Tuesday, April 22, 2014



There is little time left, that is why I am dispatching My people to proclaim the Good News of their Salvation, throughout the world.

Those that refuse to repent before Judgment Day, will cause tribulation to fall on them and on all the four corners of the earth, they will be sorry but it will be too late.

As sinners will suffer trials and chastisements, they will take retribution upon the faithful followers of God.

They will even drag you out of your Churches and places of Worship, to beat you and persecute you, do not at this time deny Me.

Do not through any circumstance worship the demons and forsake My Name, be aware that they will try to trick you by a show of good deeds and miracles, don’t be fooled.

On the earth, I always did My Father’s Will, He had said “This is My Son in whom I am well pleased” this is why I had certainty of His love for Me and for you also.

Because you are in Me, you have certainty of all that you need, I strengthen you and you have confidence in Me as I had confidence in My Father even to endure death.

I will make you fearless even in the face of your death, for soon you will see a luminous rainbow in the skies, and on a white cloud, I will come gloriously, carrying the cross of your Salvation.

There will be many conversions of heart, and I will heal the broken and abandoned, nevermore will pain and sadness enter their lives.

I am calling you today to seek to win as many of the lost Souls for the Kingdom as you possibly can, for unrepented Souls are perishing.

Your power comes from Me, always praise and worship with this attitude, being grateful for all the blessings that I have given and the growth in faith you are gaining.

You need not be afraid when you are carrying Me in your hearts, remain in prayer and do not weary in the battle which will become fierce.

You will gain much strength and faith as you daily meditate on Scriptural reading of My Word, believe and act on them all.

Today, ask Me to show you what is wrong in you and I will, be especially listening closely at the time of the Eucharist for I will speak to you.

Soon we will be together, all who have been faithful to the end, I will be your certainty.


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