Sunday, April 24, 2011



You did not recognize Me.

I came to you many times but you could not recognize Me.

I came disguised as your friend, your mate, your neighbor, the stranger at your door, the
garbage collector and the one you passed by without a second look.

Yes when the Apostles came to the tomb they did not find Me there.

Mary Magdalene did not recognize Me until I spoke her name.
She knew the Shepherd’s voice when I whispered her name.

It is because I want you to see Me in all those you will meet. Try to discover Me in them.

When the disciples walked to Emmaus they didn’t recognize Me until I explained the
Scriptures and gave them understanding of the Truths.

I broke the bread with them and they then recognized that it was I.

When I was on the shore cooking over a charcoal fire, Peter and the others having
returned to their previous occupation of fishing did not recognize Me.

I asked had they had success in their efforts and when they replied no, I told them to cast
their nets on the starboard side of the boat and they caught a great quantity of fish.

It was then that John discerned it was I and Peter leaped into the water impetuously.

None would inquire of Me until I invited them to bring some of the fish to eat and again I
fed them with the bread, thus they recognized Me.

Do you see that I want you to slowly be able to see Me in each other?

I purposely appeared in many forms that you might carry Me in your hearts and souls to
those in need.

It is not your outward appearance but what you say and do that continue My life and
mission upon this earth, then they will recognize Me in you.

Children, do not be caught up as the world is in the things that are useless.

Make My Will and desire be what motivates your every move.

With My rising from the dead I freed you from what has been causing you the mistrust of
others and of not having confident trust in Me, I want more for you.

What if others do fail you and let you down, do you not now believe that I have allowed
it? What do you have to fear when One is loving you with an infinite love?

Contemplate now My very presence within you, can you not feel what is the longing of
your Creator to be to you all you will ever need.

Realize the healing you are now enjoying through the stripes I endured for love of you
that you may be made whole, that you may be complete in liberty.

O little one, walk now in the new life I have gained for you in Me, the Resurrected life.

Your old life is no more, hope in our newness of Easter Joy, I pour blessings upon you.


Friday, April 15, 2011


Spiritual growth will be yours as your relationship with Me draws you to the cross.

The cross is that which causes you to die to self and to serve others for love of Me.

Every thought, every word and your actions should come from a heart that desires to
show your love.

Come to Me in dearest sincerity not routine or thoughtlessness, I hear your sentiment.

Ask My Mother Mary to guide you in humility that you may feel My closeness.

When you silence the distraction around you I enter your soul and console your deepest

Meditate on My Passion and Crucifixion for that is where Love submitted to the Father’s
Will for love of you.

Unite any suffering you now endure, to Mine and with Me offer it for the Salvation of

All must suffer in this world in order to follow Me.

It is the manner in which you carry your cross that makes it possible to receive graces.

Dying to self is love in action.

As you put the needs of others before your own you glorify your Lord.

Others as a result praise Me when they observe your serving and generosity.

Invoke the help of the Holy Spirit daily for without His help nothing will be accomplished not in you or others.

Again your relationship with Me must increase in sincerity and constancy.

Seek to know what pleases Me, ask for Wisdom and Discernment I will never refuse you.

In order to live the Resurrected life you must die to all that is not of Me, and all that
separates us.

You are My most prized possession, nothing and no one can take your place in this
world. Anyone who is against you is against Me.

I will fight for your soul’s ultimate conversion and reward until you are home with Me.

Child do not despair in your efforts to advance towards your goal, persevere, all is well.

If you only knew the efforts of your Mother and the angels that guard you, you would be
in constant grateful prayer.

Nothing should cause you grief, for I have planned your life with your best interests in

Meditate on the great and sorrowful agony of My Passion but keep in your heart the end
result, My Resurrection and your Salvation.

Remember always My closeness and that I empower you to grow in holiness so you will
be with Me forever.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Can you not see that the New Jerusalem is My presence within you?

How else will living waters flow through you to others in need?

I will heal first the wound in you that has caused sin to reign hidden from your
consciousness and you will be able to overcome it.

And now once again you will have the greatest joy because of your new found freedom.

Yes you must thirst for the salvation of souls, not just your own and loved ones.

If you do not thirst, then come to Me in prayer and the sacraments, I will reveal the
reason why for your good and My glory.

It is necessary that you spend quiet time with Me, never forget My closeness to you.

Sometimes I will speak or reveal to you things vital to your holiness and growth.

Never forget that you represent Me today in whatever you do.

You will fail many times even today, just tell Me you’re sorry, and how weak you are.

Begin again I am right here with you and there is much to be done in saving souls.

I know of your love but I need to hear you say that you trust and are confident in Me.

My eyes never leave you and I wait for your thoughts to settle even momentarily on Me.

Together we will strive for your perfection even though it may seem as an impossibility
to you now.

I will comfort you as a mother comforts her son, and you shall be comforted in Jerusalem.

Your cost is conversion in all that it will entail because I have invested My life in you.

I can accomplish much through you if you will confidently trust in the work of charity to
be carried out in faith.

Less of you and more of Me.

That is the life gained through My cost, the cross.

Together you will unite with others to realize My Kingdom here on earth.

Though thousands fall around you be confident in My care and protection of you.

Do you still doubt?

Shelter is to be found only in My abiding love that seeks only your love in return.

Peace, My loved ones.