so your spiritual life will develop also in stages.

You first come to realize that there is a spiritual battle going on for your very soul.

Overcoming sin in your life will be bridged by the crosses that I allow to enlighten you as to how you have hurt others by your words and actions possibly your neglecting to act.

All these stages take time and I am conducting these incidents and inspiring thoughts to bring you into a relationship, a union with Me.

There will be opportunities to grow in holiness as your spouse or best friend gently whisper to you that you've gone off the path, that you need to redirect steps, possibly slow the work, you are trying too hard.

Change comes gradually and I am the One Who wants it more than you do, spend more quiet time with Me, here is your greatest progress made.

Meditation upon Scripture, repeating a phrase or word, that is jumping out at the moment, these bring about My being able to speak to your heart.

Your prayer should be a habit that you look forward to, like meeting up with a good friend to share some good news or perhaps a disappointment.

I desire to increase virtue in you, look at your habitual sins and see the virtue that is the opposite, together you and I will day to day work on emulating these without stress.

For in complete peace of heart, mind and soul, you are being made whole unto perfection.

You are now in the illumination period of your life, as you recollect and examine daily how you have been successful or not in the progress you had hoped to accomplish.

Regardless, you will have found that the past sins no longer are part of who you are, they no longer control you and your true identity allows for My love to be felt by others.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


2016-03-09                                   AMBASSADORS OF MY LOVE                                      INRI

You must know and have an understanding of what it is that you believe, in order to be able to transmit My Love to others.

Having been given the ultimate gift from Heaven, that is My Body and Blood that you may be My temples, look not elsewhere for the strength to deliver the love I desire to propagate.

In this is your obligation to bring Me to all you meet, thus they will come to know that I live.

Your gentleness, kindness and mercy are ways in which you will manifest My presence to them.

My Mother Mary will lead you to know and love Me more, She suffered along with Me for love of you.

In the Scriptures from the very beginning to the end, you will discover God's love letter to all His Creation.

Study these Words written as instruction to the generations that established these Truths to their children and their children's children.

Persecuted for their Faith, the martyrs shed their blood with courage for what they believed, they were willing to accept the cross that was set before them.

How are you to be ready to give up your lives if you do not know what it is you believe, come into a deeper understanding, the grace is given to those who ask.

You will be able to walk in the Truth of your Faith, you will be My Hands and Feet, showing gentleness and kindness, forgiving with a love that will be from above.

You were created to be My witnesses in the very lives that you live, throughout the world I have strategically stationed you for My use.

As you are going about thinking that your lives are ordinary, not be any means extraordinary, but all the while living in My Love, I came into your humanity that I might empower you in My Divinity.

In this will be your ability welling up from within, so profound will your courage be when needed, that you will not fear whatever the challenge that is set before you.

I have given you the gift of Faith, be proud and do not cower or be ashamed in your belief and love of Me.

My people, I have prepared you with all that you will need, I have given you My very Self to live in you, what more do you require, only that you come to know Me and understand what it is to love with the love that is more than human but Divine.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


2016-03-02                                                 A TIME OF MERCY                                                INRI

My Angels are sprinkling the blood of martyrs over the whole world as the seed for this time of MyMercy.

Extraordinary graces are now being poured upon everyone, especially the weak, the broken, and the sinner.

My Mother of Mercies is interceding for all to realize the meaning of your life on earth, and that is that all become Saints.

You are especially favoured to have been chosen to live at this time of great graces, for your ability to become Saints is made more easily attainable today than at any other time in history.

I thirst that you come close to Me and give your trust deeply to console My sorrowing Heart.

The unprecedented graces being poured out at this time are not being received as I have planned, and I will give to anyone who is willing to receive an abundance of unclaimed merits of graces.

Rejoice in receiving these graces because the ones who have previously refused them will be given a second chance in light of your having accepted them.

Because of the power now within you, you will be My instruments of the grace of love that will draw them to Me.

I invite you to become Saints and the quickest and surest way to do this is to consecrate yourselves to My Merciful Heart through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

You are indeed living in the darkest days in all of history, and it is for this purpose that My Mercy be proclaimed throughout the world at this time.

Do not at anytime succumb to despair with all that is happening around you, trust in Me, and do not be like those who forecast doom and gloom.

Never fear to come to Me when you experience failure to love others as you should, I am prepared to grant you greater graces to overcome your sins than if you had never committed them. 

My grace abounds, where sin is great, My graces are greater.