Thursday, January 28, 2016


2016-01-28                                                             INRI

Transformation of the heart is your life's mission, not of anyone else, for it is only one's own heart that you may change.

Keep your eyes on Me, how did I accomplish to love while curing, preaching and leading all who followed, yet it appeared to many that I was in the end a failure, for they crucified Me.

In rejection, even from My own family, I did not harbor any discouragement in My Heart, so as to divert the love that I had come to bring to all.

It is much easier to have kindly feelings for your neighbor when things are going well with you.

You will be rejected in this life and even humiliated at times, but do not become discouraged nor allow pride to alter the good you had intended for those I have placed in your surroundings.

Seek refuge at these times of hurt, in My Heart which knows brokenness and pain even when all you intended was to love, yet were misunderstood.

I kept My eyes only on the Father and doing His Will, therefore, whatever the consequence in doing His Will, it mattered not since, My only concern was in doing in obedience the Father's perfect Will.

Do as I have done for the Father's Will is still what is being asked of you also, for you are in Me and I desire to fulfill that Will through you as you surrender and allow Me to accomplish His love in the world today.

I give Grace to progress with courage and confidence to transform your heart, for at this present time you are at the entrance of Heaven, its waiting room.

Therefore, whatever advances made in this life will benefit you in the next, you may have experienced failure, grave sin in your life, but forgiveness is the beginning of your conversion, that will bring you closer to being the saint I created you to be.

Only your actions will convince others for this is the only true form of the Truth, that shows anotherwhat you truly believe.

Others may break your heart, but this will be the perfect opportunity for My entrance into your heart, praise Me for your broken heart, as difficult as this may be, I have perfect peace waiting for you.

Know this, I care more for the person, more about the transformation of your heart right now, than I do about all the work that you intended to do for Me, you need only seek holiness and sanctity and I will lead you into the Father's plan for salvation.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


2016-01-20                                                                                   INRI

Baptism has made you a new creation, freedom has been given you to be made whole.

You are blessed not only for your own sake, you progress in holiness that others may emulate your love for God.

An old wineskin cannot hold the new wine, you understand that you must be made new, for I am the New Wine, that I want to be poured into you in the Eucharistic celebration.

Be docile and allow yourselves to follow Me, trusting in the Father's plan of salvation for all the world person by person.

It is not enough that you merely petition Me for what you desire, listen as I unburden My Heart to you, share My sorrow and grief even for a moment as you rest in Me.

Meditation is only a fancy word for a heart to heart talk with Me, don't be afraid to just talk plainly to Me at any time of the day or night, your very thoughts are known to Me.

You will find that I am the most loving and gentle of all friends and also the One Who can be of the most help to you in any and all need, confusion or trouble.

Whenever you should fall and all have sinned, I am right beside you always, ready to bring you back onto the right path, some are desperate, it is to these that I am the closest for they need Me the most.

From Baptism to death, which is your gift to Me, all that you will go through in life prepares you for that end, when your last earthly day, in joy brings you home.

Meanwhile you will live the crucified life, allowing Me rein and flexibility to use you as I see fit, in your life and for the good of others.

Look with enthusiasm even in this life on earth because I am giving you the privilege of using you today just as you are.

I love to surprise you with grace that is needed, already in My Hands the answer awaits the asking, trust that what I judge to give you at this precise time is My best for you.

Oh, the joy in loving and serving of the wise among you in the present times where love is lacking, I am prepared to give peace to the mystery of the anointed among My people.

My Eyes never leave you, look to Me and you will see greater things and inspired possibilities than you have ever imagined.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


2016-01-13                                                                          INRI

Every moral decision that you make in the here and now, will have eternal consequences, that will determine where your eternity will be.

As you come before Me in the Blessed Sacrament, I am looking at you and you at Me, you are seeing Me through eyes of Faith, I am present, yet so few are there to speak their love and gratitude.

Every Eucharist that you have ever received, prepares you in anticipation of a good death, nothing gives you more peace in the knowing that you are growing in the holiness of Heaven.

If you could from this day on live as though it was your last, how differently you would act, and how differently your values would change in their priorities.

May forgiveness be readily in your hearts, for you sadly hurt yourself, rather than the person you are waiting to hear an apology from.

By My Cross I have obtained forgiveness for the world, in order that repentance would be yours, you in having been forgiven are able in turn to forgive others.

I came to demonstrate the Father's infinite love for each of you, who were created out of love, and so in loving one another that you would find joy in this life.

To want to love your neighbor is what I am asking of you, I know how difficult that this can be at times, say these words to Me often and I will give the grace, that is a promise.

I pour grace into the souls of My people and allow you the privilege to act in love or even to say a word of encouragement, this is My Mercy working in you through Me.

This may be the very occasion that takes a person from a life that is doomed to salvation, I alone am the One Who knows.

To be used in My plan of salvation for another, you need only surrender your day each morning and expect that I will perform great deeds that are unplanned by you, yet very much in the Father's sight.

What will be important at the end of your life will be the love you've shown to others, selflessly, and this love can only come out of a relationship that begins and ends with your Lord and Savior.

Are you unhappy, come directly to Me and I will show you the reason for your sadness and the remedy, I am going to release healing and I will correct any misguided thoughts that may have initiated fear in your life.

With Me, you will begin each day anew with fresh awareness of a Father's love for His children, what excitement awaits those who leave the circumstances of their day in the hands of the God of love.

Saturday, January 9, 2016


2016-01-07                                                                             INRI

The true and infallible sign of My presence is joy.

It is the Holy Spirit's gift to you, the gift of joy should be possessed by all who are Mine.

Sin depletes joy, worry depletes joy, as does anything that takes you away from Me.

Have great confidence in My love for you, find in Holy Scripture the Words that solidify and help you to see exactly who you are in Me.

All human beings were created in God's Image and Likeness, and because I have called each of you by name, you are Mine.

I have redeemed you, I bridged the gap that separated humanity from Heaven by My Cross.

Live each day in the confidence of My constant attention to every detail of your life, I hear you always and console you in times of trouble, giving direction when you are not even aware.

When you have a desire to pray, do you know that it is I who want to hear from you, I have taken the initiative to put the thought into your mind, I love you so much.

Do not fear anything, if you are trusting Me in all that you do, you please Me, and joy will flow in you throughout your day as you fulfill your mission.

In the passing of a minutes time, your joy may be stolen from you, memories of past sin brings guilt, you must not allow anything that cannot be changed to sadden you, rise from this shadow into My Light once again.

I want you living in My Joy, here is where the earth will begin to see where I may be found in your Church, as they view joy, love and peace among you My children.

Allow My love to produce fruit in you bringing joy in all areas of your lives.

The Sacraments and adoration, spending alone and quiet time with Me, without expectation of anything happening or not, draw us closer to each other.

I want to encounter you when you least expect Me, and for you to give also of yourself in ways that are most from your heart.

I am all about the heart, anyone who comes to Me comes to My Merciful, Forgiving Heart and I give him in return a heart filled with joy.

DECLARATION:   INRI recognizes and accepts that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Diocese of London, and with the Holy See of Rome, to whose judgment I willingly submit.