Thursday, June 25, 2015


2015-06-25                                                                       INRI

Your tears have not gone unnoticed for I guard you ever solicitously.

Your sufferings in silence I have put to your credit and nothing has been overlooked.

This is your time of testing and trial, how else will you know your own loyalty and faithfulness in what I have commanded you.

I am always aware of your capability, but you do not know what you are capable of or how you will respond in any given situation or circumstance.

I have given you My very Self as food for the journey, in and through Me you have the strength and courage, indeed everything that is needed to complete the work or duty allotted to you.

You are ever surprised and amazed when your prayer is answered, that all the details fall into place and you have success in your project, you are My creation and I dote on you.

I will move Heaven and earth that you may achieve the desired outcome, that every opportunity be given to you, for as I have given My very life for you, I want you to build a close relationship with Me.

This relationship will continue to grow throughout eternity, avoid getting caught up in the worlds'affairs, your peace and happiness do not depend on your acquiring more of the goods of this world.

Who is like Me in My love and kindness, who cares for each one as I do, though I am all powerful and wise beyond any of the world's wisdom, still I wait for your love in return.

Has there ever been a time when you have felt abandoned by Me, I assure you I have never left you, I have wept with you when you have been mistreated, when you were neglected and left to your own, I was with you.

I will not begin to tell you what awaits you in Heaven, no words can recount all, but for now I want you to know that I labour relentlessly out of love for you, to accomplish the most and highest position in that realm for you to enjoy.

Your concern should be to love each other, this will be of the greatest consolation to Me for you are really loving Me the person you do not see.

As you desire to love Me with a greater zeal, serve your brothers and sister as if it were Me you serve.

The world will always have it's own agenda, but you My people whom I have especially chosen for these times, you must remain in My peace, it is in tranquility that you will be able to hear Me.

The world always seeks happiness that eludes them in acquiring greater material goods, thrill seekers, and their want to be entertained and informed constantly.

But your happiness begin in our relationship, you and I, a happiness that will never end begins today.

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