Thursday, March 31, 2011



I will prove My holiness through you.

From all the earth I will gather My people who are faithful and I will cleanse them.

Generously from My storehouse I will prosper you not in material wealth but in virtue.

As a servant for the sake of others you will be healed of your infirmities.

I will heal disunity from among you for the life being prepared and strengthened.

A time is coming when division must come but for now learn to trust and have
confidence in your God.

I desire that you grow ultimately in a faith that you as yet do not possess.

Yes you have faith but the faith that will be required of you will be of a supernatural
nature, swift and sure in its coming through the power of the Spirit.

Have you noticed that in Scripture many times a lowly servant was chosen to serve Me.

Many Saints as well, some illiterate were asked to do what they deemed impossible.

Humility in keeping your eyes and thoughts on Me with the help of the Holy Spirit
prepares you to forget self and makes you ready to serve My Will.

When you can trust Me to take care of all your needs then you will be lead to serve.

To step out in faith is required before I will confirm it not the other way round.

Yes a time is soon coming when families will be torn apart and divided over the world’s
unrest and disunity as the anti Christ comes to bring his solution to the problems.

You must bravely adhere to the plan that I will reveal to My chosen ones who as yet are
not ready for the challenge.

But be joyful in uniting for the sake of the ones who are afraid and unsure of their future.

They need to see your confident assurance.

You yourselves must not be worried about things and events over which you have no

Remain in prayerful conversation with Me who will sustain you with My Peace.

There are so few I can depend on to do My Will in these troubled times.

Come to the well of My life giving water to refresh you and all who I will call to come to
you that you may serve and refresh them.

You are progressing in love even though you are not aware of any growth from day to
day as you go about your daily work.

Prepare to respond to an unexpected and unplanned or even humiliating request as did
Simon who was commanded to carry My Cross.

I allowed this for his benefit, even though he would realize it only after the fact.

Go now united in love and in willingness to serve your God you servants of the Lord.

You follow a God who came to serve and not to be served do the same.


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