Thursday, November 16, 2017


2017-11-16                                                                                 INRI

You were created for success, victory for your Salvation, joy in your serving and in this regard I have given and especially chosen Angels to guard and assist you in all the avenues of life.

Angels will be a comfort to you in times of sadness, fear or in times of trouble and share with you in your joy.

You will have their protection in danger and they will lead you to follow in the way that leads to Me.

Do not ascribe to Satan more power than he actually has, nor should you underestimate his power, but remember, God’s power is infinitely greater.

Human beings are both matter and spirit, whereas Angels are pure spirit, they are not subject to time or space but are given freewill as are humans.

I am Omnipresent, that is everywhere at all times, I know your thoughts, your heart and your motives,  I am also Omniscient, knowing all things.

I instruct your Angel regarding you, I even hear your silent plea for help even before you know you are in trouble.

Unsettling thoughts may suddenly enter your mind, they bring a feeling of sadness perhaps shame, you can immediately dismiss them, as soon as you become conscious of the uneasiness they are causing you, your peace returns once again.

You can regain your peace as you listen to your Angel and the Holy Spirit, Who inspires you to pray, even a single Word perhaps My Name JESUS, makes the evil one flee, continue in a prayer of thanks.

Sin makes you sad, a disappointment in yourself, but I do not condemn you, I want to give you the grace you require to not fall into the same or a worse sin, for I desire you to be happy and content.

Have you rationalized that those who hate you are not your neighbour whom I commanded that you love?

You cannot accomplish this love or anything without Me, I have not given you an impossible task, but one that you can attain.

I am within you, let Me love through you, with you and in you, daily I am transforming you to be the best person you can be.

Fight against the breakdown of family life, begin in your homes with self-denial in little things that show love to others, this is the penance I require not anything extraordinary, only do the simple things that you offer Me, be done with love.

Thursday, November 9, 2017


2017-11-09                                                                                                                      INRI

With man’s search to find peace for his soul, he no longer seeks it in nature as he had once long ago.

Too many other things occupy his time and the quiet leisure is now nonexistent, nature no longer impresses him, he does not lift his thoughts to Me, his Creator.

What preoccupies his mind is the destruction of man through atomic warfare and he neglects aspects of caring for the earth.

When his life progresses smoothly, man does not feel frustrated in his mind as to what is the good he should do, nor the bad he shouldn’t do.

When a person has forgotten God, he looks only to what is his current earthly life and Heaven and Hell are forgotten.

He exhibits anxieties and fears in his soul, for when Christian values are lost there remains no outlet for social and spiritual growth.

The soul is so precious, worth more than anything in the world, yet one may not have the peace he seeks.

A person who is not at peace with himself, will not be at peace with others.

When a person refuses to serve others, nor is concerned with another’s troubles, he tends to be in conflict and opposed to them, he does no good nor does he offer any kind words to console them.

Wanting to be left alone, he forgoes friendships and becomes dissatisfied with everything around him, even himself.

He is skeptical at this point and will oppose anyone who tries to help him find his way back to God.

But it is only God Who may reinstate his peace, he must not be discouraged , for I will hear his cry for help, I listen intently, waiting for an opportunity to withdraw him from harm’s way.

I need only to receive from him his desire, his reaching out for his God, weak as it may be, in order to grant the grace; indeed I carry him on My Shoulders to a place of rest and security.

His need to be rescued is great, it is greater than he presently realizes, but My Love for him is still greater, for I am at last bringing him home, our journey has just begun.

Thursday, November 2, 2017


2017-11-02                                                                           INRI                             

I am constantly speaking to you, are you listening?

Have you fully understood the potential and depth of a new life lived in and through the Spirit of God.

I have allowed events and specific people in your life that are there in order to change and direct your life which at times may be in opposition to the way you thought you must go.

You were created uniquely, and your likes and dislikes ordered in such a way as to glorify God, these gifts used for My Glory make you feel alive.

When I help you discover these gifts and areas of serving, you come alive, no longer are you feeling that your life is unimportant.

I am the treasure given to each of you, if you leave Me alone and do nothing in and through Me, you gain nothing, but if you realize your potential and begin to walk in this new life, I will bless you more than you can imagine.

I want to use your natural gifts that give you joy, but I also want to give you of My special gifts that you may use for My Kingdom here and now.

Each will understand My speaking to them, for individually you have a way of wording things that is just between you and I.

As a mother knows the sound of her own child, and the child the sound of his mother, so it is with our relationship and communication.

My Words will penetrate the very depths of your heart and you will know without a doubt that it is I, the One Who loves you as no one else can.

I strive for your excellence in this life, not working alone, you will serve others and unite in your combined efforts towards God and His Heavenly reward.

You are My representative in the world, a world that promotes self advancement and power in gaining more of life’s pleasures and goods.

You are My representative in the Church, here you will bring My Peace and Joy, your prayer life and frequent reception of the Sacraments will be good examples to My people, a visible sign that you follow My precepts.

Thursday, October 26, 2017


2017-10-26                                                      INRI

You have been given an apostolic mission, sometimes it is to sow the seed of faith without seeing the fruit, at other times it is to reap, perhaps what others have sown by word or by silent suffering in illness.

Yet you hunger for a greater meaning in your life, you may be afraid that the person of “you” may be lost, obliterated, and that you will become not your own person but one conscripted.

The Truth is that becoming holy makes you who you were created to be, this is a better fit for you, than what you had planned and imagined for yourself, you actually become free, who you really are.

It will be you, your personality perfected as you were meant to be from the beginning, mask removed, each made in My Image, fearless even in the face of danger, doing what God intended.

Because of the darkness of this world in which you are currently inhabiting, you remain in blindness unless you allow Me to remove the veil, I want to show you what you are capable of, do not fear this I leave the decision to you, but I do not disappoint.

Do not focus on what the world promotes, which is dissatisfaction in your person and everything that concerns you, and also dissatisfaction in your living and everything that concerns those areas.

It is not by chance that you are reading this message, for I have meant to encourage and bless your life,     I know that you are hungering and thirsting for satisfaction that God alone may fulfill.

You may not know that I hunger and thirst more for you than you do for Me, this fact may be inconceivable to you, can you imagine the implications of this, of what this could mean for you here and now.

I have a wonderful plan for your life, and I have created a place for you that will unite us face to face for all eternity, in blissful happiness, yes, for all eternity.

I want you just as you are, today, not as you hope to become, but just the way you are now for I have your best interests in mind, do not settle for a mediocre life, you were meant for greater things. 

Everyone of you have struggled in disbelief to some extent or another, you have failed to understand the true meaning of life, let Me unfold these for you personally, My Eyes never leave you.

I am asking you to have complete trust in a God that you cannot yet see, but I have given you Faith,         
I have given you Saints upon whom you may model your lives and ask for help, and Guardian Angels.

Let us deepen our relationship, desire to embrace this new life of trust by asking Me specifics for your life, in this way I will make My presence known to you, My Love is great and I seek your love in return.

Thursday, October 19, 2017


2017-10-19                                       INRI

Though it would seem that evil is overtaking the world, I have set in motion a plan for the sanctity of My faithful followers, have much confidence in these words.

I have found a certain heroism, especially among youths of this generation, even in the face of suffering that becomes evident in professing their faith and trust in God among their peers.

Thesare persevering souls that illuminate the earth, hidden as it were from most eyes, their fidelity and generosity of heart gives them much joy in serving, though they may incur occasional abuse and misunderstanding.

You may not be aware of the humility of these souls who have gained many graces in their efforts toward sanctity, I do not give them special consideration, but to all who will seek the needed help.

And so, you who are of no account in the world, it is to you that I say, I am looking for the simple, humble heart, into which I may pour forth My Love, I seek unity for My Church and true leadership.

I await your fiat, your “yes” all are receiving this call, this mandate to be holy is for all the world, I call incessantly for anyone who will answer, I will never give up on you, but you must be vigilant to act now in this your hearing.

I have prayed for you, that on your deathbed, that you would not be realizing the many graces lost in your having delayed doing the good you intended, the prayers that one would have needed for salvation or funds needed to be donated to help the unfortunate.

Each of you were chosen to be My Masterpiece, I see you already formed to perfection, I want you to see yourselves in this very same way, thus you will act with My Love always.

There is a martyrdom that occurs daily in some of your lives, in the business world, where in some jobs where the moral element of goodness to their fellowman is lacking.

Pressured at times to act in unavoidable, imperative responsibilities in offices and factories, still My people take opportunities for sanctity and heroism.

You are on your way to becoming saints, go ahead and ask what you aspire to be before Me, I always hear you, make your request grand, nothing shall be impossible for God.

I am after all your Papa, ask with the confidence of a child.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


2017-10-12                                                                               INRI

In a covert operation, the Devil working undercover in peoples lives, wants all to think of him as a figment of their imagination, that he does not really exist, he is promoting this concept widely especially among your youths.

But he really does exist, and he knows your past, he knows your weaknesses and strengths, he sees what you are doing, but he does not know what you think nor what you will do, do not be afraid.

He is spirit and is very intelligent and manipulative, especially as you place yourselves in areas of temptation to sin, his ultimate destruction is that of your soul and the souls of those who are closest to you.

Keep your thoughts and eyes on Heaven, because you are children of God, and therefore are to lift your standards higher than those who are of the world, it is beneath you to act base.

Daily your Father in Heaven awaits your prayer that lifts you, in the Arms of His Son Jesus, to the Father’s Bosom, where He holds you securely, as you surrender all to His Will in your day.

Now held by the Father with Me on the Cross, you may confidently say “I have been crucified with Christ, I no longer live but Christ lives in me.”

All that you may suffer today, will be united with My Sufferings on the Cross, and all becomes redemptive, every grace and blessing gained is multiplied in the Heavens for the earth’s benefit and for God’s Glory.

You may not yet comprehend the complexity of the concept that I have presented to you, but in time I will make it clear and you will have joy even amidst the suffering, it will be of no difference to you.

Some of you are seeking to fill a void in your hearts, an emptiness that yearns to be filled, buying more things, finding that these many possessions are less and less satisfying, a dissatisfaction settles there.

There is more unrest in the world today, communications are not always Truth, My people do not be afraid, though evil influences have stirred up dissatisfaction among all the nations, and selfishness abounds.

My message to you has always and always will be LOVE, do not accept thoughts that lead you to do nothing in the face of your brother’s need, he may or may not refuse your help, they also spit in My Face, you are My servant are you not?

Ultimately, I am the Judge as to who is worthy or not of your help, you must bring My Love to them regardless, that is your mission.

Thursday, October 5, 2017


2017-10 -05                                                INRI                                                                   

I pray that your eyes may be opened, knowing that God is constantly helping you, giving you eyes of Faith, that you may have confidence and strength to accomplish the works of God, daily His Will.

You will notice a growing discouragement in the world among its people, I am sending you to bring hope and encouragement to those around you.

Do not allow fear nor discouragement to enter your minds, dismiss these damaging thoughts through the power of My Holy Spirit, for they are not from God.

If you will allow Me to open your eyes, I will reveal to you many signs for hope, the surety of the Faith that you hold so dear in your hearts, the very Truth upon which you stand firm.

You may feel alone, that you and your friends are a minority, many are listening to the voices of the world, when you are intent on listening to the Voice of the Spirit.

This is the time I chose in all of history to proclaim My Mercy for all people, especially sinners have a right to receive these graces as never before, Satan has repeatedly told the lie that Heaven is closed to them that there is no hope of salvation.

My faithful people, you have been given a mission, a Divine Assignment, to proclaim My Love and Mercy to the throngs that through shame and discouragement, have opted to forgo My Gift of reconciliation.

They feel justified in busying themselves constantly and entertaining every whim that the world affords, selfishly thinking only of their wants and needs.

Cheat the devil and not yourselves, for My Merciful Love desires to lavish you with graces and favours just for the asking.

Will you not test the waters, as they say, or taste and see the Goodness of the Lord. Oh! if only you would ask Me for the graces that others have not received, they reject My help in their time of need.

Have you not understood My Word, that where sin abounds, grace abounded even more?

Yes, these are times of unprecedented evil, destroying hope and joy that comes from being forgiven of all sin, thus receiving once again a future with which to grow in holiness and a relationship with Me.

Yet, you need not fear for unprecedented graces even greater than any sin you could ever have committed, will be attributed to you, Satan after all is My creature, he is subject to Me.

Your hearts will rest only in Me, you will fall to your knees and Heaven’s Gates will pour forth more graces and joy than you had ever imagined, but I will not violate your freewill, you must ask, I am extending My Hand to you.

Thursday, September 28, 2017


2017-09-28                                                                                           INRI

You need My Holy Spirit to enlighten you, in order for you to understand and incorporate into your lives the Words of Scripture, they will instruct you in all that you will need answers to.

Without the power of the Spirit, you are virtually blind, I want to cure your blindness, so that you may clearly see the Wisdom that I am leading you to.

I want to heal the deaf and dumb, those who cannot speak in their own defense, those who suffer persecution, and I desire to give courage to those who fear speaking the Truth, that they would boldly proclaim justice for the oppressed.

I am the Truth and I will set you free, I have not hidden Myself from you, but I have deemed that you should seek Me, thus exhibiting to yourself, to Me and others your sincerity of heart.

I will cure the lame among you, there are some who have given up hope of ever living a virtuous and holy life, if you’ve declined in the past, opportunities to grow in spirituality, I have provided anew ways that will encourage you in your walk, yes you will run.

I even want to remedy your sleepless nights, that may sometimes be ravaged by the enemy, who does disturb sleep occasionally, he may dig up memories of past indiscretions, remind him, yes, that unholy one, that I am risen from the dead and that you are Mine.

While you are not sleeping, come spend quiet time with Me, we will enjoy moments that may not be possible in your busy days, I have all the time in the world, do not hurry, I will comfort you and soon enough you will return to your sleep, and I will make sure that in the morning you will be well rested.

I have positioned My Saints among those you associate with, you may not recognize them as such, but they are there among you, their presence is enough to influence many who would otherwise be lead in paths other than what I had planned. 

Their sanctity is united with that of Heaven, as the Saints of the past, and even now they help those who are still living upon earth, miracles are accomplished as they conduct My healing grace to flow.

Some miracles go unnoticed, possibly spiritual in nature, for they are less obvious, yet so much more important to My people than the physical, though they may think otherwise.

In humility they quietly go about doing My Will, you will experience peace in associating with them, for their focus is on their Lord, I sometimes speak direction or warning through them, but mostly they lead you to praise Me.

What is your need, I want to heal you, there may be a greater lack in you that needs healing, let Me be the Judge of that, for today, put yourself into My Hands, receive My Peace.

Thursday, September 21, 2017


2017-09-21                                        INRI

Some are blind in their sin and willfully so do they remain on the path set for destruction, it is their choice after all, and I must respect their decision.

And some are of the mindset that, to seek after virtue and holiness are but a needless hardship and a burden, also the giving up of happiness in the world, which they presently are living in enjoyment.

This would appear to be the opinion of one who is looking from the outside in, and not one who is enjoying the peace and tranquility of living in the joy and trust of serving God.

Yes, you would incur opposition at once should you decide for a greater, more meaningful life lived solely for love of Me.

You would begin to see in a new light, everyday things that may previously have caused you difficulty, realizing that what I gave up for love of you, you could never compensate Me in response.

From the very beginning, I knew which of you would respond to My invitation to return love for love, and which of you would continue blindly to ignore My requests for conversion.

Through our relationship, you come to realize your place in My Body the Church, and that here on earth you are in exile, I am coming to bring you home to be forever with Me.

But as I gave My Life for you on Calvary, and it was for Me My Crowning Glory and Happiness to do the Father’s Will, even to the extent of dying on a cross, a criminal’s death.

So also you in following Me, must find your happiness in what you suffer, it may be a spiritual or physical pain in nature, but most assuredly your bitterness shall be turned into sweetness.

The Queen of Heaven was so closely associated with My Sufferings, that She suffered a spiritual agony, pray with Her the Rosary for those who do not see the necessity to do so, you may save countless lives through your prayers.

It may seem to some that tomorrow may never end, that My return is one big hoax, seeing that the world is full of enjoyment and new discoveries, how can anything be amiss.

Without a thought for the hereafter, they laugh and sing and regard you as a fool for wasting your time and efforts on something they say may or may not happen, I AM COMING, and you do not know the day nor the hour.

Do not gamble on whether you will be able to make up for the lost time, I alone can do the impossible in lives that have seemed doomed from the beginning, here I am waiting for the repentant, would you not rather wear the crown of victory beside Me, as I sit on the Throne of Glory.

Thursday, September 14, 2017


2017-09-14              INRI

Desire to step into a life of sanctity and out of the ordinary, into Divine Life with and through Me.

I am challenging you to come to Me with all your heart, step out of the boat of safe and everyday humdrum life that leads to lethargy and boredom, let’s walk on water, you and I together.

Each person is desiring happiness in his life, but the promises of the world and all it affords, soon end in disappointments, they fall short of your expectations upon acquiring them, each one a let down.

Yet, over and over again you fall prey to the deceptions, you want to believe that they will do as was promised, I alone am the Truth, all of My Promises are true without exception, they will never disappoint you.

To all who will make a sincere effort to come to Me, I give unending peace and everlasting life, that even now will flow as a fountain of Living Water within them, My Bountiful Life will be evident.

At each Consecration of the bread and wine, that is transformed into My Holy Body and Blood, ask also that you may be transformed into Me, especially at this moment, together we will offer to the Father yourself along with Me and all who are dear to you.

This will be your highest calling, for you are being prepared to be a Citizen of Heaven, soon to be perfected, a new Saint among My Elect.

Do not dismiss what I am saying to you, it is after all My Work here on earth, to prepare all who will join in the ranks of the Most High and be willing to be made holy in the service of God.

I am the One Who is giving you the desire to be holy, lift your hands in praise and trust in My infinite love for you.

Would any parent refuse to lift up his child whose hands are raised up to him, how much more will I lift anyone who in praising Me, who lifts up his hands in praise that I may give him new life in Me.

There is a realm that is known to My Saints, even while they still lived on the earth, where I inhabited their every breath and action, every thought and word, I want to have you also close to Me in this way.

This is where I will prepare My Bride, here every blemish and flaw removed, still in the world you will remain, until your time has come to receive your eternal reward, your loving Bridegroom awaits you.

And because you are Mine, destined for Heaven, taking the places vacated by the fallen angels, the prince of darkness, the devil lies waiting for every opportunity to ensnare you in your weaknesses, but I assure you I have overcome all that could endanger you, you will have victory, I promise you.

Saturday, September 9, 2017


2017-09-08                                                                  INRI                                                                                                                                                            

I will shelter you from every storm, even through affliction and through sorrow, you will not see defeat.

I call the lost and the lonely to come to My House of Prayer, bring every burden and care, here I will heal all your diseases and infirmities.

May My Glory fill the Sanctuary, may the incense of praise rise in a cloud to the Throne of the Most High God.

May the Holy Spirit come with His grace and blessings over all here present and in each of your homes may peace reign where I am honoured.

This message is for all who desire to draw near and become one family, the family of God.

I came down to your earth, to raise you up to where I am, arise to new life, not as you were yesterdaybut enticed to live a higher calling, because in My coming into your heart, My Kingdom has come.

I want to reveal to you Who I am, that is as you look at each flower, sunrise, and each song that lifts your emotions to praise Me, I am there loving you.

All I have created was made out of love and has My Imprint of the beauty of God Himself, especially in each person, the needy, handicap and suffering.

A truly humble person will be at peace, for he neither fears failure nor the success of others, ask for the help you need, you are still a work in progress.

I will show favour to one and to another difficulties, do I not love them equally, have I ever shown injustice to anyone, for I alone have the Wisdom of the Ages.

I know full well that you seek to do My Will, and as if it were a hidden secret that must be discovered, I do not play games with you, look at what is at hand, look no further for a great work is there.

You are not sure of making the right decision, do not worry, only choose the one that seems best to you, if need be I will correct your path, I will not allow you to go too far in the wrong direction.

I am looking at what you do with your failures in life, are you defeated by them or do you rise up with new clarity and wisdom, this is where you find true success in your new life with Me.

Child, you have only today to make a difference in your life and not only your life but to better the life of another, do not put off doing what has been on your heart and in your mind.

I am your loving Father Who is reaching down to lift you in this moment to embrace you, when you feel that you are loved, you are able to give love to others, genuinely, you see I am using your arms to embrace them.

Friday, September 1, 2017


2017-09-01                             INRI

Remain in Me, affirming your love by offering yourself as I offer Myself totally to you, especially in the Holy Eucharist.

I understand your difficulties in loving those closest to you, yet this is how I determine how much you really do love Me, I am seeking love that is authentic and not superficial, not just by your words but in your actions.

Give Me therefore, permission to do all that I please, trust that you will be guided by infinite love that is for My Glory and also for your good.

Though you often request in prayer something legitimate and good, it may or may not be beneficial for you to have it at this time or maybe never, I make the wisest decision regarding your best interests.

I discern rightly every moment and what concerns you, things that may affect your well being and what would be the best for others who might care for you.

Tell Me often that you desire to receive the peace that I offer which comes from doing My Will and not your own.

There is a happiness and tranquility that I want you to enjoy, which comes from disregarding whether I give you good health or allow sickness, sweetness or bitterness in life, being all counted alike for love of Me. 

You must never see yourself as being alone ever, look with eyes of faith and see Me, I am here, right now, always, you could not exist if for one second of your time on earth, if I forgot you or that you were out of My Sight.

Allow yourself to feel My Love surrounding you, enveloping your whole being, My Heart was pierced, opened wide to allow your entrance, in hopes that you might never leave Me.

My Merciful Love awaits your every thought or sigh directed to the One, Who, it may seem has no other agenda but to be concerned about you.

Though you cannot yet see Me Face to face, you believe in Me, no one can take away your joy, I set you free, your faith sustains your love in Me, that soon you will see My Holy Face for all eternity.

In unfailing trust, you are following the precepts set before you, they let you see that I am providing for your every need, not because you’ve been so faithful or good but because of My unchanging Faithfulness and Goodness.

Thursday, August 24, 2017


2017-08-24                                                                                     INRI

Defer to one another giving priority to the preferences and needs of others in selfless abandonment.

Make an effort to spend time with others in prayer and join in community activities, thereby emptying yourselves as I emptied Myself for love of you.

If you will forget yourself and live for the other, you find joy and you will by no means feel deprived, My directives will be known to you as I will operate freely in you.

As you live your life in this way, you promote Me and it attracts even those who oppose anything to do with religion, yet I will be able to reach them.

They will not put up a wall of defiance, neither will they be closed to your words, that mysteriously will be My Words to them, the Truth through your acts of charity will be received and love will prevail.

Yes, you yourself once walked in darkness, but I freed you from sin’s slavery and from fear, do not go back into unbelief, grace has brought you thus far and what you have experienced can help others if you will allow Me to use you.

My Spirit unites all people, He testifies to the very fact that you are children of God, rejoice in this and never forget your heritage.

There is much work to be done before My return in Glory, to some it is fairly obvious, to others who are preoccupied with meaningless pastimes, they require encouragement and instruction, have patience with those who are weak.

With each passing day, I am increasing your ability to trust more in My care, in the future you will see just how important it is to have complete trust in Me.

You will never be left on your own, the necessary directions for your safety and well being, in order for you to progress, are being devised, do not be afraid only trust in the One Who has been faithful always.

 I am actively ensuring ways and means that your ultimate goal be achieved in the allotted time and beyond, look at those around you, they have been chosen for your companions, even those that are a challenge to you.

You see, your journey includes the lives of many others, I alone am able to orchestrate all the world, so that the utmost benefit for all is accomplished.

Have I not loved all My creation from the beginning, each with his own angels and holy companions, the Saints that have gone before you to blaze the way, bravely enabling you to be your best today.

Thursday, August 17, 2017


2017-08-17                                                              INRI

To live your life for yourself makes it almost meaningless, do not be content unless you are living in Me, Jesus.

In this way what you do on earth will be ordained by Me and have eternal rewards, nothing will be wasted.

I came to earth to be your example of love, that you might follow and desire to become obscure, diminished as you are doing God’s Will.

I granted you merciful love, forgiving your every fall from grace, thus in like, you must also show merciful love to your fellowman, especially when it becomes difficult to do so.

This dear friends is humility which must come first in order that what is being formed in you would begin your ascent to sainthood.

Your Holy Mother Mary will be your best model to form you in humility, allow yourself to become Her little child, She has been anticipating your coming.

Learn from Me for I am meek and humble of Heart, never desire to be distinguished among your peers.

The virtue of simplicity should define who you are, for this is the reflection, the clarification of Truth.

I cannot abide in a heart that is confused, taken up with false arguments and compromises, have the simplicity of a little child.

Thus you will speak easily to Me, right to My Heart, for I want to be your life, I care for each of you personally, you have often heard this, but have you truly comprehended this in your heart?

Though I am indeed the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings, you need not approach Me in the Blessed Sacrament, afraid that there is anything that may frighten you, you are My Beloved child in whom I lavish much love and attention to every detail of your life.

Come to Me with simplicity and the confidence of a little child, yes, you must fear Me showing respect and not with undue familiarity, I will give you love for others as you spend time with Me in adoration.

It is an anomaly that, less is more, simpler is greater, and he who humbles himself is exalted.

When I see your efforts to simplify your life, it demonstrates to Me your willingness to allow Me to mold you in every facet of your life, you approach the throne of Glory and I lift up My child.

Merciful love, humility and trust will increase your faith in Me, in this way you are docile to God’s plans for the world, and thus I will be able to do great things through you.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


2017-08-10                                                                                     INRI

Do not be fearful for your life either in the present nor in the future, for whatever is your lot in life, whether riches or poverty, as it is My Will it is My Wisdom allowing it.

I created you to live an abundant life with Me not apart from Me, not in fear but in peace, joy and strength of the Truth of the Holy Spirit, for you live in My Heart.

If you are struggling day by day in order that you be saved and finding it difficult and arduous, this is not of Me, for you are My beloved children, endowed with every grace and blessing, and as My redeemed trust that you are always in My Sight.

Come close to My Heart which is ablaze with fire for love of you, that I might ignite your heart that yearns to love Me in return and others as yourself, come close and surrender every fear.

I nourish you in every Eucharist, in unbound trust you are receiving Me, no one will take you from My Arms, I will not allow it.

As some who do not know Me, and are yet far from Me, who have a false conception of their God and Father, I send you, empowered with My Love to show them charity, let My Light reach and enlighten them through you, I seek those who do not seek Me.

Did I not offer forgiveness and love to Judas’s heart, as on My Knees I humbly washed his feet, silently in My Heart begging him to reconsider his decision which was to betray Me.

Before Me in adoration you are transformed, I see you as you really are, no disguise before Me, nor any mask to hide behind, say truly what is in your heart to the One Who loves you.

When I show you who in reality you truly are, it makes you want to live a life worthy of the calling, for as an adopted son or daughter in the family of God, you are My heir, an heir of Heaven.

As you are still clothed in humanity of earth, you are not aware that having been in My presence, you radiate the Light of the Godhead, you are being renewed in spirit to be the loving being I created you to be.

Do not allow the present darkness that surrounds you to weigh you down, I am Christ risen, I am your shield, it dispels sadness, feelings of inferiority, fear of every kind, financial woes and all of life’s dilemmas, take hold of the peace and unbound trust that I am offering to you, will to receive it. 

Friday, August 4, 2017


2017-08-03                                                                   INRI

Are you not My treasure hidden in the world, a treasure for which I gave up everything to purchase, even with My very Life.

In the world I wish to melt the ice of indifference and to set the world on fire with love, with My Love.

My Merciful Love searches out the sinner, the lost and forsaken, it also enriches and sanctifies the pure souls who adore Me, who bring joy and repose to My wounded Heart.

My Blood purifies and raises up those bowed down in sin, and it is because of this love, that to fear and mistrust Me is unthinkable, realize in your heart what was sacrificed for each of you.

The sin that most offends Me is lack of trust, therefore be contrite in confessing, but never should you confess in fear and nervousness, trust in My great Mercy.

Pride is always at the very root of mistrust in My Mercy, what I am asking is humility and confidence, as if you were coming to ask forgiveness from a dear father, as you are assured of forgiveness.

You see child, you are not the best judge of knowing just how close that I am to you, for the closer I am to you, the more My Light reveals more of your defects.

You perceive wrongly if you think that because of your many faults which you now are made conscious of, that you must be far from Me, when actually the opposite is true, you have come near.

You must be able to see yourself through My Eyes, I will always comfort you with visions of My Mercies that I wish to shower upon you.

May the Cross of My Sufferings, be the bridge that reaches the farthest sinner among you, do not fear to come to the Cross.

For as you approach with trust and confidence, you cross over to conversion, into My Kingdom here on earth, what joy as you discover your greatest treasure, My Love for you.