Wednesday, April 6, 2016


2016-04-06                                                                    INRI

In this unprecedented time of evil in the world, I am giving you hope, My Mercy in an abundance of grace, promises that bring consolation and comfort to My people.

I have outlined throughout Sacred Scripture that all that is transpiring would occur and that sin would not have the last word.

Especially close to My Heart are all who suffer in one way or another, the poor, the sick and the broken hearted, these are being showered with graces needed because of their vulnerability.

Therefore as I am still in control, where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more, take hold of My promises and receive the blessings you are so much in need of.

If you are obedient to My Will, you will be exalted in holiness, you will be light for the many who are floundering aimlessly in the darkness of this world, they are without direction and easily discouraged.

Where the culture of death is rapidly overtaking the mentality of humanity, in a way that seems right to them, you must bring the Truth, the grace of My Mercy, for sin has blinded them from the Truth.

I have saved and blessed the world through My Cross and Resurrection, it is here that you received the grace of forgiveness My Mercy, My Love and thus the grace of repentance for conversion.

More than the tragedies of all that is past, like a drop in the sea in comparison to the evil of today, thus it is relevant in your history that My Divine Mercy should be poured out upon mankind in this hour of need.

You will see My Power prevail over all that is evil in your world, My Kingdom will be realized, today in your difficulties, trust completely in My Mercy, for it is My desire that you be witnesses and servants of My great love for ailing humanity.

You were chosen for this time in history, courageously partake in the work of the Kingdom, do not limit Me as I desire to use each in the capacity of My choosing at each given moment.

I am coming, do not doubt this at any time, for you must believe fully that you will be the sparks of light that will bring renewal to My Church, power and strength are given to you as My remnant bringing to all peace and love.

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