Thursday, December 29, 2011


In fulfillment of the Scriptures, I was born though many had wearied in the waiting of the Father’s perfect timing.

Do you not realize that the reality of My Second coming is upon you?

Even though you are unaware, I have given you the grace of repentance, a grace that draws you back to Me.

You believe in yourself that because of your growing holiness, you have thus decided a new conversion.

It is My doing, My Will that draws you, each one by name, for love’s sake.

You are still far off and so weak, though your arms long to grasp the very presence of your God.

Yet you are unable to do anything in your own progress, you can only offer yourself as you are.

This is how I want you surrendered, helpless and allowing Me to do what you cannot.

As you come near, My flame ignites you and purifies, as you begin to train for a life which is simpler and less worldly, less preoccupied with self, I am born anew.

As I have named the stars in the Heavens, even of greater value are you, each one written in the book of life for all time in eternity.

From the Heavens, I view your lights glowing, indeed on fire with My love.

Praise Me, for everything that your joy may be complete in your so doing, you are fulfilled.

You, as a helpless child, limply hang on to My Fatherly embrace, not knowing that it is I Who is firmly holding you keeping you from falling.

I came then in a way that they had not expected, believe now in a greater way My Second coming to be sure, you must have Faith in Me.

I am igniting hearts with the fire of My love at a time when unknown and unwanted by many, I come 
to those who will accept Me.

Only with joyful hearts, set free from the present darkness that inundates this chaotic world at large, will My coming be realized in full.

Your Faith is being fortified day by day for My purposes, prepare for Me your willing acceptance.

Run to Me child, My arms are open wide, waiting to lift you up to the Heavens, I bless you now!

Thursday, December 22, 2011



Like Joseph who in his time was not aware of the part he was to play in the world, so neither are you.

Yet it shall all be accomplished with your “yes” said in faith, first in your heart then in your mind.

Not looking back at your life, but only looking at today, will bring the desired fruit into being, that is your good works.

This is how the oil will fill your lamps My loved ones and you will be ready to greet Me when I come again, this time in Glory.

My gift to you is Faith, which is to be exercised in order that it may grow.

Because, what is not growing will die, Faith without works is useless.

What is there to fear when I am near?

I am calling to you always to proceed with courage, trusting in your unseen God, venturing into unknown territory which feels daunting at times.

I will give you signs along the way to assure you that you are on the right path, each will know for themselves that I am showing you the way you should go.

Consider My closeness as a comfort, that as a friend you can confide in Me and receive answers.

Yes, you will have your occasional doubts as to whether I really care at times because of My silence to your prayers and inquiries.

Ultimately, deep within you, you will know that My Sacrifice was for “you” and everyone else also.

If you consider the Father’s greatest sacrifice of Me, His only Son, what might be asked of you, Abraham being asked to sacrifice his treasured son, Issac.

Mary was prepared for this question by a special grace, in fact, She was “full of grace”.

May She hold you in Her arms forever close to Her Immaculate Heart where I remain also.

When you are close to the Truth, you will be made ready for whatever is being asked of you.

Do not worry about how you will answer when the time comes and you are put to the test, I will prepare you with every grace and consolation.

Love is being born anew in each of your hearts, welcome Me with Peace and Joy, it is My gift to you to embellish you all with your greatest need which is “LOVE”.


Friday, December 16, 2011



Come with Me on a journey up the mountain.

It is meant to be the journey of a lifetime for it will change your whole perspective on life itself.

Leave at the foot of this mountain all baggage you have brought, you know well what it is that you have carried with you day in and day out.

I will take you by the hand up, up and still further but I see you have kept a backpack for security just in case your Lord is not all you need Him to be. I am not offended.

It is a measure of control of your life that you desire to maintain.

Have you noticed how your breathing now becomes labored and difficult as you go on?

If you surrender to Me this need to secure your future in your own doing and trust in My love, you will be unburdened.

The higher we progress the more difficult it is for you to control life as you would want.

Enter under the canopy of My all encompassing love for I desire that you rest in Me throughout your day, everyday.

With guilt on your shoulders you struggle to maintain and arrange what is meant to be My work, your steps become heavier.

You miss the beauty I have so lovingly placed around you.

The air becomes sweeter as you allow the breath of the Spirit to fill your hungry lungs that long to be deeply filled.

Beneath your feet a carpet of Wild flowers, tiny and colorful, always missed because when you are rushing about and anxious for your next move you crush them.

You overlook the many gifts I bring to comfort and soothe away what you perceive as your troubles, I provide as growth in suffering.

Do you not see that in the right circumstances you could have been the soldier with the whip in hand during My Passion? Are you really so different from him in weakness?

In My Mother’s “yes” she surrendered Her all to Me and received all in return.

My child, you are waiting for direction but miss what I have for you today.

Accept the next breath, the next ache, the next inconvenience as joy knowing that it comes from Me.

All your life has been planned by a loving Father who never lets you out of His sight.

If you decide for Me in this journey to allow yourself to be carried, your life would take on a new direction and that is upward, never looking back.

The humility I seek from you is a total dependence on Me but it is not a switch which can be turned on and off, it is a grace that is acquired for the asking.

Do not fear anything even to remember to ask daily, I am there and will lovingly remind you in ways that will rekindle the flame of the smoldering embers of your love for Me.

Our journey begins new each day take heart in the love I bear for each of you.


Thursday, December 15, 2011



Woe to you who are circumcised in flesh only and not at heart.

How long must I wait for you to come to Me surrendered and humble in heart?

Punishment surely is waiting for those whose gods are material idols and pleasures of the world.

My loved ones what are you doing?

Do you not realize the urgency of repentance for the saving of your souls?

Ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten the darkness of your minds.

Sin has rendered you blind to the condition of your very souls before Me, you consider yourselves faultless while finding others guilty.

As I gaze upon the earth I weep because of My love for you, all engrossed in worthless engagements forgetting what is of value.

This time is becoming crucial for conversions, pray for the lost, pray for the grace to be of use to Me.

I am a Merciful God who bends low to hear even the whisper of a child especially a wounded, rebellious one;  knowing that this is a symptom of a greater need.

This is a need I desire to heal through My faithful servants as they will assist.

Wisdom will move you to greater works, be compliant and easily moved by compassion.

Much will be accomplished now because of the great need and urgency for the saving of Souls

My desire is that none should be lost, thus My loving patience for as many to enter in.

No one is exempt from work in My Vineyard, even those who give a cool drink of water are valued.

No one should feel dispensable nor should they feel useless because of education or ability.

Though the Nations  shake at the sight of catastrophes, you will not be disturbed for I will surround you with an aura of Peace and My very Presence.

Even now, Angels encircle you, be mindful of your every thought, silence your tongue, listen, and guard your actions.

If you would draw close to Me, deny yourself more from food, confess more often, I wait patiently for you here, and ask the Holy Spirit to help you overcome weaknesses and evil inclinations, He will.


Friday, December 9, 2011



My child do not be satisfied with an increase in faith alone.

I will allow your circumstances to further and raise the love within you.

Your good deeds must proceed from the desire to love Me more and in order to do this you must unite with Me so that the love you give is through the Holy Spirit moving you.

Sometimes you will not understand immediately that what is unsettling you is actually from My Hand.

I do not always grow you in restful waters; as was in the Gospels, there were times when My disciples were harassed and even martyred.

For now, rest with Me in calm waters which are lapping onto the shore of the sea, as I prepare you for what is to come. Each one has in Me a unique and wonderful mission.

You need not try to decide in advance how you will proceed with your deeds of Mercy, your caring words for others or your prayers interceding for them.

This good must be consistent and not sporadic as a single achievement.

Ask Me for this growth in love, come to the Creche of Bethlehem, where love itself awaits you.

Do not deny yourself this opportunity by becoming too busy during the consumerism which has replaced what I have planned for My own, the joy of sharing self with others.

As many become more selfish with the urging and enticements of Satan and the world, it becomes more critical for you to “step up to the plate” as it were.

The Harvest is ready, but unless you allow Me to ready your heart in Love, united with Mine, you will be able to do nothing. I want this even more than you do.

How great is the need; I will lead and empower you, repent of your complacency and I immediately set in motion graces untold to bless your good efforts.

Because you have been forgiven, you are able to forgive and the grace is there to do so.

Put on your lips Praise and Thanksgiving in all that befalls you.

Begin slowly with little daily events, accepting with trust, and eventually somehow mysteriously, not of your doing but Mine, you are honoring Me with your ‘yes” as did Mary, My Beloved Mother.

This is the entrance to the Kingdom here on earth, a taste of the joy to come.

But for now come, fall on your knees before the power of the Almighty God, who descends into the cold, poverty and humanity for love of you who await the command to proceed on your mission, empowered by Love.