Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Can you not see that the New Jerusalem is My presence within you?

How else will living waters flow through you to others in need?

I will heal first the wound in you that has caused sin to reign hidden from your
consciousness and you will be able to overcome it.

And now once again you will have the greatest joy because of your new found freedom.

Yes you must thirst for the salvation of souls, not just your own and loved ones.

If you do not thirst, then come to Me in prayer and the sacraments, I will reveal the
reason why for your good and My glory.

It is necessary that you spend quiet time with Me, never forget My closeness to you.

Sometimes I will speak or reveal to you things vital to your holiness and growth.

Never forget that you represent Me today in whatever you do.

You will fail many times even today, just tell Me you’re sorry, and how weak you are.

Begin again I am right here with you and there is much to be done in saving souls.

I know of your love but I need to hear you say that you trust and are confident in Me.

My eyes never leave you and I wait for your thoughts to settle even momentarily on Me.

Together we will strive for your perfection even though it may seem as an impossibility
to you now.

I will comfort you as a mother comforts her son, and you shall be comforted in Jerusalem.

Your cost is conversion in all that it will entail because I have invested My life in you.

I can accomplish much through you if you will confidently trust in the work of charity to
be carried out in faith.

Less of you and more of Me.

That is the life gained through My cost, the cross.

Together you will unite with others to realize My Kingdom here on earth.

Though thousands fall around you be confident in My care and protection of you.

Do you still doubt?

Shelter is to be found only in My abiding love that seeks only your love in return.

Peace, My loved ones.


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