Thursday, December 22, 2011



Like Joseph who in his time was not aware of the part he was to play in the world, so neither are you.

Yet it shall all be accomplished with your “yes” said in faith, first in your heart then in your mind.

Not looking back at your life, but only looking at today, will bring the desired fruit into being, that is your good works.

This is how the oil will fill your lamps My loved ones and you will be ready to greet Me when I come again, this time in Glory.

My gift to you is Faith, which is to be exercised in order that it may grow.

Because, what is not growing will die, Faith without works is useless.

What is there to fear when I am near?

I am calling to you always to proceed with courage, trusting in your unseen God, venturing into unknown territory which feels daunting at times.

I will give you signs along the way to assure you that you are on the right path, each will know for themselves that I am showing you the way you should go.

Consider My closeness as a comfort, that as a friend you can confide in Me and receive answers.

Yes, you will have your occasional doubts as to whether I really care at times because of My silence to your prayers and inquiries.

Ultimately, deep within you, you will know that My Sacrifice was for “you” and everyone else also.

If you consider the Father’s greatest sacrifice of Me, His only Son, what might be asked of you, Abraham being asked to sacrifice his treasured son, Issac.

Mary was prepared for this question by a special grace, in fact, She was “full of grace”.

May She hold you in Her arms forever close to Her Immaculate Heart where I remain also.

When you are close to the Truth, you will be made ready for whatever is being asked of you.

Do not worry about how you will answer when the time comes and you are put to the test, I will prepare you with every grace and consolation.

Love is being born anew in each of your hearts, welcome Me with Peace and Joy, it is My gift to you to embellish you all with your greatest need which is “LOVE”.


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