Wednesday, April 20, 2016


2016-04-20                                                                                                INRI

If you will allow your lives to reflect the goodness and forgiveness of God, you will be made conscious  of a fact that may very well surprise you.

Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men, for God chose the foolish of the world to shame the wise.

Will you allow yourselves to become foolish for love of Me, that is can you forget yourself, for the world is in a sad state of affairs, I could use you powerfully now if you allow Me to do so.

Let go of your inhibitions and set Me free to enjoy the real you, so you can enjoy you, and I will be able to act in you without barriers.

I ask you today, do you feel the joy of Heaven within you, because this is what I want for you.

When you are open with others and you are real, you will find that they will be open with you, you may even make a new friend, your new friendship will be blessed by Me.

And you will find that the opposite will be true, if you are closed and discuss the weather at length, or sports only, I will not have the opportunity to invest anything into this relationship, for it is going nowhere.

Do you take notice of a brother or sister whose demeanor may be distant or shy, maybe they may even have a grumpy look on their face, maybe a frightened look or even tearful face?

It will cost you something to approach them, yes you invest yourself in another's life, I want to be asked in prayer into every situation, I want to be part of it, I have much to contribute.

Even the slightest prayer I will not ignore, I want to show you that I am.

I am all that you'll need in every predicament, the words that will encourage will be given to you, the courage to even approach them, there is nothing that I will not do for the accomplishment of My Will.

I have viewed sad, long faces on My people, how will you attract those who are on the sidelines at this crucial time, what will inspire them to join you in this quest, let's go fishing, I excel in this.

Warmth not coolness will bring the desired results, look at the Scriptures for your script, see with whom I associated, and see who opposed Me as I only did good.

I sent My disciples out 2 X 2 with nothing, no bag, no food nothing so that they would depend on God alone for all that they would need.

They healed and cast out demons, they revived those without hope, do I ask any less of My people today, for you do not act alone, I am in you and work with and through you, no longer doubt nor fear.

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