Wednesday, August 29, 2012



Your concern will be for your fellow man, which in turn evokes love and good works, as you grow in

I Myself am preparing you for the New Kingdom, so that you may walk with me in peace and tranquility.

Make it your aim each day, to be conformed to My Will, for I systematically have planned graces
throughout your day, for your advancement in love.

Hidden in your everyday workings, are the Heavenly merits that soon will be realized, that is if you do not neglect, what would later be regret on your part.

My concern is for each of you to attain your highest glory, and for you to enjoy happiness beginning
even here and now.

You can obtain this joy, through the compliance of doing My Will and setting aside your own.

In choosing to act unselfishly, with each act of serving, you will find increasing peace and joy in living.

You have many needs that I do want to attend to, but I reserve My help to a minimum in some
instances, so that you may do for yourselves what you can.

This is ultimately for your growth and benefit, as I act as a loving Father would do with His child, wanting him to learn through doing, being taught to serve and give unselfishly.

I am in you, I want to love through you, and I desire to be able to act freely in your being, as I will and desire.

But I will not usurp your free will, not one iota, for I created you to be free.

Surrender everything to Me, not once but continually, for there is much work to be done, beginning with you.

This opportunity to gain lost Souls, will be threatened in the turmoil and confusion, in the coming days.

From now on, you must be strong in your Faith, continue to experience Me,and while the darkness
encroaches ever farther, be aware that I am with you in an even greater capacity.

The World, in an increasing power of evil, continues to force My hand, with their constant desire for
pleasures and to be entertained 24-7, they do not realize the shortness of time, with which they have to come to conversion of heart, to be made ready for the New Kingdom.

Through graces, and through your efforts to fulfill My desires and intentions, I have seen you blossom into what I rejoice is the joy of all of Heaven, I bless you all as we continue together in the pursuit of your Eternal reward, as I have promised you.


Friday, August 24, 2012



There is security in numbers, but not in this case, for My remnant are few.

Because you are few in number, I will send My angels to surround and protect you.

Your concern will be for the well being of each other and there will be no quarreling among you, for I will be in your midst.

I will be with you in Spirit, but you will feel My presence in a special way, so that you may devote all your energies to helping your fellow man, who will need encouragement.

The World will experience this time of illumination of conscience soon, but you who are My servants, are beginning to see yourselves as I see you now, you are being purified.

You must be prepared to assist many, who will be confused and frightened by the coming
chastisements, that are even now shaking the people who ignore Me.

Yes, I have been forgotten, replaced in their hearts by superstars, by others gods of their making,
through sports and TV, this is the vehicle that the evil one will use to sway many.

Sin is rampant everywhere, and the cup of My wrath, My patience is overflowing, there is now no more time, for each day brings a greater perversion, all disgusts Me.

Pray My people, for the gift of fasting, for it will not come to you naturally, but for you to deny
yourselves, is of great benefit to your being strengthened in your weakness.

Do not waste precious moments of time now, be with Me when you can, for I am close to you when you are suffering, broken hearted or rejected by others, then, you identify with Me.

It is important that you keep your eyes on Me, and not on all that is happening around you, for this will cause your peace to dissipate.

Stay in prayer, then will your sentiment of sweet love for Me, bring to your being a feeling of joy, even in the midst of whatever turmoil is surrounding you.

Praise and thanksgiving, will keep you where you must be, even when some others will be complaining, peace will invade you.

Exhibited around you will be combative arguing and selfishness, each trying to survive and get ahead.

But you will show My peaceful charity, and it will be noted by the many, who are needing to wake up from their evil ways, oh how the evil one has deceived the world at large.


Sunday, August 19, 2012



When I find a Soul willing to say ”yes” to Me, I come to him often and use him as long as he complies with My desires.

Such a Soul is invaluable to Me and I bestow many graces and favours upon him.

The World and indeed those who are close, benefit as well, for great and infinite is the power that I have and wish to lavish on those that I favour.

I inspire you to ask for much, My Mother extends Her hand to you that you may be strengthened in your efforts to comply with My demands on you.

I alone know when a Soul is best suited for a mission, better am I to judge this even more than you yourself, who are not aware of your own capabilities in My training.

My Kingdom is at hand and you are a part of it, created ultimately for My glory and for your benefit.

Most of you are thinking that I will come to you in a way that is spectacular, and that you will have no alternative but to do My Will, but you are always free to increase your faith in compliance, or not.

Actually, I come with that still small voice, most of the time, I am persistent if I see even a glimmer of hope that you might respond willingly, I then proceed with much joy, all of heaven rejoices also.

I take notice of a life that consistently is trying to do better and who also puts a sincere effort into
prayer, and one who spends time with Me, in an eagerness to know Me and My concerns.

In the Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist, I give My very Self, completely to such a one, and await a
response that tells Me of their love also for Me alone.

A love that tells Me, that they will be willing to put themselves out for others, for My cause, as I desire.

You must be willing to receive Me often, in order to be ready, strengthened, and capable to move
forward with what you will have to bear and possibly to lead others.

I Myself will shepherd you, for you are weak, I have appointed priests, that will guide and administer to you the Sacraments, essential for your well being and growth, but I ultimately will protect and 
nourish you Myself.

Humbly sit at My feet, and receive all that I have planned for you, ordained from the beginning of time, for it was then, that I first thought you into existence and into My heart forever.


Thursday, August 16, 2012



When you know without a doubt, that you are loved, you are then able to give love, live in My love.

Now is the crucial season, for you to seek My Mercy, for there is nothing as important for you at this

Without My Mercy, you walk about, feeling confused and threatened by everyone and everything,
unable to think clearly.

Your sense of security evades you, and your freedom is in jeopardy, because the peace I am wanting to give you, has been relinquished for pride, which has convinced you of your rights.

I have chosen to retain the marks of your salvation, before My Father, in order to intercede for you

Such is My great love for you, and constant concern to obtain every grace for growth in holiness.

Humble yourself before Me and adore Who is before you on your altars, pleading and desiring your
affection, and your attention for the Salvation of all.

When you are able to see Me in the place of your priest, transposed and nailed to the cross, you are
more than meditating, you are receiving a great grace.

Do not be one who passes judgement upon another, for I alone know what is in the heart, the Soul's

With the aim of forgetting yourself, unite your prayer with Mine.

Ask Me then, to give to you the grace of true prayer, for you know not what or how you should pray.

It was My Mercy, that caused Me to come to earth, and to empty Myself, to live among you.

Will I not do everything for you, to attain eternal life with Me?

Seek always a deeper more intimate walk with Me and My Mother, Who will lead you in the surest way.

You are seeking peace, I am the Prince of Peace, why not say ”no” to all that takes you away from Me, and what is not satisfying your need for love, that is what you are truly looking for.