Thursday, July 30, 2015


2015-07-30                                                                                    INRI

You have a Divine appointment, a goal glorious in its journey, it is appointed to you by God.

You will know My words to you are Truth because of the interior movement within you, who seek a deeper relationship with Me, a greater fulfillment of what has been promised.

I have called you to be Baptized unto repentance, but there is a Baptism of fire that I desire you to receive, that you may be renewed in your Christian walk on earth.

It is as if you were dormant in life and in awakening you realize that your life as it was, was lacking joy and happiness and meaning.

This is what I want you all to receive, it is My power acting in you, My life of love, and even a greater interior peace, in your earthly pilgrimage.

In your fight against sin and temptations, there is power to overcome them and victory, you will experience a changed attitude towards people that previously you found difficult to deal with for instance.

My Holy Spirit will transform every aspect of your life if you will allow Him to do so, I will never violate your will, but I desire that My plan for your life coincide with what you desire for yourself.

Without My Spirit to guide you, the temptations and lures of the world will be overwhelming, they may cause you to despair in your failure to attain success in Godly living.

I await your request for the Baptism of the Spirit that will renew what was given to you when the Sacrament was administered to you originally.

If you have been realizing that something was lacking in our relationship, that there must be more in life than what you've been experiencing, now is the crucial moment to receive an infilling of My Spirit.

There is more, much more, you cannot exhaust My gifts and creativity in using them, you have not imagined what I potentially intended in order to progress and to give success to all your endeavors.

This is not for a small group of especially chosen individuals but for all of you, I will not refuse to empower anyone who comes to Me seeking a more fulfilled life, wanting more of My life in them.

Many have found satisfaction in the world, only to find that it does not last, and they must seek more and greater thrills and possessions.

I am offering to place you on the path to Salvation with a security, peace and meaning in your life, you must not put off for one moment more, you may not have another opportunity to do so.

Lift up your hearts to Me now, that I may fill you with My Spirit, your life depends on it, your future pending.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


2015-07-23                                                                      INRI

I want to fill you now with the joy of Heaven, the joy that comes from uniting your heart to Mine, as well as to the Heart of your Holy Mother Mary.

She walked beside Me in My Passion, fortifying and encouraging Me to continue My Mission to save the world, She is also enabling you to carry your cross each day.

Each of you will have a cross to carry as you follow Me, but you need not carry it alone, with infused perseverance and strength to go the distance, you will finish in victory, united with Our Hearts.

You can journey without Her but it is to your great advantage to consecrate yourselves now to Her Immaculate Heart, where graces abound, being that She is the Mediatrix of all graces.

Seek My Divine presence and desire to please only Me, in all that you think, say and do, this concept will grow and flower in you as you are directed by the Holy Virgin.

Do not seek to be seen and to please others in what you do or what you say, for here you will have your reward on earth, not in Heaven.

You are being prepared prior to the period of Peace that will come into the world, each heart of the chosen will have been conditioned in love of God and neighbour to withstand what has been foretold.

This is not a prediction for the future but now, the coming events, yes which are presently upon your doorstep, the chastisements have begun, they must not be a distraction to you who are being prepared.

Enter into Her school, the happiness of the Holy Mother's Heart, where She will make of you a temple fit for the living God to direct and use you as He pleases.

You are to be formed into a holy army docile, and conformed in the ways of God's children, alert to His every prompting and action.

Because of your formation it has always been My Will to have your words, your thoughts and activities, viewed and heard in order that you become the persons, that you were created to be.

In the New Jerusalem, each will be uniquely gifted for the good of the Body, My Church, unified for strength and power for the sake of love being spread through every heart united in Peace.

Think of others before yourselves, but do all this in order to please Me, this is the difference that will make all that you do a reservoir of grace, filled to overflowing.

My graces are awaiting you in all that you attempt to do what has been commanded of you, to love God with all you heart, mind and soul, and your neighbour as yourself.

Take each day as a new beginning, for that is what it is, I have many blessings and an abundance of grace for what I have in store for you to claim, may you ask Me to prepare you to receive all.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


2015-07-15                                                           INRI

Have you the courage dear ones, who obey My commands, have you the strength and desire to confront in love those who are clearly headed for destruction?

Indeed without My Holy Spirit's power and grace, you will not be able to say one word.

These words that you must speak will only be heard if they are spoken out of love, they must bring about the desired response of repentance and forgiveness.

Pray now for My Spirit to prepare in advance the hearts and conscience of those whom the Spirit will have you address, here the illumination of their minds from the darkness that has overtaken them will be imperative.

Yes dear ones, you will need courage in these days of evil that threatens to overwhelm the world, but I will always be beside you and in you, protecting, guiding and instructing, listen attentively.

For it is the Father's Will that through Me the world would be saved, yet some refuse to believe in Me, the Son of God, they prefer to create a god of their own passions and freedoms.

Yet they presume upon My Mercy, persisting in their sins till the day of judgment, may they find the true path that leads them to repentance and forgiveness.

But while there is today, pray for your loved ones, who have believed the lies of the deceitful, evil one, and who have accepted the culture of death as their truth.

They choose their own version of the truth, that is the popular opinion of the current culture, which will only lead them to spiritual death, My Truth brings joy and true freedom.

With great concern for them, place your trust in Me, as you pray for their enlightenment and Salvation.

Your prayers are of immense value, for your Father's ear is turned constantly to you, each prayer pouring many graces upon mankind.

Not knowing their plight, they are heading down the path of destruction, when at any given moment their lives may be called to make an account.

You are constrained to awaken them from their stupor, for you are accountable before Me to a genuine compassion for them.

Be wise, be gentle and loving in and through Me, thereby you will be able to accomplish your mission.

Do not fear that you will be a minority, I can do through you, if you will allow Me to use you, a great work that will glorify God for all eternity, saving many who would have been lost forever.

Thursday, July 9, 2015


2015-07-09                                                                               INRI

Without Me you can do nothing, that is why your union with Me is so important.

Repent of anything that might be holding you back from this complete surrender to Me.

Then will you take hold of the true meaning of your life, the reason for being, the reason you were created.

Until you unite with Me, your life will seem to have no boundaries, no purpose and no direction to follow.

Even your thoughts will be thrown wildly from glee to fright and everything in between, not only a feeling of uselessness but even of despair.

You will not have the stability that I want you to have, nor the peace that will render you capable of real love of God and neighbour.

As you say “yes” to Me, My Holy Spirit will form fruits of peace and joy and everything needed in a world that is not suited to leading you to a life of Faith.

The possibilities of greater virtues as is common with Saints will be open to you and you will desire them.

The Kingdom of God is yours, I have called you and therefore without doubt walk in the ways of grace.

As My child you sit quietly upon My lap, just being who you are, content to have been created and loved by your Creator.

It is all gift, wonderful to behold, yet all I am asking of you is that you reciprocate to My love by willingly surrendering your will to Mine.

Do not allow fear of anything whether of your past regrets or of not being accepted by Me because you are just an ordinary person.

I have chosen the simple, ordinary people to confound the wise and prestigious, thus is the Wisdom of God, who shall know the mind of God and His varied ways.

Draw near in prayer and meditation, I will meet you there and never fail you, do not fear what I may ask of you, for in each case you will have been prepared in advance.

Soon the world leaders in willful pride, will turn many against Me, instilling a self-seeking motivated way of life to all who will listen.

Then will I call My faithful followers who have united their hearts and minds to Me, I will take care of all their needs, they will gather together in loyalty and honour.  

Thursday, July 2, 2015


2015-07-02                                                                      INRI

Your hope has been rightly placed in the fact, that I have reserved for you a share in the Kingdom of Light.

Do not allow any thoughts of past transgressions, to interfere with the progress you are making in the journey towards Heaven.

Daily you are seeking to please Me more and I am drawing you into a deeper relationship that will both satisfy you and increase your desire for Me.

Each of you were created with a longing for God, but some have sought to satisfy this longing with things or busyness that occupy time in your lives that should be reserved for Me.

During your prayer times, the Holy Spirit will softly whisper His love to those who are seeking to live the life designed for their greater benefit, He is there to guide and has a plan for each of you.

Mysteries will be revealed and you will never forget what has been given you in these precious moments that you know were given especially for your growth, in order that your relationship with Me will deepen ever more.

The souls in Purgatory await their release, both through what they are suffering and through your prayers.

Pray as much as you can each day, never forgetting them for they will in return pray for you in response for your generosity to them.

As you intercede for yourself or for others' needs, you please Me as this is showing Me that you are believing in My love for you, and trusting that you are not only being heard but await an answer.

I am rejoicing that you overcome faults, that you have victory and growth as you persevere in suffering, and that in humiliation you forgive those who hurt you.

Always I am with you and never leave, your requests are welcomed and appreciated, whether they be trivial in matter or life-changing in decision making.

Your confidence in Me is necessary, your predecessors found trust and courage to go on in difficult situations, sometimes risking their very lives, never were they left disappointed.

Ask Me today for what you need, I delight in granting you My very best, here you will grow in what is lacking for as you progress there will always be more and more.

As My Father and I and the Holy Spirit love you, Our work is to bring you home at whatever the cost, and it did cost Me My life.