Wednesday, August 17, 2011



You received gifts that would enable the Church to prosper and survive, do you recognize
them in yourself?

Everyone is to come into My presence daily to receive a fresh awakening and new joy.

If I am not the first thing upon your mind in the morning, something must change.

In your recollection of heart, you return to Me and once again begin to grow in love.

Do not linger in doubt and shame but go forward knowing you are forgiven.

I bless the work of your hands which you offer to Me even though it may be mundane.
You do your duty and I do the rest.

My work is to make you perfectly formed for My Father’s Kingdom.

The Will of My Father has always been utmost in My priority and it is also yours in your
following Me.

So often throughout your day I wait for your thoughts or a word of love from you.

I have desired to grace you with peace and blessing prepared only for you.

I am generous to those who for just their asking receive My bountiful treasures.

The more you ask, the greater I perceive your trust and belief in My love and power.

Use your gifts that are much needed in the areas where faith has been trampled.

My once faithful ones have been mislead and need guidance in order to survive.

They will return, will you stand in the gap before them, I thirst for them?

My Blood will cover and protect you, making My cohort strong and invincible.

When I commission My soldiers, they are victorious and have nothing to fear.

Ask the Holy Spirit to empower you with courage and it will be given to you.

These words are for you, are you feeling within you the excitement for battle?

Among you is much enthusiasm and Heaven is rallying in your defense.

I am forming My Kingdom, you were born for this time for this challenge.

Some of you will be required to endure suffering and much sacrifice.

Walk with Me now, I will lead you by the hand, for I hear the cry of My people.

Come now let us arise.


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