Thursday, June 26, 2014



Come momentarily into the sanctuary of My love, a place of solitude and rest for your spirit, a place of peace for your Soul, for the world is full of discord and turmoil.

I alone understand, more than you do exactly who you are, I am sending you My Spirit to teach you Who I am and what you are, that the Truth may be in you.

Because of your fallen nature, you cannot clearly judge yourself as you ought, that is with  My eyes of love.

My love for you will sometimes allow suffering in your life to bring about the desired virtue and growth, that is a life that would otherwise be lived in vulnerability.

Always accept whatever comes into your life as from My hand, in this way the graces and strengths that I have planned for your greater good may be realized.

I am love itself, and everything I do is to increase love in you, I unite your sufferings and trials with My Cross.

There is no greater gift that I could ever give to the world than Myself in the Holy Eucharist, here we are one, thus we are united in the One Body.

As you pray the prayer I taught you the “Our Father” remember how I reveal this oneness to you and meditate upon the words that are so momentous.

Think of yourself as we instead of I because you are all brothers and sisters of My family.

I am the Rock of your Salvation, take a handful of sand, look closely at the many colours and shapes, sizes, textures etc. Is nature not alerting you to a greater Truth here?

Love is calling you to a greater sense of unity among fellow believers, there are many who do not have this desire to begin here and now to live in Kingdom ways.

I call you to live real life in Me, it is the opposite to what is being propagated in the world today, selfishness, greed, self-reliance, and a greater accumulation of money.

They seek happiness but end in having to seek more and more with less of what they are truly looking for in the fulfillment of their lives.

There is much to be said as Truth is being attacked and you must stand firm upon the Salvation that is yours in all that is being taught in the Church, it is your safeguard.

There is so much more that I could at this time relate to you, but what is going to be meaningful to you will be My revealing personally in our quiet time together, who you are in My eyes.


Thursday, June 19, 2014



I am the Son of Man, the new Adam, I came to give you new life, freedom from sin.

Though temptation will always be with you in this life, I give grace that you may overcome and achieve victory.

If you do nothing to combat evil in your life, it will eventually pull you farther and farther into the world away from Me, fight as if you were swimming upstream against the current.

Fasting and penance are Satan’s enemies for they will give you power and cause you to achieve greater and faster advancement in holiness.

Your light will shine in the world’s darkness attracting others to Me the source of light.

It takes willpower and desire to grow in denying yourself especially as others do not join you in your efforts to pursue what is truly worthwhile in life and in Eternal life.

You are asking Me “because of Your work of Redemption, will everyone not be saved?”

There are some who do not strive to help themselves or others to achieve Salvation, their names are not in the Book of Life, I will give them the spirit of perdition.

They readily accept Satan’s lie, that they need not endure hardship or pain, suffering is to be avoided at any cost, they refuse the cross, they do not follow Me.

The road to holiness is a narrow path, few are finding it, but for My Mercy which is given for all who will call upon Me all things are possible.

This life which is very short will be soon over, opportunity for good deeds, which I demand from each of My followers, will no longer be possible for your greater glory in Eternity.

Today is the opportune time for those things you’ve been putting off one more day, have you put off prayer with Me, I very much want to instruct you and help you.

Take advantage of the day’s graces being offered to you for your betterment, take time to tell Me that you have confidence in Me and in your future.

Yes, the road is narrow and difficult but you do not travel alone or without every help to accomplish your given mission and with untold joy for the journey.

Rest in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, confident and unafraid as you progress knowing that your Shepherd holds you secure lest you should wander from the path that will lead you into Eternal life with Him.       


Friday, June 13, 2014



My call to you is continuous, what I am seeking from you is an ongoing personal relationship.

That is a relationship where you will ask Me and tell Me about the small things of your day, important and insignificant things, your hopes and dreams.

I long for you to be concerned with the things that concern Me also, and how you might be of help with prayer and sacrifice.

Tell Me perhaps what made you think warmly of Me today, and what may have caused you sorrow, tell Me of dear friends and family who may have increased your love.

You must never cease in looking for Truth, you must be constantly advancing in love, for today I have graces for you and for all who bless you also.

It is an ongoing theme where I place for you to find throughout your day, hidden treasures in nature possibly, a special book or a quiet time for just the two of us.

At times, you are searching your heart and find Me in places that you didn’t know existed, places where I longed to retrieve you from, where there is fear or unforgiveness.

I wish to simplify your life, but busyness and distractions pull you further away, they do not include Me, I call you continuously that you may turn to Me.

The things of this world are not evil in themselves but, in as much as they do not further your steps of progress towards your eternal destination, you are wasting your time.

My loved one, you do not have any time to waste, and so prayer, which unites Me to you, and all your brothers and sister in the world, is the avenue you must travel faithfully.

Your fervent prayers, united with the Blessed Mother, whose only concern is for your welfare and that of our relationship, is for your greatest benefit.

Remember My Words to you in Scripture “ask and you will receive, seek and you will find,” yes whatever you are wanting to ask, I am hearing you and answering in My perfect timing.

I will fill your days with encouragement if you will give Me the opportunity to converse with you, My joy is what you will discover within our time together.

You are Mine, and all that I have is yours, I give you daily My very self in the Holy Eucharist, what better gift could I give you who are so poor and needy than the gift of My love.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014



Do not be dismayed by all that is happening around you, the outrage of sin or the failing morality of the world in which you are currently living.

My Church which is now seeing more and more apostasy will revive and the good people will as never before enjoy peace and freedom of Faith, but not yet, there is much to be accomplished before this will happen.

You may at times feel alone in your struggles for spiritual growth, it may seem a waste of time praying for and encouraging people who refuse to listen to you.

But I have promised you victory if you would persevere in Faith with Me, do not be overly concerned regarding the conversion of your loved ones, for you may see Satan’s efforts increase towards them.

It is because you are Mine and are very valuable to Me at this time in the salvation of souls, some that he has claimed already, that his army is dispersed with greater intensity.

You will be speaking My words to those who will inadvertently find their way to you, for I am presently ahead of time preparing their spirit to receive the words of Salvation.

Many are walking about with attitudes of hopelessness and disparagement because of the lives filled with guilt and regrets.

If you will allow Me, I will through your help, give them the ability to receive hope and to see a way to overcome the defeat they now endure.

Families will find forgiveness and be reunited, children of divided homes who have been raised in anger will enjoy peace and stability.

There is a great need for hope to be established where hope has been abandoned, there is where I will send you, if you allow Me to take care of your needs so you can care for Mine.

You are needing to ask for the Holy Spirit’s gifts, your understanding and knowledge for the things of Heaven are wanting.

There are many faithful people in the world, you will not be aware of the unity that is in the workings of My Victorious plan, but be assured of its success.

As the illumination is now in progress, those who are sensitive to the Spirit’s promptings are presently enjoying blessing and instruction, to reach the unreachable.

My Glory is coming, the darker the world, the brighter will My light shine in you My faithful ones who are seeking My eminent return.