Thursday, July 28, 2011



Learn from Me all who receive this call to a greater awareness of the lack of love in the

You who are lonely reach out, go out of your seclusion and be among people who
surround themselves with many acquaintances but befriend none.

They need you to truly be the one to listen to them and be their friend.

You need not give any advice but just be there for them, to listen and allow the Holy
Spirit to help you overcome your loneliness and their emptiness.

I came into this world for love to be made manifest; it alone is it’s greatest need in the
salvation of My people.

Many go about their daily lives feeling abandoned and alone, feeling that no one cares.

They may lash out for no good reason and ultimately feel justified but end in feeling
sorrowful and sad in doing so.

Oh, if only they would know My love for them through your loving care and actions.

Sometimes they may assume a persona of having it altogether and that all couldn’t be
better for them.

I have seen and have known their wounded hearts throughout their lives.

They need someone who through caring eyes and gentle touch will tell them of My love
for them. May I use you?

First, you need to come to Me to be refreshed and strengthened, to hear Me say that you
are loved even as you are, where you are.

I want to empower you to be more positive in all the thoughts of your mind, all the words
of your tongue, all the works of your hands.

Never forget My greatness and ability to glorify My Name even through your weakness.

I chose you and I am never wrong.

We have desired to use man from the beginning of time and not to do all Ourselves.

It is Our Will and pleasure that man have a hand in the ordering and living of life.

So much has been ruined by sin but the Father wishes to recreate a new innocence and
beauty upon the earth.

Holiness to be once again realized in His chosen loved ones so much in need of healing
and forgiveness.

Love and care for My forgotten and lonely ones, those who have no hope and who are in

As you trust in Me, I will change the direction of this fallen society bent on utter

Be patient for the unraveling of the masterpiece planned before all of time.

You will play a part in the ultimate victory, come close to Me now I want to bless and
anoint you for ministry.


Thursday, July 14, 2011



This world is running at a pace, frantically growing with unrest for its inhabitants.

Running to the left or to the right, you will not find Me, but turn around and there I am
found in the tranquility of the depths of your hearts.

Turn from your running away from Me, for I have been running after you.

You find Me whom you have been seeking, unaware of your great need to do so.

You were seeking to find freedom but instead found a bondage to possessions and a thirst
for information that I have not given or desired for you.

I desired freedom for you through Myself not apart from Me.

When I am your all, I befriend you, converse with you and lead you in all your ways.

You reflect My Image without even being conscious of the fact that I am using you.

Others are attracted to the glow of peace emanating from your face because you are with
Me and in Me.

I am leading you in ways of making reparation for sin, for yourself and others.

Many forget to thank and praise Me which would benefit them greatly in their walk.

Your conversion must be ongoing, do not be of the opinion that “you have arrived”.

My dears, you have only begun on your journey and must begin new each day in your
fervent commitment of faith.

Ultimately, it is My work in you that will make progress in the life I have given you.
But you must rejoice in the fact that you are once again recommitted and united with Me
in this effort to grow stronger.

Thank you for your Consecration to the Blessed Mother.

This is a sure and safe means of being fruitful along this journey which remains and
grows ever dangerous with many pitfalls.

The enemy, My children, grows more resourceful and cunning in his efforts to separate
you all, from Me and each other.

Remain together, united in the love of Mary and the Church I founded on the Apostles.

My thoughts are constantly upon your needs but you must not anxiously shoulder them.

Thank Me now for the answers are forthcoming.

Do not think that any delay is a “no” to your request, for in My perfect love and timing,Wisdom and patience will be victorious in the end for all concerned.

You were once in the darkness but have turned to face the light.

Go into the world reflecting the joy you have received.

That smile you give to another, I will also bless with My smile.

I bless the one who gives and the one who receives.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Climb with Me to the mountain top, there you will see with a new perspective of your life as
it was meant to be.

I have for you graces that cause you to act with a great trust in Me, keeping your eyes
fixed on the mission arranged just for you.

What others will say or think does not cause you any disturbance of mind for I have
commissioned you and that is all that matters to you.

Thanking and praising Me comes pouring out of your abundant life of grace and

Acceptance of things during your day whether favorable or not is all the same not causing
undue anxiety.

You look forward to the coming joy of a new day with which to love and serve your

Feel My presence within you and the strength to meet new challenges presented.

Yes, you know without any doubt that the Blood I shed upon the Cross has covered all
sin and you walk in the triumph of that knowledge.

Trusting that you have been forgiven, you are able to forgive everyone in return.

Welcoming the Spirit of Truth into your day, everyone becomes another opportunity to
share God’s love.

Does all this sound too much like an unreal Utopia?

It is a life surrendered to Me and I desire it for all who would allow it for their life.

My joy would be to fill each of you today with the hope of a new beginning.

Your holiness is what I most desire, for through it, is multiplied love in action.

You ask will I, your God, enter into a personal relationship with you and change what has
been a life of ordinary proportion?

Come now, take My Hand I want to take you to that place of hope, that takes a life sad
and full of fears to a land of milk and honey.

Did I not tell the Israelites I would take them there also, but they failed to enter in
because of their hard hearts, ingratitude and disbelief.

I have placed My trust in you, My chosen ones, will you place your trust in Me?

Thank Me now and praise Me for what I am preparing for you to be realized.

Exalt now in your Maker.