Thursday, July 1, 2010



Enter now into the deepest part of My Heart and seek there your rest.

All worldly concerns left behind, how else will there be opportunity and occasion for you to hear Me the voice of your Shepherd?

I wish to lead you along the path of righteousness and goodness.

Make love your aim in all that you do and receive comfort from the Holy Spirit.

Indeed a time is coming when all will be in confusion and people will be scrambling everywhere with nowhere to go, but you will be led to places which have been reserved for your safe keeping.

Your concerns are for today only, others will worry enough for all, but you must be alert to the voice of your Beloved Savior.

Always with thoughts lifted high but with hands occupied with the duty at hand.

You are to assist your neighbor with every good and necessity for love of Me.

You are My instruments always remember that you are but dust and ashes.

I could have called on anyone more qualified in every way but chose to use you for My glory and honor.

Your nothingness is most evident and that most suits Me.

Your every failure has been because it has been self-directed and not of Me or for Me.

Do not let any discouragement find its way into your heart but use prayer and seek from Me the grace of true repentance.

Nothing is more beneficial to your growth and future usefulness in serving My Divine Will.

Thankfulness enters your soul as the joy of true forgiveness gains access to the areas of your life that were once closed.

As a new freedom is realized you know that you had been a captive without being conscious.

More and more you are finding power to overcome the temptation to justify yourself, and the need to lash out to defend your right has been removed by silent and interior prayer welling up within you.

That deep breath you now take invites the Holy Spirit to work in the other person since He sees you giving Him free reign in your life.

The victory is ultimately Mine.