Wednesday, April 30, 2014



Come to Me in humility, I will give you eyes to truly see yourselves as you are, then will you come to Me in humility.

As God, I completely emptied Myself of all that would differentiate Me from you, except for sin, and allowed My humanity to do only as the Father Willed.

I wanted to be an example for you to follow, that you would serve one another and know your position in Me.

Your position in Me is as such that without Me, you can do nothing, but with Me all things are possible.

If you think of Me as say your big brother beside you, and of course I am much more, you can now be much braver and do things you would not otherwise do.

Think of your big brother, someone that you would want to emulate and follow in his actions and deeds, yet with Me I am your strength and conviction and will never leave you.

When you are afraid, call on Me and My peace I will give to you, My Spirit will breathe new life into you, indeed My Resurrection life itself.

It is important at this time that you settle in your very hearts, that with this affirmation of My love for you is beyond all words, you are My very own.

You then will show Me by your actions to serve others with generosity and kindness, that you accept and recognize My love for you.

It is only in the true humility of knowing your nothingness that you serve without pride or grudgingly those you would otherwise neglect.

Follow the advice given in the messages throughout the world by the Blessed Mother, who at this crucial time in your history is aiding Her children.

She is helping you to come to Me through prayer, fasting and repentance.

You must come to Me now without delay, that I may prepare you for what is about to transpire throughout the earth and which has already commenced to happen.

I do not want you to come to Me out of fear but out of love, for Me, for others and for yourselves.

At this time I am allowing special graces for those Souls who are far from Me, they are not aware of the present danger of forever losing their eternal reward. 


Tuesday, April 22, 2014



There is little time left, that is why I am dispatching My people to proclaim the Good News of their Salvation, throughout the world.

Those that refuse to repent before Judgment Day, will cause tribulation to fall on them and on all the four corners of the earth, they will be sorry but it will be too late.

As sinners will suffer trials and chastisements, they will take retribution upon the faithful followers of God.

They will even drag you out of your Churches and places of Worship, to beat you and persecute you, do not at this time deny Me.

Do not through any circumstance worship the demons and forsake My Name, be aware that they will try to trick you by a show of good deeds and miracles, don’t be fooled.

On the earth, I always did My Father’s Will, He had said “This is My Son in whom I am well pleased” this is why I had certainty of His love for Me and for you also.

Because you are in Me, you have certainty of all that you need, I strengthen you and you have confidence in Me as I had confidence in My Father even to endure death.

I will make you fearless even in the face of your death, for soon you will see a luminous rainbow in the skies, and on a white cloud, I will come gloriously, carrying the cross of your Salvation.

There will be many conversions of heart, and I will heal the broken and abandoned, nevermore will pain and sadness enter their lives.

I am calling you today to seek to win as many of the lost Souls for the Kingdom as you possibly can, for unrepented Souls are perishing.

Your power comes from Me, always praise and worship with this attitude, being grateful for all the blessings that I have given and the growth in faith you are gaining.

You need not be afraid when you are carrying Me in your hearts, remain in prayer and do not weary in the battle which will become fierce.

You will gain much strength and faith as you daily meditate on Scriptural reading of My Word, believe and act on them all.

Today, ask Me to show you what is wrong in you and I will, be especially listening closely at the time of the Eucharist for I will speak to you.

Soon we will be together, all who have been faithful to the end, I will be your certainty.


Friday, April 11, 2014


I am calling you in gentleness, never do I condemn you, but entice you to come to Me of your own free will.

As a sure foundation of your faith in Me, believe that I have completely gained for you a rest in eternal life, do you believe this with all your heart?

But you also have a part in your redemption, I do not force anyone to accept the inheritance that is promised them, discipleship though is not an option for the believer who trusts in Me.

Without this foundation built on faith, one cannot grow as I have planned, to withstand the force of the coming chastisements that are meant to illumine the darkened world.

Your daily conversion and your desire and firm decision for growth, is accomplished through grace, supplied through a fervent belief in Me, through the frequent reception of the Sacraments.

As I had called Peter, the fisherman and Matthew the tax collector and even the woman at the well, all had their hearts prepared in advance, by My Father prior to My coming to them.

Without their knowledge, this gift of faith in Me had been arranged for their benefit and for My purpose all for God’s glory.

I was led by My Father and I also lead you My disciples to those who are not hearing Me now for one reason or another, My desire is for all to be saved.

I Myself will arrange encounters, if you will cooperate with the grace, and ask that My Will be done.

The unity that I wish for My Kingdom must be formed by My Spirit of Truth, for the lies of the evil one have infiltrated the world even into My Church.

I will form you in your daily growth in conversion, renounce all that keeps you from Me while there is still time for you to do so, peace and unity in My Body will glorify the Father.

You will find that more and more, you will be thirsting for the Salvation of Souls, as I thirst now you will thirst with Me because you are found in Me, and I will send you into a needy world, with a Father’s blessing.

Now more than ever, My Militant Church on earth, must unite to form a cohort in a united effort in the cause of justice for the oppressed.

Soon there will be a shaking of the world’s foundations, but not in the hearts of those who are Mine, for their foundation is established firm by My own hand, may peace reign in your hearts, I am with you.


Saturday, April 5, 2014


I have given each of you a cross, out of love that you might imitate and follow Me as you carry it.

I give it out of love and require you to both receive and carry it in love, for otherwise it will be too heavy to carry.

I was given the cross to carry for love of you and I gladly gave up My life.  Your cross is chosen especially for you, though you may wish to be released from the burden, I assure you that I will be with you to aid.

I seek lowly Souls among the throngs of peoples, to be shining examples of greatness, in the quiet, humble, and loving service given to others for love of Me.

It is because they always seek Me and they therefore have found Me, again and again, they find Me as they serve their fellowman, infiltrating cities and towns everywhere, lighting the way for many.

They have found their Redeemer and are doing good deeds that are inspired by the Holy Spirit, forgetting themselves as they diligently work for the good of others.

Comforting the afflicted and mourning with those in sorrow, they are driven to be hope in places where hope has been lost, peace and unity is being restored among My people.

I have given them freedom from sin and death in order that they may become My agents of love in this fallen world.

As My Father directed My work on earth, so do I direct My lowly Souls for the purpose for which they were created.

With sin and death no longer clinging to them, they have the freedom to live with a power that is released in them that otherwise would have been stifled.

As love fills their hearts, they no longer make distinctions of race, creed or color, neither for the rich or the poor do they discriminate, not even for the friendly nor the disgruntled.

I am letting them see as My Father allowed Me to see with eyes of love, the needs of their neighbor, so varied in all the pains and heartaches that one may endure.

If you would be that lowly Soul, you must be willing to forego your present desires and wants for the good of others, but soon, very soon you will reap your reward I assure you.

Satan, if he cannot attain his goal in getting you to fall into grave sin, he will entice you to overwork in doing good works, in order that you be too tired to pray.

But prayer is your safeguard in order that you be regenerated and not try to run on your own steam.

I am your God, always am I with you, always do I love you, you can do nothing to make Me love you more or to love you less, I am always seeking the lowly Soul for this is a time for saving the lost.