Thursday, August 9, 2012



What in this world has the power to detach you from any and all created things?

Nothing, there is nothing here, but I can, I alone will free you from all longings for the things of earth.

You yourself must first desire it, and thus experience Me, it will be a deep realization of My love for you.

Each of you will have a personal encounter, contrived by My Father, for you see, you are His gift to Me.

My beloved ones, your hearts have been created for Me, and thus there can be no peace or recovery
from sadness unless I am at your heart's center, I will share it with nothing else.

I await your coming to Me, through the many ways prepared to awaken you from the slumber of sin.

Like the dawn that awakens the budding flowers of Spring, and welcomes the beauty of its radiant
colors, so I await the beauty of your Soul once again.

Renewed as with your initial Baptism, the grace restored, your power to fight the one who would
destroy all I have accomplished in saving you, you shout ”alleluia” and go on.

Now you must assist Me in saving all your brothers and sisters, still floundering as if there is no

For the end of this age is assuredly coming at a speed that would frighten you, had I not impressed upon you countless times, never to be afraid.
Continue in prayer, especially for the ones dearest to you, your families should be your first priority, and all others that I place before you, physically or in thought.

Remember the ones that need you the most, the dying and sick, their families are most vulnerable at
this time and need your prayers.

Your Bishops and priests are in great danger during these times, call upon their guardian angels to assist.

My Heart is very much wounded by the lack of love among those who call themselves Christians.

How will non believers identify you as belonging to Me, if there is no sharing and caring among you?

To those who follow Me, I give great graces and allow their light to shine in the darkest of days, the
worst still to come.

As I hung upon the cross of your Salvation, I asked the Father for special graces to enrich My faithful ones that would tread upon perilous paths.

And gazing heavenward I asked Him ”Father just one more Soul” this is also assigned to you My friends, obtain for eternity, just one more Soul to be saved from damnation.


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