Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Climb with Me to the mountain top, there you will see with a new perspective of your life as
it was meant to be.

I have for you graces that cause you to act with a great trust in Me, keeping your eyes
fixed on the mission arranged just for you.

What others will say or think does not cause you any disturbance of mind for I have
commissioned you and that is all that matters to you.

Thanking and praising Me comes pouring out of your abundant life of grace and

Acceptance of things during your day whether favorable or not is all the same not causing
undue anxiety.

You look forward to the coming joy of a new day with which to love and serve your

Feel My presence within you and the strength to meet new challenges presented.

Yes, you know without any doubt that the Blood I shed upon the Cross has covered all
sin and you walk in the triumph of that knowledge.

Trusting that you have been forgiven, you are able to forgive everyone in return.

Welcoming the Spirit of Truth into your day, everyone becomes another opportunity to
share God’s love.

Does all this sound too much like an unreal Utopia?

It is a life surrendered to Me and I desire it for all who would allow it for their life.

My joy would be to fill each of you today with the hope of a new beginning.

Your holiness is what I most desire, for through it, is multiplied love in action.

You ask will I, your God, enter into a personal relationship with you and change what has
been a life of ordinary proportion?

Come now, take My Hand I want to take you to that place of hope, that takes a life sad
and full of fears to a land of milk and honey.

Did I not tell the Israelites I would take them there also, but they failed to enter in
because of their hard hearts, ingratitude and disbelief.

I have placed My trust in you, My chosen ones, will you place your trust in Me?

Thank Me now and praise Me for what I am preparing for you to be realized.

Exalt now in your Maker.


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