Monday, August 3, 2009

Your Trust Must Be In Me


My child, you must trust Me moment by moment for you live in a darkened world.
You must not ask Me to show you what lies ahead for you or your loved ones, for I know My plans for you and they are for ultimate victory but I need you to trust Me.
My hand holds you and I don’t depend on your holding on to Me for I have you in hand.
The things you see now, are not reality, this world will pass away and all that is in it.
I am the Truth and the Way and the Life, keep your eyes on Me.
Be patient with yourself and others, perfection will not be seen on earth, but, as My plans for you unfold, you will begin to perceive holiness and new courage in your walk towards home.
You are stepping out into darkness because by Faith you must walk but do not fear, you are Mine and I love you.
My concern is for you.
When I return, it will be as the dawning of a new day and you are now being prepared to take your place in My new Kingdom.

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