Thursday, June 30, 2011


The times are perilous but I am watching over you individually and corporately.

You have come to believe what many have not, that Divinity unites with you in the

You have received a gift of faith not for your own purposes but for Mine.

Yes, even the thief upon the cross, so close to death came to believe and thus received his
eternal reward.

Will I not do everything in order that a greater number be saved even at the expense of
much suffering?

You cannot visibly see Me but the family gathered about you and others in whom
differences separate you indicate how close you are or are not to Me.

The very person you most dislike, distrust or feel abhorrence towards is the scale you
must use to weigh how much you love Me.

For if you do not love those you see, how can you love what you do not?
Take account now before these times overtake you lest you run out of time.

To allow you to go on without concern for the salvation of others wounds Me to the very
depths of My Heart.

You are asking how to change?

I desire that you not despair for love is to be found within you.

Cooperate with the Holy Spirit’s inspirations as He gives them, so soft and gentle.

More quiet time is required to contemplate the reality of this negligence and ignorance.

Approach My servants, those I have instructed to help you, I will lead you to find them,
be persistent in ‘your efforts.

Be mindful of the leading of My chosen Pope who guides the Church most skillfully.

Changes he will make will cause many to grumble but they must not be from among you.
You must be My faithful ones.

I am molding and shaping those who will form the new beginnings of the Church when
all has taken place accordingly.

Concern yourselves at present to a greater self-abandonment to My Will that you may be
used more fully.

What I am saying will be widely seen in the world’s unfolding events as you view
rampant chaos emerging, debts rising and life values eroding.

This is a time for you to rely on Me alone, seek My Voice, you will hear the calm
reassurance that you are Mine.

This is not a time for you to be anxious or dismayed regarding the present state of affairs
for all in My Flock are cared for without measure.


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