Wednesday, August 24, 2011



Michael the Archangel will stand guard over you protecting My Bride the elect.

These times are unparalleled in disaster upon disaster, happening quickly and profusely.

Do not run about haphazardly knowing not to where you are running.

My eyes are upon you and trust must form your actions as I speak to your inner thoughts.

As you forget yourself seeking to help those who are hurting around you, I perform miracles.

They will become to you a wonder and a confidence in Me as you go about your works of Mercy.

You may find your strength and ability heightened because of the great need.

Cease not in your prayers centered on your God for nothing will be beyond what is being asked of you.

It shall be done according to My Will.

My Mother is preparing you now and it should not surprise you as She makes Herself and Her intentions known to you.

Fulfill Her requests as you can and allow the blessings to accomplish Charity towards others to flourish.

Blessed are you who follow Her lead and go the Way of Holiness by means of the Rosary and fasting.

By these you will find true contrition as a sure path to overcoming temptation and habitual sin.

I will infuse you with new life each day as you glean from My Words bits and pieces of Hope for your future.

There is nothing for you to fear though many around you cry out in bitter anguish and despair.

They have not prepared as you have but I will provide and rescue them as they turn to Me.

My Mercy reaches to the utmost depth, even those whom circumstances divert them to the last hour.

But do not presume recklessly upon this as some will be thinking as in the day of Noah.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011



You received gifts that would enable the Church to prosper and survive, do you recognize
them in yourself?

Everyone is to come into My presence daily to receive a fresh awakening and new joy.

If I am not the first thing upon your mind in the morning, something must change.

In your recollection of heart, you return to Me and once again begin to grow in love.

Do not linger in doubt and shame but go forward knowing you are forgiven.

I bless the work of your hands which you offer to Me even though it may be mundane.
You do your duty and I do the rest.

My work is to make you perfectly formed for My Father’s Kingdom.

The Will of My Father has always been utmost in My priority and it is also yours in your
following Me.

So often throughout your day I wait for your thoughts or a word of love from you.

I have desired to grace you with peace and blessing prepared only for you.

I am generous to those who for just their asking receive My bountiful treasures.

The more you ask, the greater I perceive your trust and belief in My love and power.

Use your gifts that are much needed in the areas where faith has been trampled.

My once faithful ones have been mislead and need guidance in order to survive.

They will return, will you stand in the gap before them, I thirst for them?

My Blood will cover and protect you, making My cohort strong and invincible.

When I commission My soldiers, they are victorious and have nothing to fear.

Ask the Holy Spirit to empower you with courage and it will be given to you.

These words are for you, are you feeling within you the excitement for battle?

Among you is much enthusiasm and Heaven is rallying in your defense.

I am forming My Kingdom, you were born for this time for this challenge.

Some of you will be required to endure suffering and much sacrifice.

Walk with Me now, I will lead you by the hand, for I hear the cry of My people.

Come now let us arise.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I stand before you and release the sorrow that may be in any heart with the sigh of My breathe. 

You may not recognize the subtle signs of your hurting neighbor but be alert and compassionate.

Receive My Peace and know without a doubt that everything passes through My Hands.

You may not understand the circumstance that disrupts your world today but believe that I purposed it.

My love for you never fails to comfort and lead you to a greater joy and fulfillment in the aftermath.

Remain in constant prayer and do not allow any discouragement to enter the inner sanctuary where I desire to constantly dwell.

My means of strengthening is through adversity.

Child I am forming you and allowing you to follow in My footsteps.  Do you wish to walk with Me?

If only good things were allowed in your life, no real virtue or tolerance for others’ shortcomings would be evident.

Caring for another is evidence of your belonging to Me.

What is required of you is to believe in My Power and Majesty.  Power to change circumstances and people according to what will bring about a greater purpose for eternity.

Gifts have been allotted to each of you in order that you serve Me in a world which is rapidly declining.

Restrain from judging one another since you know not their hurts, fears and inner hearts.

I set prisoners free and call you to bind their wounds.

Listen attentively to My Spirit’s soft whisperings, prompting you to act out of love and compassion.

Allow My love to be manifested to a world so much battered and infiltrated by war and hatred.

When My visible face can be seen only in those for whom My Father has chosen, I greatly shower upon them grace to fulfill the promise of My return.


Thursday, August 4, 2011



There will be nothing for you to fear as you remain in My Love.

That is of great importance as much will be demanded of you concerning your living
arrangements which will not be as you are living today.

Casual acquaintances will look at you suspiciously; and those with whom trust was previously
taken for granted will not be there for you.

You will find you should only have Me to trust in and to follow in My instruction.

Prayer will give to you the peace you seek, for it is there that I will commune with you.

Receive the Eucharist daily as much as it will be made available to you, there is where I
will be united to you most closely.

These are troubled times, but all of the events and happenings are a necessary evil that
will accomplish what I have destined for the Church in this fallen world.

I am always with you My loved ones. Do not be afraid.

My Love for each and every one of you will cover and protect you.

You will be illumined as to the good you have failed to do and which you could have
done with the graces I waited to give to you. It will be your greatest regret.

Even My Mother waits moment by moment to endow the faithful, Her children, with the
help and favors from above.

Will you not from this time take account of the precious opportunities extended to you to
further good deeds to your merit I most desire for you.

Soon, very soon it will not be available to do so because of the many whose illumination
of conscience will have caused them to despair.

They will hate you because of your love for Me.

They will be overwhelmed by the loss of their entire lives spent on selfish and foolish
striving for possession which will have gained them nothing for eternity.

I desire to be among you now My people, to encourage and benefit you, I am Love.

Rest upon My breast as did John at the Last Supper; this so endeared Me to him.

You also, when the world around you comes to disaster and to lawlessness, run to Me and
be at rest, knowing that you will be able to face all with My help.

I will rescue and sustain you in all that will befall you; nothing will surprise Me.

Your trust in Me will be tested, begin now by interceding for your fellow man and
receive My good intended for them.