Thursday, May 19, 2011


I want you to form a group that will believe in Me for healing and victory over every
oppression, diseases and for needs of every kind.
Too long have you gone on praying in disbelief and without power.
Repent for I have heard your prayers and cannot proceed until you release faith in the
Word I have given you.
Your first step must be to admit that you have petitioned Me not really expecting that I
would answer but thought it can’t hurt to try.
My plan has always been that you receive victory through faith in Me for yourself and
Repent and confess that your desire to be faithful and diligent with all that confronts you
even today within your families and those you love has been failing.
I will be in the centre of your lives if you will allow Me to have that personal relationship
that I have long sought to have with you.
You will be My messengers of hope for many who have given up on ever hearing from
Me now or ever.
Stand in the gap for others, courage is given to those who trust in Me.
Trust in My love that is for all humanity I am the One who heals.
This may all seem to be overwhelming to you but it is time before more become lost in
discouragement and disbelief as Satan spins his web.
Needlessly souls are leaving the Church for answers that I desire to give them through
you My chosen ones.
I want to use you, don’t be afraid of the unknown, you know the One who knows all.
Can Miracles still happen today?
I assure you they can and do as I live, I want freedom for all My children, I set them free.
I go after the lost ones unrelenting.
Then will I not empower mightily this group I wish to form, blessing you abundantly.
If you must say “no” to this group forming, is it because you do not see the need?
Am I not talking to you? Is it possibly everyone else but you, you couldn’t mean me?
I am pouring down upon this group My Spirit, enfolded in My Mother’s mantel as the
soldiers of Her cohort upon this earth.
Thus I am empowering you from the weakest to the more learned strongest ones and set
them on fire with Love so profound for the work of My Kingdom.
Seek My Word, feel the burning in your hearts as we together pour the balm of peace and
hope upon a world in utter turmoil and destruction.

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