Friday, August 21, 2009

Be Prepared To Be Changed


Come into the arms that await you. They are outstretched to receive you, but be prepared to be changed.
My love for you is a pure and holy love and as you approach Me, you begin to see yourself in a new light, a need for forgiveness.
You are now coming to receive forgiveness out of love for Me, as opposed to, out of guilt for sin, and this is as you should.
A truly contrite heart comes from this attitude, born of love for Me.
See Me before you in the place of the priest, I speak through him, listen carefully, he will say audibly My words to you. 
Feel the calming rest, you can now enjoy as you snuggle next to My Heart.
Speak your heart's thanksgiving to Me for My Passion on the cross for your eternal salvation.
When you came to Me you were blind to your sinfulness.
My love will set you free.
Rejoice in your new freedom, choose love in all you think, say and do.

My servant must stay close to Me, when you distance yourself from Me, you serve from yourself and not from Me.
l am all that you need, gentle, and humble, come all, who would serve Me.
(I asked for confirmation and rec’d Col. 1:21-22)
“At one time you were far away from God and were His enemies because of the evil things you did and thought. But now, by means of the physical death of His Son, God has made you His friends, in order
to bring you, holy, pure and faultless into His presence.”

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trusting In The Unseen Hand


You are entering with Me into the garden of Gethsemane.
Be alert, prepared, do not become complacent or discouraged.
I am with you, so close to you, though you do not perceive Me at work with you, inspiring and strengthening you.

During this time, grow in trust as I provide opportunities for you to fill your lamps with oil during these end times.
Perform the duty of the moment and every opportune good deed presented to you.
Take the hand of My dear Mother, who loves and cares for you all,
She will guide you in the ways of holiness and perseverance of faith in suffering and difficulties.
Expect opposition from your family, friends, even those near to you, remember My sufferings and suffering will not seem so strange to you

l am the Master. Be mindful of My presence within your very self,
I know your thoughts, your sorrows and joys.
Thank Me, praise Me, it will lighten your heart to do so.
Love all in preparation for your new life in the Kingdom.
Heaven is always with you even now, the saints, angels, your family and the Trinity all are interceding for you.
Be of good cheer, remember My closeness.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

They Seek Me Elsewhere


I plant the seed of inspiration and if you do this, what I inspire, you reap the benefit, the harvest as it were.
Stay close to Me that I may prepare the field, your heart, so that every blessing and grace, I have prepared for you may be realized each day.
My people are in apostasy, walking away from My table hungry, looking for food where it cannot be found.
I am the bread from Heaven, the bread that does indeed satisfy your every need and desire, but you must also devour My Word.
Some have let it wash over them without it accomplishing what I proposed it to do.
“Listen” to My Word and “do” What I say and you will have life unto the full.
Some have left the Church seeking My Word but only here is My presence in the bread of the Altar.
Adore Me in the Blessed Sacrament, see Me giving you My very self in the Eucharist, a gift of infinite value, a balm for every wound, freedom for the captive, companionship for the lonely, courage for the fearful, giving rest to the burdened and so much more will I be and do for you.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009



Today, I wish to speak to you about detachment.
You must separate yourselves from the things of this world.
As I enter into your hearts, I feel oppressed by all your worldly concerns, which I desire to free you from, so that you will be free to serve Me.
When I walked the earth, I was free and entrusted all My needs to the care of My Father, you must do the same.
When I said ‘follow Me’ I was not speaking carelessly but meaningfully, I go with you, each moment is prepared for you.
This detachment must not be from each other for you must unite in My name always.
There is coming a time soon, when life as you now know it, will be no more and you will be needed to help others to cope with their losses.
I am your strength, give Me today all your concerns and praise Me for your freedom to choose, this abandonment, before it is no longer your freedom to give.
I hold graces for you ‘today’ and I desire to give them to you abundantly.
Listen to My words. as your hands go up in praise, they uncover your closed ears.
From all eternity, hear Me say to you ‘I love you‘.