Wednesday, April 27, 2016


2016-04-27                                                                                  INRI

In each life there comes a time when I am sending a lifeline that is meant just for you, it will be the greatest light you've ever experienced and it will show you the darkness you are in.

Day after day I send you the most beautiful sunrise and sunset, yet it goes unnoticed, barely seen if at all, yet it is I calling to you of My love for all creation.

I desire that you take notice of My power, you have made Me too small, forgotten the very fact of My having created you to love and serve Me.

Institutions have banned Images and symbols that remind them of My presence in the world, but sports memorabilia and cartoon characters, animals, pets have replaced the worship due to God alone.

Pride has separated from Me those who are in darkness, it has clouded their minds and will not allow them to view the Truth.

Living unaware of the present darkness has caused them to seek happiness and fulfillment in the things of this world, and finding only disappointment and confusion they become sad, angry, blaming others.

Only with the aid of the Holy Spirit will discernment be realized, then in His light the direction and means of resolve be given to the individual in order that they may come to conversion.

Daily conversion is a means to holiness for God alone is truly all that matters in your life, those who put off their desire to even come into the light of conversion, may miss the opportunity completely.

As the darkness envelopes them they become complacent, discouraged at times and refuse to try toremedy the mess they have made of their lives.

Sometimes I allow you to go your own way for a period of time, allowing you to reap what you sow, then in the midst of your need, I mercifully direct you to grab hold of the lifeline I am throwing to you.

It may be the words of a caring friend, a book that you pick up, a tragedy perhaps, I am in all of these.

You are so precious to Me, there is nothing that I will not use, for in My Wisdom, I know what will be the deciding victory in your life.

I will use what I must in order to win you for the Kingdom, even if it should be sickness and ultimately death, My plan for your life has always been that you would have the fulness of life. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


2016-04-20                                                                                                INRI

If you will allow your lives to reflect the goodness and forgiveness of God, you will be made conscious  of a fact that may very well surprise you.

Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men, for God chose the foolish of the world to shame the wise.

Will you allow yourselves to become foolish for love of Me, that is can you forget yourself, for the world is in a sad state of affairs, I could use you powerfully now if you allow Me to do so.

Let go of your inhibitions and set Me free to enjoy the real you, so you can enjoy you, and I will be able to act in you without barriers.

I ask you today, do you feel the joy of Heaven within you, because this is what I want for you.

When you are open with others and you are real, you will find that they will be open with you, you may even make a new friend, your new friendship will be blessed by Me.

And you will find that the opposite will be true, if you are closed and discuss the weather at length, or sports only, I will not have the opportunity to invest anything into this relationship, for it is going nowhere.

Do you take notice of a brother or sister whose demeanor may be distant or shy, maybe they may even have a grumpy look on their face, maybe a frightened look or even tearful face?

It will cost you something to approach them, yes you invest yourself in another's life, I want to be asked in prayer into every situation, I want to be part of it, I have much to contribute.

Even the slightest prayer I will not ignore, I want to show you that I am.

I am all that you'll need in every predicament, the words that will encourage will be given to you, the courage to even approach them, there is nothing that I will not do for the accomplishment of My Will.

I have viewed sad, long faces on My people, how will you attract those who are on the sidelines at this crucial time, what will inspire them to join you in this quest, let's go fishing, I excel in this.

Warmth not coolness will bring the desired results, look at the Scriptures for your script, see with whom I associated, and see who opposed Me as I only did good.

I sent My disciples out 2 X 2 with nothing, no bag, no food nothing so that they would depend on God alone for all that they would need.

They healed and cast out demons, they revived those without hope, do I ask any less of My people today, for you do not act alone, I am in you and work with and through you, no longer doubt nor fear.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


2016-04-13                                                                     INRI

While in My Passion, I allowed Myself to be brutally and securely bound with chains and ropes, to identify with you who were enslaved and bound by sin, all who were being saved.

In My Death and Resurrection, I broke every chain that signifies mortal sin and every rope that signifies venial sins in your life, I was victorious in everything that had been lost to mankind.

So you are asking of Me, why you are still falling again and again into your habitual sins, yes I was victorious in everything regarding your Salvation, but each must work out his or her individualsalvation.

You are trying diligently to overcome your faults daily, large and small, but it is a work that requires the cooperation with the Holy Spirit, Who endows you with all His gifts.

Each of you seek happiness, it may be your life's ambitious goal or perhaps a lofty material possession, these will only end in disappointment and emptiness in attaining them.

Anxiety and fear sometimes cause you to have anxious thoughts of what others think of you, or what the future will hold for your country, society, your own family's well being and so forth.

Your ultimate goal should be that your Faith not remain shallow, but that you firmly resolve to have union with God, do not be afraid to be real with Me cry out, complain to Me, I then can begin to heal those areas that have been a source of woundedness.

Your end of life is a crucial consideration that I am planning with you as you rise each day, ask Me to prepare you to receive every grace and blessing that I have arranged for your spiritual growth.

My Goodness and Patience have been generously poured out upon you in every season of your life, as for the pain and suffering that you endure, I chose to recognize and enter into it with you and have never left you.

I cried out My God, My God why have You forsaken Me, I know what it is not to have God intervene in My hour of need, this also I desired to share with you, knowing His love and faithfulness were a constant refuge.

With the gift of Hope, I desire to heal past memories, times you've badly messed up, relive with Me now and at each Mass the reenactment of  My Sacrifice upon Calvary.

Remember Me in the breaking of the Bread, here I will nourish you all with the finest food, everlasting food for the journey home, that you may never hunger or thirst, for you receive your Lord and Saviour.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


2016-04-06                                                                    INRI

In this unprecedented time of evil in the world, I am giving you hope, My Mercy in an abundance of grace, promises that bring consolation and comfort to My people.

I have outlined throughout Sacred Scripture that all that is transpiring would occur and that sin would not have the last word.

Especially close to My Heart are all who suffer in one way or another, the poor, the sick and the broken hearted, these are being showered with graces needed because of their vulnerability.

Therefore as I am still in control, where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more, take hold of My promises and receive the blessings you are so much in need of.

If you are obedient to My Will, you will be exalted in holiness, you will be light for the many who are floundering aimlessly in the darkness of this world, they are without direction and easily discouraged.

Where the culture of death is rapidly overtaking the mentality of humanity, in a way that seems right to them, you must bring the Truth, the grace of My Mercy, for sin has blinded them from the Truth.

I have saved and blessed the world through My Cross and Resurrection, it is here that you received the grace of forgiveness My Mercy, My Love and thus the grace of repentance for conversion.

More than the tragedies of all that is past, like a drop in the sea in comparison to the evil of today, thus it is relevant in your history that My Divine Mercy should be poured out upon mankind in this hour of need.

You will see My Power prevail over all that is evil in your world, My Kingdom will be realized, today in your difficulties, trust completely in My Mercy, for it is My desire that you be witnesses and servants of My great love for ailing humanity.

You were chosen for this time in history, courageously partake in the work of the Kingdom, do not limit Me as I desire to use each in the capacity of My choosing at each given moment.

I am coming, do not doubt this at any time, for you must believe fully that you will be the sparks of light that will bring renewal to My Church, power and strength are given to you as My remnant bringing to all peace and love.

Friday, April 1, 2016


2016-04-01                                                                                INRI

Await My arrival with great anticipation and joy.

I am not coming to punish, for I am Mercy and Love, and I desire unity not confusion nor anxiety.

Do not expect that you will be instantly changed into the person that you and I want you to be.

Change takes time but you are already in the process of being renewed, transformed.

I have given you signs and gifts along the way, you've been shown the path that you should go, do not put off or ignore what you know needs to change in your life.

Others will be drawn to those who exhibit My Love in their way of life, their actions in humility and simplicity, they produce fruits that are a sign of My presence in their very lives.

I will heal you, there will be no diseases and no one will be hungry nor homeless.

Those who would have found it necessary to justify and prove themselves right, will not find the need to do so, since peace will reign in all hearts.

For love will abound among you, there will be no anger or malice only the desire to help your fellow man in any way that you can, life will flourish.

There will be nothing that you could say that would convince a skeptic or nonbeliever, but only what they see with their own eyes and good done to them, love in action will be the crucial element of their conversion.

Love shown in lieu of retaliation, you will walk with Me going about doing good.

Complete trust in your God and listening to do His Will always, your fruitful lives will usher you into the Kingdom.

Prayer and perseverance will hurriedly bring you to where you are eager to share life with Me and others who share an eagerness to fulfill all that would enable all to enjoy happiness.

May your complete trust in Me cause you to sit at My Feet to gaze and to listen attentively as I direct and instruct you, for they will know that you are My disciples by your love for one another.