Wednesday, August 31, 2016


2016-08-31                                                                              INRI

When I initially thought of you, I named you, and decided everything about you, who would be your parents, how you would look, and the place in the world where you would be born and live, all before I created the universe.

Now I want you to come to know Me, not just through reading or instruction, I want you to be with Me for all eternity beginning now, through prayer and conversation with Me, seek Me I want you to find Me.

As you come to know Me, you realize that I love others as I love you, and so you must desire to enter My Heart.

My love for you will give you a peace and a sense of belonging, the security of a child with a loving parent, who cares and nurtures him.

In loving you, I affirm you in ways that you may not be aware of for My Ways are far above your ways,  I affirm you through the words of others and in the silence of your heart when you may least expect it.

You in turn must affirm your brothers and sisters, I am ready to reveal to you what I see in them that is good and worthy, admirable, ask Me in prayer, even simply lifting your heart’s desire to Me.

The benefits of this encouragement to others will be pleasing to Me and will increase your capacity to love everyone, you’ll be given the Mind and Heart of God, ever increasing in care.

Have you experienced dreams that inspire you to do a good action for someone in need, or perhaps you were given a mind vision, a sense of someones holiness, humility as they quietly go about their job?

The Heavenly Father was with Me as I journeyed on earth, in prayer He fortified and gave Me strength in My steps leading to the fulfillment of His plan of Salvation.

The Holy Spirit gives God’s anointing grace that you will feel physically and emotionally, it is a manifestation of His Person-hood, the very essence of the love of God.

This power given to you affirms the relationship that exists between us, as you are drawn deeper for more and more in communication and fulfillment, a yearning for all I desire from you, you realize that you have just begun.

I conceal Myself in the Consecrated Wafer of Bread, that you child may not be frightened by My Light and greatness, I am Love, and throughout your life, My main objective was that you would come to know Me forever and ever just as I am.

Thursday, August 25, 2016


2016-08-25                                                                INRI

My Mother is preparing you to be My Bride, yes, the Church at large, but also you individually, that you may have an intimate relationship with Me now before My return.

And how shall this be accomplished, by your spending time with Me, and giving Me first place in your life each day.

You will come to know not only My Heart for people but you will come to know Me and you will come to know My Holy Spirit personally.

It is not enough that you are given power through anointing, but your heart must become a bridge, uniting My people to Me, and eliminating the gap to them.

In every generation I form a people ready to companion with Me, a bride who will partner and have a friendship along side of Me, ruling with Me the nations for all eternity.

I can make possible what seems now impossible to you, that is the absolute perfection of My Bride, for this has always been the design and Will of My Father in Heaven.

Fully ready, fully prepared with the wedding garment, set as a glorious feast of the Bridegroom, the Lamb of God.

Here and now walk in fear of ever breaking the connection with your Lord and King, your espoused, Who so tenderly walks beside you.

Do not be afraid of Me, for that is not the love that My Spirit makes known to you, in the quiet repose and abiding relationship I so dearly desire.

Indeed if I should call you home to Myself for all eternity, you shall see Me face to face, I will lift the veil and you will see Me clearly and you will know Me as I truly am.

From the beginning it was the Father’s plan and design that you should once again as originally created be made perfect and be My companion and partner, never were you meant to be a slave, but My beautiful bride for all eternity.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


2016-08-16                                                                                                   INRI

I want to give each of you new eyes through which to see others, My Love and My Heart will be in you, that the world may be formed anew.

See how I had chosen the fisherman, the tax collector and prostitute to do the work of evangelizing along side of Me, as I did the Father’s Will, I am the new Adam, first among the brothers and sisters who would follow after Me.

God does not choose according to the strongest, the most intelligent or most beautiful, in order to form His Kingdom, no it is the heart of a man that God sees.

I see your potential, and I want that you should also see with My eyes the potential of your fellowman, for with new eyes you will be able to see others as I see the finished product as already formed.

My Love is greater than you have ever imagined, and I have envisioned the best life for you, bringing fulfillment to all your endeavors, not only for your sake but for your family and those you hold dear.

Prophesy as I give you My Heart for those I will prepare to be changed, that they may prosper, they only dream of possibilities but through you, I will give them hope for the future, they will be able to accomplish their dream.

Live with courage and trust in the power and strength of the Holy Spirit, who empowers those who are willing to look the fool for Christ, I desire to use all who courageously are willing to plant God’s Love in every soul they meet.

Within My Heart is the fullness of joy, I am ready to reveal to you Words that will convince the non-believer, atheist or even the person who has simply given up on himself and on Me.

There are many who do not have a plan or a hope for the future, they do not aspire to accomplish anything in their lives, I have come with a fresh perspective for them, and I want you to help them see this reality.

If you will draw near to Me, I will empower you with the desires of My Heart for My people, come as you are, and we will work on perfecting you, meanwhile I love you just as you are.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


2016-08-10                                            INRI

What is the road that leads to eternal life? You will come to realize that peace in your heart and soul, initiates the doing of charitable acts.

You will love your God and neighbour when you do not allow sadness, agitation or any trouble to burden you, invoke My Holy Spirit immediately and know that I will give you the peace and tranquility you need.

I will see to it that you recover your calm, your peace, that your thoughts may once again resume its work and all its activities according to My Will.

Do not be discouraged My work in you takes a lifetime, for you were created to house Me, yes, in My Image were you created and I am constructing this house, in your interior calm.

As humility is its foundation, your heart must not be enslaved by anything, as you desire something, it must not consume you if your project should fail, it should be as if this were My Will all along.

Should you become ill, should you be persecuted, whatever the circumstance you are to carry My happiness in your heart, for these things contribute to strengthen My peace and increase happiness in you.

You rest in My Arms and in My Heart, I give you My peace, did I not leave you My Peace in My farewell, why should you fear, I am with you always until the end of time.

In dying to self, you give lifelong prayer to Me and in this way fulfill My purpose for your life, in that you concern yourself with the welfare of your brothers and sisters, uniting all for the Kingdom.

You will experience a greater knowledge of My Love, essential to growth in faith and love, each of you will personally be given moments of consolations, known only to you.

Prayer is the pivoting point that permeates your whole life leading to divine action, you have been given freedom to act or to remain within yourself, but in doing My Divine Will, you reap greater gains.

You must grasp the concept of My great Love for you, in this way your heart will always have the peaceful contentment and happiness that you are indeed being formed into My Image, in patient obedience, My children you go forth.

Thursday, August 4, 2016


2016-08-03                                                                   INRI

You may be inquiring of yourself, have I been called to bring life to the lifeless and who are these?

They are those souls who do not pray, neither for themselves nor for others, they do not have life within them and go through life without My graces as if paralyzed.

But My elect, you who have received the Holy Spirit, I give you power to heal the sick, cast out demons and raise the dead.

Without your help to obtain for them the needed graces, they cannot decide for themselves to turn around in conversion, to turn away from the sin of addiction or to deny themselves of anything that is material or pleasure.

They lack the ability and strength to practice charity, to be detached from the love of money or to forgive anyone who has offended them in anyway.

I am awaiting your prayer that will awaken the life given to them in Baptism, they may be a relative or someone you hold dear, for My grace abounds for all who seek My help.

Thus you will from this time on and in eternity have a special relationship in the Mystical Body with those for whom you intercede in prayer, be it ever so humble a prayer, I will hear.

Yes, in all eternity will this soul be ever grateful to you his benefactor, for having raised him from the dead, who otherwise would not have asked nor accepted the grace being offered.

One day they will come to know how you thought enough of this individual to lift up their name and their need, I only perhaps know the outcome and sum of a persons life.

Such souls are in a way lifeless and are virtually unable to help themselves, you throw them a lifeline that opens up the flood gates of Heaven, for they may not yet have realized that their life was in danger.

There is no prayer that does not reach My ears, you must make yourself available for each quest, do not allow the world and all its distractions to dissuade you from prayer for the silent cry of the dead must be heard by you.

Though others may pass them by, I will alert you to the ones for whom I thirsted upon the Cross, those who consider Me dead even today.

Going through life as though on a sinking ship, I send you to rescue those souls who have a need of which they may or may not be aware.

Prayer is a great investment that yields Heavenly dividends.