Thursday, September 24, 2015


2015-09-24                                                              INRI

I am preparing you with all diligence to be the inhabitants of the New Jerusalem, for all that you do here and now will benefit all your family and loved ones.

Indeed when the Scriptures were being written, they were written through the Spirit for you at this time, do not doubt this for I speak to you through each Divinely appointed Word.

There should never be any sadness in you at any moment, watch for any sign of this and rebuke it in My Name, for you have been crucified with Me and I now live in you, I live in the joy of Heaven and so must you.

Walk in newness of life, not as a people doomed but people of the light and of love, be the ones who believe that I have overcome death.

Choose to live life according to My Will in all circumstances, having Scripture in hand and the Word always on your lips.

There is nothing in your life that does not involve Me, for I have orchestrated your day, begin now to think in unity, oneness of community no longer as individuals.

I have desired that all you think, say and do would glorify Me as you cooperate with the Spirit breathing in you.

With praise and thanksgiving ever on your lips, go throughout your day avoiding as much as possible every evil obstacle that may present itself, remembering My presence you will then prevail.

Be good to one another and through My Merciful Heart living in you serve them, serve them as if you were serving Me.

While you are still able to do so openly, wear the cross of your Salvation, never be ashamed to proclaim your love for Me, this symbol of your love speaks loudly to all who see you.

Be in the practice of forgetting yourself, you will be able to facilitate this more and more as you keep your eyes on Me, for I am all about the other even as I am with you.

For you to be about doing My Will in all things is of the utmost importance, for nothing else matters, I accept your offering of self, as you do your best to please Me.

Each morning brings a new opportunity for you to offer Me your life in the service of others in order that you may glorify Me.

Yes, nothing will be wasted during your earthly pilgrimage as you persevere in doing your best to follow in My footsteps, for I will always lead you in the best possible way for all concerned.

Be steadfast and never look back, for what I have promised I will surely bring to pass for all good proceeds from My Merciful and Loving Heart.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


2015-09-18                                                                  INRI

People of the Truth, walk now with your heads held high, I am with you.

You will not be ashamed, even as they slay you for My sake, glorious is your reward.

You will not cower beneath the accusations that assail you, your faith ever strong and being strengthened all the more by My Spirit.

A testament to your God, you behold the Angels of Heaven lifting your spirit on high.

There is no shame in the suffering upon the earth, where My own Blood has already washed you clean and given you salvation.

Go in peace as those you leave behind are empowered and encouraged by your great Faith that has never failed you.


2015-09-16                                                                        INRI

Are you prepared should I call you home today, many do not consider their destiny until it is too late.

In the stillness of your heart and mind seek God alone.

Many are burdened by what lies behind, make your peace with Me and leave it there.

You will be lead by the Holy Spirit into inner freedom, into further union with God as you seek it.

Are you concerned with many things in your life, things you have no control over, yet you carry this load constantly as if you could change circumstances as you say “if only this or that were different”.

My Word is Spirit and Life, here you will find solutions for an ailing world of problems, solace in the grief that saddens you and keeps you from the joy I've planned.

When you have finally reached your eternity with Me, I will give you a new name.

In fact even now I am forming you in that name, you are being transformed into My Image.

You are all My bride, who are being adorned with jewels which will be your virtues and gifts fit for the Kingdom.

Most of all love will enfold you as arms comforting a beloved child, Mother Mary Who is always with you is teaching and guiding you as you remain in Her care.

Receive My Peace, My Shalom which is greater than the world could ever give or know, realize that what I am offering you is so much more valuable than any riches or possessions.

No one could ever anticipate what I have in store for the ones who remain in My love, who are making themselves available to serve Me.

Yes, I wish to advise in Wisdom all that you do, at times I may even send you a message for another, it may be a simple word or two, I may request a loving gesture, that you deliver to someone, perhaps a smile or a hug.

You will not predict whom I have prepared in advance, this could be a moment in time that person's conversion, either begun or instantaneously transformed.

Can you not see that what you do in the here and now will be followed by the hereafter, what you do now matters.

Are you Mine, do you seek more, this is the reason I gave My life for you, that someday and it could be soon, that you would spend eternity with Me.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


2015-09-09                                            INRI

Eternity, you cannot fathom your eternal Heavenly reward, granted to My faithful who have co-operated with grace.

Pray for a good death, I alone know the hour and the day, pray for the grace of perseverance til the end, for the glory of Heaven will be beyond anything that you can imagine.

You no doubt have many questions regarding your loved ones, and those who do not walk the path that you are currently walking with Me, pray for them and trust in My love for all.

I have made provisions for your last hour, your Heavenly Mother prays for you with each Rosary, especially in regard to this present moment and for your last hour upon earth.

Always be mindful that I love your family even more than you could possibly love them, and I desire that they love Me, I will provide opportunities for their conversion and salvation.

Seek the gift of Wisdom in your life because there are moment by moment decisions to be made that can alter your well being, either favorably or to your detriment.

Compared to eternity, your life on earth is very short but so tremendously important as to your future destination, invoke the help of the Holy Spirit for enlightenment to really get this fact.

Ask Me to open My Hand and allow every grace and blessing each new day to enrich and fulfill your life, a life that may be burdened with hardships and trials.

In order that what I have planned for you to be accomplished in the most efficacious way, come to Me often in prayer and adoration, for My Divine Will is provided to you as a gift.

When I feed you with My very Self, the Father is glorified as He sees Me in you and thus He is very pleased with His creation.

Strive to maintain your soul in purity and grace, never allow pride to rule within your being, for it is in humility that you most resemble the company of the Saints in Heaven.

Meditate on My obedience and humility upon the Cross which I joyfully suffered, in order that you would be with Me for all eternity.

Have you lacked anything either from the help from above or from here on earth where I chose to remain with you until the end?

I have remained hidden in your Holy Tabernacles and upon your altars, given as your food for the journey of your lifetime, pilgrims on the way home.

Go into the world with My light within you, to those who may oppose your care and concern, for they are the ones in this darkeness who are most in need, you may be their saving grace.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


2015-09-02                                                                  INRI

O,  My people of the rising sun and the setting sun, how shall I rouse you to see Me in all I have created that more deeply you would come to see My love for you.

I do not wish to be a distant God in your thoughts towards Me, for I am present in each of you, daily giving you new insights into the mysteries of the Trinity.

You may not be aware of the diverse gifts given to you, talents that are bringing joy to your life and fulfillment in using them.

These will not be only for yourselves, for I am inspiring you to use them for your brothers and sisters.

This will be in response to their prayers to Me, in their needs they cry out to Heaven, I will send you if you will allow Me, I await your “yes” to Me.

This is how I created the world, that you would need each other and not be independent.

Ask Me to send you to one who is in need, each day is a new opportunity to receive graces that I plan to give to those who ask.

have so much to give and these graces must be given, be one who will receive much. 

Perceive My greatness in all My creation, praise and adore Me for the beauty that surrounds you in the world that was made for you to enjoy, from dawn to dusk I send you My love.

Today thank Me for the knowledge that you have and tomorrow if you will seek it to a greater depth I will increase this knowledge, for I want you to know Me as I truly am.

Satan has cleverly devised a plan to have you concentrate on self instead of Me, he would have you believe that your prayers do not reach Me, and that your communication with Me is non existent.

These are all lies of course, do not dwell on the negatives in your life, but the positive aspects of our relationship, even in silence, I hear the cries of your heart, telling Me of your love.

Indeed you are not aware of really how you are doing in your spiritual life, but trust in Me to correct anything that needs to be increased or curtailed in your life, I am ready to reveal these to you.

I dote on you My beloved child, believe this and you will gather with your friends and family in the joy of sensing My love for all.

There is nothing that you could do to increase or decrease My love for you, for I love you completely, ponder these words for they will help you to know Me more and more.

The depths of My Heart will enclose all My children who for now find themselves far from Me, those who have given Me their lives pray that all will come to the banquet of My love.