Wednesday, September 2, 2015


2015-09-02                                                                  INRI

O,  My people of the rising sun and the setting sun, how shall I rouse you to see Me in all I have created that more deeply you would come to see My love for you.

I do not wish to be a distant God in your thoughts towards Me, for I am present in each of you, daily giving you new insights into the mysteries of the Trinity.

You may not be aware of the diverse gifts given to you, talents that are bringing joy to your life and fulfillment in using them.

These will not be only for yourselves, for I am inspiring you to use them for your brothers and sisters.

This will be in response to their prayers to Me, in their needs they cry out to Heaven, I will send you if you will allow Me, I await your “yes” to Me.

This is how I created the world, that you would need each other and not be independent.

Ask Me to send you to one who is in need, each day is a new opportunity to receive graces that I plan to give to those who ask.

have so much to give and these graces must be given, be one who will receive much. 

Perceive My greatness in all My creation, praise and adore Me for the beauty that surrounds you in the world that was made for you to enjoy, from dawn to dusk I send you My love.

Today thank Me for the knowledge that you have and tomorrow if you will seek it to a greater depth I will increase this knowledge, for I want you to know Me as I truly am.

Satan has cleverly devised a plan to have you concentrate on self instead of Me, he would have you believe that your prayers do not reach Me, and that your communication with Me is non existent.

These are all lies of course, do not dwell on the negatives in your life, but the positive aspects of our relationship, even in silence, I hear the cries of your heart, telling Me of your love.

Indeed you are not aware of really how you are doing in your spiritual life, but trust in Me to correct anything that needs to be increased or curtailed in your life, I am ready to reveal these to you.

I dote on you My beloved child, believe this and you will gather with your friends and family in the joy of sensing My love for all.

There is nothing that you could do to increase or decrease My love for you, for I love you completely, ponder these words for they will help you to know Me more and more.

The depths of My Heart will enclose all My children who for now find themselves far from Me, those who have given Me their lives pray that all will come to the banquet of My love.

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