Friday, April 11, 2014


I am calling you in gentleness, never do I condemn you, but entice you to come to Me of your own free will.

As a sure foundation of your faith in Me, believe that I have completely gained for you a rest in eternal life, do you believe this with all your heart?

But you also have a part in your redemption, I do not force anyone to accept the inheritance that is promised them, discipleship though is not an option for the believer who trusts in Me.

Without this foundation built on faith, one cannot grow as I have planned, to withstand the force of the coming chastisements that are meant to illumine the darkened world.

Your daily conversion and your desire and firm decision for growth, is accomplished through grace, supplied through a fervent belief in Me, through the frequent reception of the Sacraments.

As I had called Peter, the fisherman and Matthew the tax collector and even the woman at the well, all had their hearts prepared in advance, by My Father prior to My coming to them.

Without their knowledge, this gift of faith in Me had been arranged for their benefit and for My purpose all for God’s glory.

I was led by My Father and I also lead you My disciples to those who are not hearing Me now for one reason or another, My desire is for all to be saved.

I Myself will arrange encounters, if you will cooperate with the grace, and ask that My Will be done.

The unity that I wish for My Kingdom must be formed by My Spirit of Truth, for the lies of the evil one have infiltrated the world even into My Church.

I will form you in your daily growth in conversion, renounce all that keeps you from Me while there is still time for you to do so, peace and unity in My Body will glorify the Father.

You will find that more and more, you will be thirsting for the Salvation of Souls, as I thirst now you will thirst with Me because you are found in Me, and I will send you into a needy world, with a Father’s blessing.

Now more than ever, My Militant Church on earth, must unite to form a cohort in a united effort in the cause of justice for the oppressed.

Soon there will be a shaking of the world’s foundations, but not in the hearts of those who are Mine, for their foundation is established firm by My own hand, may peace reign in your hearts, I am with you.


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