Thursday, January 30, 2014



When you shall know your correct place, the place of others and the place of material goods, then will your life be renewed.

You know about Me in Scriptures, but have you really come to know Me, the one who is in you?

Do I direct your thoughts, your steps, your way of being or are you stressed in the way you should go?

Some are seeking from other sources, they are desperate in some cases, for answers for their future.

I am in your present, now, today and I do not want you anywhere but where you are for now.

Things that are of a concern to you, be they great or small, if they concern you, they concern Me.

Do not be afraid to inform Me, though I know all, I very much want to allow you to bring to Me your cares and trials.

Those that consider Me distant, I want to show them how I can solve even insurmountable problems.

I came to earth to show the way to live a life of love, humility and patience, and how to forgive injury.

Realize that I am near, your tears are felt by Me as they sometimes fall in life, I pour down graces even when you are unaware, blessing not only you but all your family.

You do not have to try to engineer schemes or elaborate plans in order to please Me, only follow My lead and you will make Spiritual progress.

My Covenant with you has given you the right to be joyful and to have a life that is full.

As Christians you are to reflect My Truth, attributes and values, to be light to the world that’s darkened.

If you are not walking in and with Me, how can you be joyful and fulfilled, having others wanting to emulate you?

As I gaze on you in your vocation, striving to be the person I created you to be, it greatly honours Me; as does your confident trust, and not being afraid to make mistakes, knowing that I will not allow you to stray too far off the right path.

My love for all of you is worthy of your greatest thanksgiving, and when you praise Me, I pour down abundant graces especially when two or three are gathered in My name.

You are My representatives, everyday as you go about your lives, letting family and strangers alike see that your life is exciting and joyful.

You only have a short time upon this earth in which to live following Me selflessly, do not waste it on worrying about things that really do not matter.     

Thursday, January 23, 2014


You are to worship the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your Soul.

This is what I have commanded you, but search your hearts, what is it that you put all your energies towards?

If it is not Me, then it is an idol, you have not recognized it as such, be it your concern for health, fitness, financial, or sports, whatever it is that occupies your every thought, give it up now.

My children, you deaden your spirit, contrary to what you have believed, you will not achieve happiness this way, because it causes you to stray and be overly occupied with worthless things.

Only in serving as I lead you, will you find the peace and security that you are looking for, forgetting what has gone before or after.

Many of you are concerned about the End Times, My Second Coming, you need only concern yourselves about your last day on earth, your death.

Each day brings you one day closer to the day that you will stand before Me.

It is a day that may come at anytime, whether you are young or old, your priority today must be to be ready, nothing else matters.

You cannot fathom eternity, I want to prepare you for a life with Me even here and now, just give Me your permission.

If you’ve been given a life of suffering, or a life of plenty, it doesn’t matter as long as you are serving Me with an attitude of gratitude, accepting all from My hand as good or bad.

My love for you is never ending, no matter how far you have strayed, I came to bring forgiveness to the world.

If I would let My faithful go without scrutinizing them, I would be defaulting in love, and so I search hearts for the least imperfection.

My Mother awaits your prayers to draw you ever to the right path, teaching you true worship which is due Me.

Begin each day with a new slate, I have many graces for you to claim, not wanting you to live in dread or fear.

I want you to feel alive in Me, eager to venture into the new day, knowing that I direct you to serve your brothers and sisters, this will bring you joy.

I am all around you, seek My Face, there you will receive an infilling of My Spirit to refresh you.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


How easy it is for you to reflect on the sins of others, and to excuse yourselves of the selfsame sins.

Yet My love encompasses all who are seeking Me, you must always seek for Me.

It is not a one time saying “I sought the Lord and I found Him”, but a constant seeking that brings you the peace and serenity of heart, that you are looking for.

For when you seek Me with all your heart, you indeed find Me in all.

In simplicity, you will see that I was right there with you all along in everything.

I have given you a conscience with which to govern right from wrong doing.

It is like your sense of touch, when you touch something hot, you feel the discomfort in the body.

So will it be with your conscience in doing wrong, it feels uncomfortable, troubled with unrest.

My desire is for your joy and peace of heart, so when your heart is in sorrow before Me, I am your healer.

I hold for you a joy that you will long remember, and in your joy you will thank Me in the recollection of the occasion.

When your Soul is in a state of grace it is capable of overcoming temptation, and it constantly seeks more grace to draw closer to its Creator.

Each has received gifts with which to serve and please Me, the artistic beauty of them causes Me great joy in the fulfillment of their use.

Live simply My children, the world complicates, confuses and leaves many disillusioned as to what is expected of them in order to reach their reward.

Love as I love you, calmly, warmly and selflessly, do not look for difficult solutions in regards to your relationship with Me.

Being anxious will only hinder and interfere with what I am doing in your life and in the lives of those closest to you.

Be alert yes, but be at peace with all that is in your life at present, I am still in control and remain with you, remind yourselves of My presence always.

You are blinded by sin, a veil keeps you from seeing the reality of life, soon you will be able to see with Spiritual eyes all I have prepared for you My faithful and true followers.

Be of a sound heart and a courageous spirit, trusting in My loving Word given to you.                


Thursday, January 9, 2014


Soon I will be with you and illumine your world, but for now you cannot do for yourselves what I want to do through you, remain close to Me.

Do not be afraid for I am perfect love that casts out all fear.

I am not requiring you to do something that will be foreign to your nature, for I have created you for My own purpose, marvellous in every way are My plans for you.

Each of you will do your part to further love and unity in the world, always fighting valiantly against sin and evil, invoke Michael and Raphael.

I have conquered Satan and all his works, no longer will you conform to former ways that caused you to see Me as distant and unapproachable.

Here today, be available for My use, it may be a simple task or it may require a courage that stirs up your comfort zone, just be ready to hear My inspiration.

Nonetheless, each day brings you nearer to the day when I will return, you must prepare now by 
dying to self voluntarily. 

This is a time of great Mercy and Grace for you, it will not last indefinitely.

I require good deeds from each of you so that My Kingdom ways may shine now in your darkened world.

You are My shining lights, I am empowering you to serve courageously at this appointed time.

As you are drawing closer to Me, Satan sees you as a greater threat, for you are winning souls for the Kingdom.

He will try to discourage and cause you to doubt Me and yourself, also he stirs up disagreement within families and friends.

Be alert to his tactics and revert to prayer and especially the Sacrament of forgiveness, always forgiving others as well as yourself, I will help you.

Humility is required to follow Me, no one will be able to enter My presence with pride.

What will hinder your relationship with Me the most is pride for I dwell in gratitude and praise.

Be joyful and search out even one thing to be thankful for today, for you will find that I have given you so much, remember I love you, I want also to hear it from you.