Thursday, June 25, 2015


2015-06-25                                                                       INRI

Your tears have not gone unnoticed for I guard you ever solicitously.

Your sufferings in silence I have put to your credit and nothing has been overlooked.

This is your time of testing and trial, how else will you know your own loyalty and faithfulness in what I have commanded you.

I am always aware of your capability, but you do not know what you are capable of or how you will respond in any given situation or circumstance.

I have given you My very Self as food for the journey, in and through Me you have the strength and courage, indeed everything that is needed to complete the work or duty allotted to you.

You are ever surprised and amazed when your prayer is answered, that all the details fall into place and you have success in your project, you are My creation and I dote on you.

I will move Heaven and earth that you may achieve the desired outcome, that every opportunity be given to you, for as I have given My very life for you, I want you to build a close relationship with Me.

This relationship will continue to grow throughout eternity, avoid getting caught up in the worlds'affairs, your peace and happiness do not depend on your acquiring more of the goods of this world.

Who is like Me in My love and kindness, who cares for each one as I do, though I am all powerful and wise beyond any of the world's wisdom, still I wait for your love in return.

Has there ever been a time when you have felt abandoned by Me, I assure you I have never left you, I have wept with you when you have been mistreated, when you were neglected and left to your own, I was with you.

I will not begin to tell you what awaits you in Heaven, no words can recount all, but for now I want you to know that I labour relentlessly out of love for you, to accomplish the most and highest position in that realm for you to enjoy.

Your concern should be to love each other, this will be of the greatest consolation to Me for you are really loving Me the person you do not see.

As you desire to love Me with a greater zeal, serve your brothers and sister as if it were Me you serve.

The world will always have it's own agenda, but you My people whom I have especially chosen for these times, you must remain in My peace, it is in tranquility that you will be able to hear Me.

The world always seeks happiness that eludes them in acquiring greater material goods, thrill seekers, and their want to be entertained and informed constantly.

But your happiness begin in our relationship, you and I, a happiness that will never end begins today.

Thursday, June 18, 2015


2015-06-18                                                                                     INRI

The Angels will gather and divide the good from the bad who have lived upon the earth, the ones to eternal happiness and the others to eternal damnation.

All who have done good and served justice and Truth, who have not lived as My enemy but believed in Me will have their reward.

You have been given the Holy Spirit, Who has given you gifts and produced in you much fruit, in order that you may rejoice in this life, that you may have freedom and that righteousness may flourish.

My Kingdom will come, the New Jerusalem, but many will not remain who vacillate between right and wrong doing as circumstances present themselves.

All must decide for good now, when the time of great trial has been fully implemented and temptations abounding, it may be too late.

The Father is allowing every opportunity for those who waver to choose conversion in their lives that they might be saved.

The degree of suffering will be greatly elevated in order for those caught in last minute deciding to be brought into the light and saved.

Your Holy Mother intercedes day and night for Her children, yet Heaven requires that they ask for Her help that She may act accordingly to their need.

She sends Michael the Archangel and his defending angels when you pray, Satan has been defeated and will always be defeated.

In order that you be protected and defended pray in My Name, taking authority to cast out demons and all elements of evil, do not fear for I am always with you, even as you do not see Me.

Life as you now know it cannot continue, it must not continue progressing in evil, for your holiness and sanctification is at stake and the world must be renewed according to the eternal plan of Salvation.

My love for you, each of you is so great, beyond even your most loving imagination, emotion or feeling, for I love you Divinely, infinitely and perfectly.

Each moment of the remaining time must be cherished, I am very close to each of you, love Me in the Holy Eucharist, in Adoration and always during your time of prayer when you are merely talking to Me.

May your eyes be opened to know what is truly valuable and what is useless, I am your treasure, I will use you to save the lost and eventually bring you home to be with Me if you allow Me to act in you.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


2015-06-11                                                                                 INRI

Where is the world headed, it is time to repent, for there is now a great void, a lack of love only selfishness being exhibited and not the unity in My Body upon earth.

The moment is imminent for tomorrow is not promised to anyone, yes rely on My Mercy but with fortitude and Wisdom seek to be recollected.

The unfolding of the Father's plan of Salvation for the world is vastly coming to fruition, be confident in this.

Soon it will be out of your hands as to what you should or should not do, for you will be commanded by the authorities of this world.

It will not be as you would have done if things had progressed as you desired, but now you must be prepared, not by yourselves for My Spirit will guide you. 

He will lead you at this time, listen carefully as in no other time in history has such diabolical or foreboding times ever occurred or been known to mankind.

You are not left to organize or to fend for yourselves, you have never been left alone and certainly not now in these perilous times.

My Mercy is being extended to all, but many have not been made aware, you must be My ambassadors of peace and love.

I desire to rescue the ones who find themselves in dire straits, either due to circumstances that were not their fault, or from dealings known or unknown with the evil one, who schemes and lies.

Souls have been devastated because of his works, and families torn apart, I want to give them hope.

Be confident in the good that I wish to accomplish today with your help, you need not know a great deal in order that I use you, only your willingness to do what I inspire in the moment.

It is not someone other than you that I am asking.

Your courage will come from Me, what can man do to you, I have suffered everything before you, only look to what I suffered and you will gain the strength that you need.

My friends, did I walk the earth in sadness, knowing that My death was before Me, I assure you I did not, I trusted in the goodness of My Father and that His plan for you and for Me was His best.

His plan is still unfolding and knowing Our love for all will instill peace in your hearts, this is important for each to remember as you pray and fast during the allotted time.

Thursday, June 4, 2015


2015-06-04                                                           INRI

I comfort the afflicted, those who come to Me burdened and lost, unite therefore your sufferings with My sufferings, even as I suffer now over the sins of the nations for I love them.

You are seeking relief, that is justified but strive to know the Will of the Father as I did upon earth submitting even unto death, that you may rise with Me in the power of a Resurrected life.

Because She is your Mother also, seek to be consecrated to Mother Mary, Who desires to bring you into a relationship with Me, forming you daily and preparing each of you for battle.

Being mindful of My constant presence and assistance, be bold in your stand for the Gospel, it is the only Truth that will set you free in moments of uncertainty and fear.

When you repent of your sins, be conscious of My willingness to assist you in overcoming weaknesses with your every effort given to Me.

Do not be afraid to speak of Me to others, letting them realize your personal relationship with Me, I long that they would also desire Me as the Lord of their life.

The days are far spent and the light draws dim, for the coming darkness overwhelms all and all within it.

I will always be your light and lead you as the world draws further and further away from Me, oblivious to the great dangers that await them, for the devil seeks to entrap, that he may control.

I desire your freedom and that your happiness be a constant reality not a mirage of falsehood, a lie that is being believed by multitudes.

Before your conversion child, the evil one had his way with you, no resistance was given to him by you, you submitted willingly without resisting.

But I have been persistently seeking after you from your earliest days, and at an opportune moment, I claimed you as My own, for you were Mine from the beginning.

With each rising of the sun, praise Me, worship and adore the Supreme Majesty that I am, and I will make of you a power house to be reckoned with, for you are My treasures in clay vessels.

You My children will be heirs with Me on high, assuming the position of authority for you are in Me for all eternity.

Do not give power to the lie of the evil one by accepting it, for he has been defeated, in My Name you have great power to bring healing, conversions and love into a world that seeks to eliminate Me from everything that I have created, and which rightly belongs to Me.

I will have the final victory, will you be standing with Me My friends, My treasures?