Saturday, March 28, 2015


2015-03-26                                                                     INRI

How precious indeed are the moments that unite us, you and Me, you await My Second Coming, yet I have never left you, even though I did Ascend.

Each and every time My servant Priests cover with their hands the bread and wine and consecrate these  elements, I come upon your altars, again and again, reliving My Passion in an unbloody manner.  

Indeed, I will be coming in radiant beauty and be glorified, at a time set by My Father, but for now it suffices for you to see Me with eyes of Faith.

My light is received and carried within each of you and as you believe, obeying My Commandments and teachings of the Church, your light will shine brilliantly for all to see and I will be glorified.

I nourish and heal, strengthening you for what is ahead, knowing your weaknesses and empowering you in ways that you do not yet appreciate, therefore I prepare without your asking graces that are needed.

I allow you to be tempted and tested through trials, in order that you may know, for you are not fully aware of your weaknesses.

Precious are the moments when in adoration, you lift your hearts to Me, especially when you meditate on the agony of My Passion and Crucifixion.

Truly during these times, My light invades and pierces the sadness and darkness of the world, as rays of sunlight beam through clouds in a stormy sky.

Because of your presence before Me the world is changed by grace, the country side is illumined and a sound of leaves rustling in the trees brings the lonely and depressed Souls hope as they receive peace.

Healings appear to be happening in ways unknown to them, because of generous Souls who intercede on their behalf, hurting people who cannot pray for themselves thank Me because of graces received.

It is a ray of Truth and the glory of Faith that has fallen upon the earth in these troubled times, the need for many to evangelize the multitudes is of the utmost necessity.

For many have taken the way of leisure and abundance for their lifestyle and have been devoid in seeking Me for I make them uncomfortable in what they want to do.

I am forever calling to them, but they have stopped their ears from hearing Me, may I send you, by your life, that is by your obedience to Me in all you do, they will be convicted and desire this life.

I freed you from the clutches of Satan and because you are free to serve as I command, I may expect to reap a harvest, a harvest that is what the devil assumes will be his.

You therefore are a privileged lot, the world's attractions and influences are not what you seek in response to the graces and blessing I have bestowed upon each of you.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


2015-03-19                                                                      INRI

Praise Me for I am holy, I have been poured out and have held back nothing for love of you.

You in return must let go of all that holds you down, for you must be raised up with Me and live.

Child, you were born with a clenched fist and have been holding on to things since the beginning, I offered you the sun as you clung to gold, I offered you the stars but you preferred diamonds, I offered you a crystal sea of blue and green but you desired emeralds.

In absolute trust in the God who loves you, give everything to Me, I am all the security that you need, and in this state of certainty you will not care whether My Will is great joy and abundance or poverty and suffering, or any combination thereof.

When you are weighed down by your possessions, there is much concern over keeping them and the gain of more, for there will never be sufficient in this cause.

Your hands must be freed in order that I may fill them with the plight of your neighbor, he is there asking Me for help, and I desire to send you, but only when your eyes are on Me can I reveal the needsof others.

You have learned the priorities set by the world, through sinful selfishness and greed for the ruler of this world has been fervently tempting all to self and you must unlearn through the power of the Holy Spirit the secrets of pure and holy love.

He will direct your actions and your hearts towards sincere prayer, spend your time in meditation and praise for this is where you will truly be able to gain access to the Heavenly Throne of the most High God.

Fear and anxiety must leave, there is no time to settle in what is not from Me, I desire that you be at peace and tranquil throughout the time yet allotted to you, that will generate the greatest graces for you.

As creatures that were created to be forever with Me for all eternity, I enjoin you to heed with greatest sincerity this concept of being Poor in Spirit, it is a letting go of all your concerns to Me, even the loved ones you hold so dear, who have not responded as you had hoped, leave them to Me.

I assure you that in Providential ways, that you do not yet understand, that all will come together in the Father's Plan of Salvation in exactly the way that it was meant to be from the beginning.

Rejoice that I have called you and remain with you always, though you seem to think that when you do not think of Me that I am at that time absent from you, no, even in busy times I am always there.

Have confidence in Me, in My love for you, and know without a doubt that the Poor in Spirit will inherit the Kingdom of God.

Thursday, March 12, 2015


2015-03-12                                                                                             INRI

You who are My faithful followers will know that you are now living in the end times, the Book of Revelation.

Having turned your life away from wrong-doing and changed your hearts to live not for yourselves, you are the ones whom I now challenge to grow even more, into the person I created you to be.

With an ever growing Faith, you have made yourselves available to Me for the accomplishment of good works, and are examples of love and obedience.

By self-denial, you are truly becoming the person I created you to be, for the things that inhibited this growth in you was materialism and selfishness.

At your Baptism, you were forged into a new creation, the real you was beginning to emerge, everything that grace has provided and placed in your life was for your formation.

Indeed as your Faith in Me began to mature, I placed people and occasions, even those you would never dream could be of assistance to you, I have especially chosen in My Wisdom and fore-knowledge.

Each of you are My son and daughter whom I died for, and everything that could possibly aid in your spiritual development and holiness, I have done.

The realization is forthcoming and it is My great pleasure to receive from My children the love and trust that they have wrought through prayer and meditation.

As you continue to surrender all in your life that is a barrier to what I desire for you, that is all that keeps you from your full potential of being a Saint, you will find joy as you progress in My image.

Even Heaven itself is forming you, so many Saints, your relatives of generations past, also Angels, do not neglect to thank your Guardian Angels who were chosen especially for each of you, all are inspiring and praying for your home coming.

Has anything been left undone in your formation, be always with a positive outlook for your life and the lives of your loved ones, for glorious is the reward that awaits you who are predestined, whom I have been forming all your lives.

In the reckless youthful time of your lives, some lost their way and found their way back to Me before it was too late, it will all be part of what makes each unique in the testimony of a life turned around.

The Blessed Mother has given you the Rosary, trust and love Her for She is foremost the best friend in Heaven that you will ever have, interceding and praying for you in all your needs.

If you remain close to me, I will make known to you the path that you must tread in order that you reach your ultimate goal, did I not say that I have gone to prepare a place for you? 

Friday, March 6, 2015


2015-03-06                                                                               INRI

These are treacherous times, the world heading for disaster and I am recruiting My faithful to prepare for battle, confronting the enemy of selfishness and ignorance.

Complacency has taken over the countries that are well fed and affluent, they strive ever for more and more of what the world of science and technology have to offer, leading them farther away from Me.

Their god is self and possessions, they have no need of a God who will demand of them to share and give of their talents for the good of others, I am in the distance to them, they are not mindful of Me.

Many are on the road of perdition, pray daily for your country, you who are now hearing Me, I will hold you accountable as I did with Jonah, you must not be indifferent or afraid.

I am your strength, I am the power behind your prayer, I count every word that comes from your mouth and heart, they will save Souls.

Love is what is important, not that you need to plan anything for this is My work that I have designed to be done through you, all I am asking of you is your cooperation and docility.

Give Me your hardened hearts, your fearful hearts, your wounded hearts and I will heal them and strengthen them as I form them anew.

Your very own families and close friends are wanting, they need not be deprived of their inheritance, for I have strategically placed each of you in those families for their salvation.

Lift high your heads and believe for the New Jerusalem is close at hand, but I need you to truly believe in the God who has never failed nor forsaken you His faithful and obedient ones.

My great Love for all must be proclaimed, I wish to save the misinformed and wounded who are walking beside you and feel as if they are already lost and are without hope.

Allow yourselves to be docile in My hands, with this I will be able to position you where you will do the most good in the least amount of time, for time is of the essence.

Do not consider yourselves incapable of such a task, or unworthy for your bravery and courage are demanded here, do not succumb to fear, there is nothing to fear for I am with you.

Those of you who feel My presence and constant love must be love, for the ones wounded and broken among you, I want them to enjoy life eternal, and I have planned that you would play a part in their Salvation now and forever.