Thursday, June 2, 2011



Come to Me in faith though you are not seeing yet believing.
I desire to heighten your awareness of My near presence.
It is a fact that I am here with you and promised never to leave you, but you are distracted
and often forget My closeness.
When your thoughts turn to Me, you perceive Me, but I have remained always with you.
Only in mortal sin will the Sanctifying Grace which would enable you to grow and
overcome vices, weaknesses and sin in general be lost.
The Holy Spirit is your teacher in all things, anointing you with the oil of sanctity.
Seek this union of God and man unto perfection.
When you are docile to the Holy Spirit, you develop a personal relationship with Me.
By allowing yourself to be acted upon by the Spirit, you receive more graces to surrender
your life for God and for His service to others.
Gently and lovingly He pours out and penetrates the very heart with desire for the perfection
of love.
Even the heart that is cold and of stone which resists the efforts of self to advance melts.
He entices by His song written for each one of you a melody personally and uniquely
Quiet your spirit to hear Him whispering as in a cool breeze upon your cheek, His love.
Oh Heaven upon earth when you enter deeply into a union with your God.
Suffering no longer holds any fear for the one who abandons self to trust, I allow for your
advancement .some trials for your purification.
The scent of fragrance signals the very presence of the Spirit in His Holy Sanctuary.
Deeply in prayer, focus and contemplate My face, drenched in sweat and Blood for you.
Those who seek to grow in this union achieve it, many fail to believe that this is possible.
Do not remain in thoughts of My being distant for the Spirit of Truth enlightens you,
listen, for it is a reality I want you to acknowledge.
You are seated in Me at the Father’s right hand and through My Name you have power.
I am pouring New Wine, My very Self, into new wine skins, that is you My people.
Prepare to act in My Name as you are instructed and inspired to do so.
Intercede for the lost ones and the many who are imprisoned by the Evil One through
addictions and dependencies.
I leave you with My Peace and with the sigh of the Spirit upon you, I bless you, Father,
Son and Holy Spirit.

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