Wednesday, April 27, 2016


2016-04-27                                                                                  INRI

In each life there comes a time when I am sending a lifeline that is meant just for you, it will be the greatest light you've ever experienced and it will show you the darkness you are in.

Day after day I send you the most beautiful sunrise and sunset, yet it goes unnoticed, barely seen if at all, yet it is I calling to you of My love for all creation.

I desire that you take notice of My power, you have made Me too small, forgotten the very fact of My having created you to love and serve Me.

Institutions have banned Images and symbols that remind them of My presence in the world, but sports memorabilia and cartoon characters, animals, pets have replaced the worship due to God alone.

Pride has separated from Me those who are in darkness, it has clouded their minds and will not allow them to view the Truth.

Living unaware of the present darkness has caused them to seek happiness and fulfillment in the things of this world, and finding only disappointment and confusion they become sad, angry, blaming others.

Only with the aid of the Holy Spirit will discernment be realized, then in His light the direction and means of resolve be given to the individual in order that they may come to conversion.

Daily conversion is a means to holiness for God alone is truly all that matters in your life, those who put off their desire to even come into the light of conversion, may miss the opportunity completely.

As the darkness envelopes them they become complacent, discouraged at times and refuse to try toremedy the mess they have made of their lives.

Sometimes I allow you to go your own way for a period of time, allowing you to reap what you sow, then in the midst of your need, I mercifully direct you to grab hold of the lifeline I am throwing to you.

It may be the words of a caring friend, a book that you pick up, a tragedy perhaps, I am in all of these.

You are so precious to Me, there is nothing that I will not use, for in My Wisdom, I know what will be the deciding victory in your life.

I will use what I must in order to win you for the Kingdom, even if it should be sickness and ultimately death, My plan for your life has always been that you would have the fulness of life. 

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