Wednesday, September 9, 2015


2015-09-09                                            INRI

Eternity, you cannot fathom your eternal Heavenly reward, granted to My faithful who have co-operated with grace.

Pray for a good death, I alone know the hour and the day, pray for the grace of perseverance til the end, for the glory of Heaven will be beyond anything that you can imagine.

You no doubt have many questions regarding your loved ones, and those who do not walk the path that you are currently walking with Me, pray for them and trust in My love for all.

I have made provisions for your last hour, your Heavenly Mother prays for you with each Rosary, especially in regard to this present moment and for your last hour upon earth.

Always be mindful that I love your family even more than you could possibly love them, and I desire that they love Me, I will provide opportunities for their conversion and salvation.

Seek the gift of Wisdom in your life because there are moment by moment decisions to be made that can alter your well being, either favorably or to your detriment.

Compared to eternity, your life on earth is very short but so tremendously important as to your future destination, invoke the help of the Holy Spirit for enlightenment to really get this fact.

Ask Me to open My Hand and allow every grace and blessing each new day to enrich and fulfill your life, a life that may be burdened with hardships and trials.

In order that what I have planned for you to be accomplished in the most efficacious way, come to Me often in prayer and adoration, for My Divine Will is provided to you as a gift.

When I feed you with My very Self, the Father is glorified as He sees Me in you and thus He is very pleased with His creation.

Strive to maintain your soul in purity and grace, never allow pride to rule within your being, for it is in humility that you most resemble the company of the Saints in Heaven.

Meditate on My obedience and humility upon the Cross which I joyfully suffered, in order that you would be with Me for all eternity.

Have you lacked anything either from the help from above or from here on earth where I chose to remain with you until the end?

I have remained hidden in your Holy Tabernacles and upon your altars, given as your food for the journey of your lifetime, pilgrims on the way home.

Go into the world with My light within you, to those who may oppose your care and concern, for they are the ones in this darkeness who are most in need, you may be their saving grace.

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