Thursday, December 7, 2017


2017-12-07                                                                     INRI

In My Wisdom and in My Justice, know this that every soul free from sin, is immediately admitted to Heaven and sees the Triune God as He is, according to the degree of the person’s merit.

If you love Me, you will be loved by My Father and I also will love you and reveal Myself to you, and I will be for you your great reward.

I, the Incarnate Word, have planted in the heart of each human, by the power of the Holy Spirit, the seed and root of eternal life, that it may be attained and desired by each one in Baptism.

Thus everyone with the use of understanding and freedom, is predestined to eternal life, and possesses the capacity and means to reach this ultimate goal.

If through ones own fault, he does not reach this perfect reward, he is greatly grieved having refused the graces that might have turned his life around, moment by moment giving him new opportunities for conversion.

It is in Baptism that I implant the seed of glory, to enlighten and give you a disposition and aptitude for the vision of supernatural things, both now and in the life to come.

You will make others better by loving them, forgiving them their weaknesses, as I have forgiven you and thus you will have grown.

I Love them, let My Love in you love them, in order to serve Me be at peace, be free in your spirit and not weighed down with guilt nor worry of any kind, lay these things at the foot of My Cross.

I want you to gain as much merit as you can while you inhabit the earth, you have today in which to sacrifice now for a greater future, if you will deny yourself even one thing today, I promise to build on that which you are planning and assist you.

You did not do anything to deserve My Love, I have given freely, this pure gift, and shown you the humble life that should also be yours to follow.

Make yourself small, as nothingness that I may raise you up, this will not be a simple thing, but you will progress, if only you show Me your sincerity of heart and take one step on this new path of selflessness.

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