Monday, July 29, 2013



Have you been baptized into Me, then with Me you have died and are raised to new life with Me on high?

Does the Father not gaze upon you and love His creation for whom I was sacrificed for love of you?

Receive the breathe of the Holy Spirit and desire Him, that His love may possess you completely.

I am changing you, your very lives, have you now come to realize that the world is losing its’ grip on you, and that the things that once brought you happiness no longer bring the satisfaction that you now seek?

The world is enticing you to fall back into old ways, but you’ve discovered the Truth and will not now leave Him.

I have conquered the world and all that is in it, transforming My followers through loving forgiveness.

Though you have fallen again and again, I am always ready to forgive and grant grace and hope.

I will lead you and guide your steps toward a new and better way of life, towards holiness and a joy that is for the serving and good of others.

Who can fathom My great love for each of you, it encompasses all with a tenderness that you have never known.

Those that seek Me are sure to find Me, for I make Myself available  in every way, to accommodate the very weak, lest they too quickly give up hope in finding the hidden treasure.

As you progress in your earthly walk towards the Kingdom, I challenge you in ways that in My Wisdom draw you more quickly and in greater surety towards a personal relationship with Me, your God.

My plans for you will be an increased sense of My closeness, as the realization of what you are to do is made clearer by the Spirit, power from on high will be yours.

Unite with fellow believers as often as possible, others' activities will draw you away from your goal which is to be constantly united with Me, I will be in your presence, awaiting your praises.

There is work to be done, I have enlisted you, many souls are in want and depend on your help, both in prayer and in guidance, you are being lead by the Spirit; be docile to His promptings.

Be at peace, completely and entirely filled with the presence of God, as you communicate with the Father doing His Will, Who loves you beyond all understanding, He will prepare you for My second coming.

Do not underestimate His power and authority over all the earth, the world is subject to Him and those who refuse to follow will be eliminated, though He desire that none should perish.

Let us now dwell on the new Kingdom of love and fellowship, which you will inherit as you persevere.


Sunday, July 21, 2013


Take hold securely the hand of your Blessed and Holy Mother, She will lead you down the shortest and most secure path to Me.

It is with great sadness that I view many leaving My banquet table, that I have prepared for their food, which will nourish them, as they hunger and thirst for fulfillment in this life.

They seek Me in other things and places, or should I say they do not seek Me, but they are looking for happiness apart from Me.

The rich young man in Scriptures, was seeking how to gain eternal life, he was saddened in the answer that he should sell all he possessed and give the money to the poor and follow Me.

The man was saddened because he could not separate himself from his possessions, he had not found the happiness he sought, but he did not believe that they were causing him to be encumbered by them.

If you today are seeking a joy from Me, surrender to Me all that you possess or all that is possessing you, I am asking you today to surrender all that is yours, and entrust them to Me.

I want to give you the joy of freedom of heart and total abandonment from possessions, I am not asking you to leave house and family, but to free yourselves from a closed hand on what you own.

If soon it will be asked of you to leave these things behind, it will already have been decided in your heart to have given everything to Me, trusting in My provision of everything you will need.

I am to be your everything, thus total peace and joy that surpasses all understanding will be yours.

To the world at large this seems to be total absurdity, since they do not comprehend the invisible reality of God working among His people.

I want you to say with Me as I met My Apostles at the well of the Samaritan woman, ‘My food is to do the Will of My Father and to finish His work.’

In this way you abandon your thoughts and all that you desire to God, unburdening yourselves for the work of God, and leaving your concerns to Him.

I love you, and want freedom to be yours, it is for your greatest good in the fulfillment of the commission, to love God and others, that I ask of you to surrender now the things that encumber.

May peace fill you as I grant this grace, as it has never been so urgent before, and so great an opportunity for you to advance in the coming steps to the illumination of the world.


Thursday, July 18, 2013


You are not without honour for you are My representation here on earth.

Do you know that every moment of My earthly life had merit, not just when I suffered My passion on Calvary and died, therefore worship My infancy, childhood and adolescence.

And so in your lives, every moment is precious in My sight, allow Me to accomplish My Will everyday.

Do not ignore what you are hearing, discern My voice, you were created to recognize even a sigh from Me.

My desire is for you to be prosperous, joyful and satisfied in your lives even in this life, you are Mine.

All fear and worry must be eliminated, do not entertain these thoughts for they are not from Me, I am leading you to green pastures that are peaceful and not pits of despair.

Begin each day with a clean slate, that I may write for you calm acceptance of My Will in your hearts, what a joy it is to find you anticipating to serve even in the simplest acts of love for love of Me.

Never am I “over there” for I am always in you and I never leave you, I know when you sit and when you stand, My thoughts are jealously guarding you.

Sometimes your thoughts and busyness take you far from Me, I am eager that you recognize My presence so near to you, I wait, anxious to share your hurts and joys.

Because this life is short, you must take every opportunity to obtain many graces needed to combat laziness, and self-life that cause you to neglect your duty, the care of those who need you.

Have you discovered Me in My disguise, in the beggar, the slow elderly person who you wish would hurry along, the rude teller, or the crying child who wants your attention?

If your Spiritual life seems more like a smouldering ember than a burning flame, possibly you could rekindle our life together with some quiet time, a short encounter with Me during Adoration perhaps.

Very few are giving Me time to speak the words they are needing to hear, and even fewer are believing that I even do speak to them.

You are wrong in thinking that I only speak to special people that I have chosen.

In My unique and faithful love for you, I desire to surprise you by answering in unexpected ways, perhaps in a beautiful sunrise or sunset, a waterfall or quiet stream, there is so much I want to show you and reveal to your understanding.

In your amazement I will grant you much more than what you have asked of Me, because I have died for you, will you not live for Me?


Sunday, July 7, 2013



Yes, I have warned you about the coming chastisements, but I want you to pay attention to your present situation.

If a man is walking and looking ahead into the distance, does he not fall into the pit placed before him?

So it shall be with you also, pay attention to the matters at hand, they will be sufficient for the day.

Pray daily for the assistance of the Angels, especially the Archangel Michael, prince of the Nine Choirs of Angels, they have the strength and have the ability to fight for you.

They were created to help and guard you throughout your life, but particularly during these troubled times when demons will be infiltrating the world at large.

Do not be afraid, but be vigilant, the evil one knows his time as ruler of this world is coming to an end, and he will seize every opportunity and everyone that he can, in his hate for God and His people.

You do have Faith in Me, but so far it has not been tested as to bring about it’s greatest potential.

Trust in My love and ability to create the Saints you are being formed to be, it is both My desire and Will to accomplish this in your lives.

You will indeed be swamped with waves of doubt and uncertainty in the coming days, but among you
I will place one, who will always bring you back to Faith in Me and not of Faith in yourselves, even to a greater Faith than before.

Could there be anything that would separate us, anything evil that would cause you to forsake Me?

I have chosen you, therefore it is My doing not yours, I have created you to be with Me for all eternity, and you must do today whatever seems good and worthwhile in advancing Kingdom ways.

I have placed a song in each of your hearts, for you are to replace in the Heavens, the positions of the fallen Angels, sing My children to the very joy of your hearts.

The melody that has been placed in your hearts, so sweet that it enlivens the very life of your Soul, this is what I long to hear in all the Heavens, sing!

It will be the Holy Spirit who will release this song within you, be docile to His power and workings in you, do not stifle what I have a right to, that which is Mine for My glory.

How can you sing in fear?  You cannot, if I do not hear your song, I will be saddened and disappointed, for I desire your greatest good.

I await to hear from you the Angelic sounds, even here and now a song of praise and thanksgiving, for My Kingdom is at hand.


The Prophetic Word - Private Revelation

What It Means for those of us Here on Planet Earth

God loves you and me.  You are free to deny this, but you do so at your own peril.  As a loving God, He has spoken through his prophets; He has sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to live among us, and to teach us of His love.  Further, he has inspired writers of the times before Jesus to present the Jewish faith and life for us.  He also inspired writers of the early days after Jesus Death and Resurrection to document his life, and to present in their own words the teachings that He left them with.  These writings were considered canonical at a point in time, and formed a serious component of what is termed public revelation.

The sacred traditions that Jesus handed on, and which the Apostles and the faithful turned into their daily living, and beliefs are also part of the public revelation.  Public revelation ended with the death of the last Apostle.

But, the Church has not been left adrift since then.  The Holy Spirit has inspired believers, and even non believers to draw closer to God, and has also inspired leaders of the Church to document over time things that were held to be true but were not part of the earlier documented tradition or scripture.

But, it does not end there, and we just sit back and wait for an impersonal God to do with us what He wills at some unspecified date.

Not at all!  God has continued to present Himself and His plan for our lives to us through various means, because His desire is that we all spend all of eternity with Him in heaven.  One of the means he has used has been apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of Our Lord and Saviour.  In these apparitions, and in other appearances by Jesus and the saints, words of instruction have been spoken for the faithful. Another means that God uses has been prophetic words given to certain individuals that are for their won edification and for the edification of the body of Christ.

This type of revelation is called "private revelation", and it is incumbent upon readers and listeners to give private revelation its due, and nothing more.  If a private revelation were to conflict with public revelation, then you could count on it being not from God.

EWTN, the Catholic Television Network has an excellent article on public and private revelation which explains things very well here.

So, at a time when numerous people around the globe are receiving and sharing private revelation this blog is being revisited.

I started this blog in 2009 to present prophecies that had been received by a woman under Father Sam Johnston's spiritual direction.  This particular woman, Ann Donkers, had passed away, and it was appropriate to put the words that she and Father Sam claimed that she received from the Lord up on the internet where others could see them, read them, and hopefully be inspired by them..

Her personal testimony was one of the posts of this blog early on.

Though the date is not significant of itself, the last post of a prophecy received by Mrs. Donkers was  September 11, 2010.

But, the mantle of a prophet that Our Lord had placed on Ann Donkers was essentially passed on to another.  So, now there are prophetic words being received in Ridgetown Ontario by another person under Father Sam's spiritual direction.

It is my intent to publish these prophetic words for the edification of those who come across them by whatever means.

If Jesus Christ can be born to a humble family in nowhere Israel, then He can speak to a person in Ridgetown Ontario.  You could say: "But, look at the reach He would have if he were to speak to someone in Toronto, or New York, or Tokyo.".  To that I would respond: "He tries every day to speak to people in those places, but they are so busy about their daily activities that they cannot hear his voice over the noise of their own."  Hence, he speaks to a humble servant in a small town in southwesten Ontario.

I will be presenting new prophecies as they are received, but will also publish those from the last four years that this person has received.

With each prophecy that he sees, Father Sam spends about an hour pouring over every word to ensure that they are authentic words that are consistent with our Catholic Christian faith, to ensure that readers are not misled, and also to absorb God's love for him and for us.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The way is being made clear for you in this time of darkness, for I am your light walking with you.

Here among My chosen few, a courage and faith, exists that will carry you through the coming trials.
Your strength will be in your unity, as one cohort, do not separate or judge one another or cause any dissension among yourselves.

I have a kingdom ready for you My faithful followers, who will persevere until I walk among you.

Keep in prayer, your thoughts must not be in worry and concerns, pray, praise and bring Me glory.

Your world is now in a whirlwind of changes, so much confusion and unordered demands and stress, bombarding all, especially those who seek a solution, and comfort from pain and suffering.

To whom shall they go?  So many questions, left unanswered, they do not seek Me until there are no other alternatives.

When their answers are delayed, they assume as they had presumed, that I would not act anyway.

Tell them, pray with them, let them feel My love through you, encourage those who have lost their faith in Me, I am giving you a special grace, of desire and ability to aid them in ways of conversion.

There is no more time to waste, let Me not find you sleeping, for many are in danger of being forever lost, My desire is that none be lost.

People of My love, share My goodness and mercy with them, through your actions, it is what will speak the loudest, your testimony is required, you were once in darkness.

Increase your capacity to love and serve through fasting, this shows Me your willingness to sacrifice for the sake of others’ salvation.

Nothing works more quickly in the growth of prayer and uniting fervently with Me, than with fasting, for you will need to be strong in the coming times.

The accomplishment of My Will is produced when you forget self and, proceed with the directions and orders that you will hear Me speak.

I am forming you all in readiness for the coming battle, your surrendered will is what I require in order to bring first in your homes, the peace and harmony, that you will bring to others.

Soon you will see Me, but for now use your faith eyes to worship and draw near to the One who entices you to love as I have loved you.