Friday, April 1, 2016


2016-04-01                                                                                INRI

Await My arrival with great anticipation and joy.

I am not coming to punish, for I am Mercy and Love, and I desire unity not confusion nor anxiety.

Do not expect that you will be instantly changed into the person that you and I want you to be.

Change takes time but you are already in the process of being renewed, transformed.

I have given you signs and gifts along the way, you've been shown the path that you should go, do not put off or ignore what you know needs to change in your life.

Others will be drawn to those who exhibit My Love in their way of life, their actions in humility and simplicity, they produce fruits that are a sign of My presence in their very lives.

I will heal you, there will be no diseases and no one will be hungry nor homeless.

Those who would have found it necessary to justify and prove themselves right, will not find the need to do so, since peace will reign in all hearts.

For love will abound among you, there will be no anger or malice only the desire to help your fellow man in any way that you can, life will flourish.

There will be nothing that you could say that would convince a skeptic or nonbeliever, but only what they see with their own eyes and good done to them, love in action will be the crucial element of their conversion.

Love shown in lieu of retaliation, you will walk with Me going about doing good.

Complete trust in your God and listening to do His Will always, your fruitful lives will usher you into the Kingdom.

Prayer and perseverance will hurriedly bring you to where you are eager to share life with Me and others who share an eagerness to fulfill all that would enable all to enjoy happiness.

May your complete trust in Me cause you to sit at My Feet to gaze and to listen attentively as I direct and instruct you, for they will know that you are My disciples by your love for one another.

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