Monday, July 29, 2013



Have you been baptized into Me, then with Me you have died and are raised to new life with Me on high?

Does the Father not gaze upon you and love His creation for whom I was sacrificed for love of you?

Receive the breathe of the Holy Spirit and desire Him, that His love may possess you completely.

I am changing you, your very lives, have you now come to realize that the world is losing its’ grip on you, and that the things that once brought you happiness no longer bring the satisfaction that you now seek?

The world is enticing you to fall back into old ways, but you’ve discovered the Truth and will not now leave Him.

I have conquered the world and all that is in it, transforming My followers through loving forgiveness.

Though you have fallen again and again, I am always ready to forgive and grant grace and hope.

I will lead you and guide your steps toward a new and better way of life, towards holiness and a joy that is for the serving and good of others.

Who can fathom My great love for each of you, it encompasses all with a tenderness that you have never known.

Those that seek Me are sure to find Me, for I make Myself available  in every way, to accommodate the very weak, lest they too quickly give up hope in finding the hidden treasure.

As you progress in your earthly walk towards the Kingdom, I challenge you in ways that in My Wisdom draw you more quickly and in greater surety towards a personal relationship with Me, your God.

My plans for you will be an increased sense of My closeness, as the realization of what you are to do is made clearer by the Spirit, power from on high will be yours.

Unite with fellow believers as often as possible, others' activities will draw you away from your goal which is to be constantly united with Me, I will be in your presence, awaiting your praises.

There is work to be done, I have enlisted you, many souls are in want and depend on your help, both in prayer and in guidance, you are being lead by the Spirit; be docile to His promptings.

Be at peace, completely and entirely filled with the presence of God, as you communicate with the Father doing His Will, Who loves you beyond all understanding, He will prepare you for My second coming.

Do not underestimate His power and authority over all the earth, the world is subject to Him and those who refuse to follow will be eliminated, though He desire that none should perish.

Let us now dwell on the new Kingdom of love and fellowship, which you will inherit as you persevere.


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