Friday, January 30, 2015


2015-01-30                                                                                          INRI

I am calling to you to empty your hearts of all worldly concerns and to make room for My Spirit.

Finding time to rest in Me and to listen as I allow the pressures and worries of these times to fade into oblivion.

It is in these quiet times that I will make clear those decisions that you are wanting to discern for they are being made for love of Me, but for now are dividing mind and heart.

Your confident trust in Me must be seen by all who are looking to you, who are being fed in word and action as they draw near in search for Truth.

What is of utmost importance at this time, will be the disposition of your heart in me, I am healing physical and psychological needs that have wounded some of the ones in formation.

Past hurts must be given to Me to also be healed, otherwise they may hinder the progress of what I am about to perform in each of your lives.

Reject the desire to go ahead of My actual work that I am performing in perfecting and strengthening of  love and the fire of the renewal in your hearts.

Do not be disappointed when you do not feel what you expected, or that you do not see the progress, only believe that My work in you is ongoing and that My love for you will never fail.

Here is an opportunity for you to show Me that your trust and belief are certain and sure, that you know that I am personally instructing each of you in the school of My love, listen carefully to the Spirit.

Be open to the inspiration without doubt as I lead you to love the one who has been troubling you, I will lead you to love with My love for he also is in need of My Mercy, I will use you, be docile in My hands.

I have a plan and when implemented will bring fulfillment for each of you in what needs to happen without your having arranged anything.

I have the power to change desires and to heal hurts that are hidden and festering and must be resolved that I be given control once again in each life over things that now control you.

Many agents have been active in the lives of My children, whose hearts were once Mine, now I will regain the lost and once again be the love of their lives.

I am concerned with everything in your lives even the things you may think are not so important, yet as you feel sadness I also feel it, I become lonely, I look for your love for Me also.

Visit Me often in the Tabernacle where I am often left alone, I have many graces that you are in need of and there in our precious time together I will reveal My heart to you.

Friday, January 23, 2015


2015-01-23                                                                                INRI

Children of My Mercy band together against evil.

For evil is consuming the world and many of even My elect are being lost.

Some of those who have been chosen, those whom My Heart has elected to form so diligently throughout their lives have turned their backs to Me.

They lead others astray by their consistent disregard for My laws.

But I am coming dear ones who still seek My face, who look to please Me and are in prayer despite being alone in vast numbers of peoples living for themselves.

You are My garden, I look on you and find consolation and rest in moments of deep woundedness.

My Heart is deeply wounded because of the loss of so many, for it is for each one of these that I suffered and died.  

Evil has flaunted itself in My face in the destruction of the weak and solitary ones who are not in commitment and community in My Church.

Band together, here lies your strength, prayer unites you and My forgiveness and Mercy will triumph over all evil.

Do not dwell on past infidelities for I am greater than the one who had you momentarily, for now you are Mine forever.

You are stronger for having fallen and for that reason I allowed your indiscretions, look for Me I am  here beside you forming and strengthening you daily.

Help those who are fallen and do not judge them, lest I judge you, they also have been mislead and believe that they are secure, but they are on a path that will bring them to only sadness and failure.

Satan's promises are empty, they may sound good in perspective but in the end destruction, My promises are true, every one of them are sound and praise worthy.

What joy to recover a lost Soul, I allow you to help Me in this work that is so necessary in the world, this is a joy felt in the Heavens all rejoice.

Everyone and every creature was made by Me and for Me, and you also have a share in creation in every part of nature and all peoples in it for you are in Me, do not hate your enemy but pray for those who oppose you.

My Name is Love, and greater still is My Mercy for all, I increase love in you if you allow Me to use you to benefit the world through the work of the Holy Spirit within you.

As I gaze on you, My garden, I am constantly being refreshed, bloom and become My faithful remnant for you will be the new inhabitants of My Kingdom to come.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


2015-01-15                                                   INRI

Thank Me for your life, whatever your circumstance may be, whether you are suffering, or in poverty, loneliness, wherever you are in life thank Me for great and little things, sad and lighthearted things for all things be thankful constantly.

For humanity as a whole is mostly ungrateful, some of you are still searching for answers to the questions you've long wondered, questions and dilemmas of life that perplex you, I will reveal some to you but others will be waiting for you in eternity.

When you least expect it, I will reveal to you the explanation of a Scripture or the meaning of something that will please you in the knowledge of it, for I know you personally and to do this is My privilege and pleasure.

I have given Myself in the Eucharist that you may be satisfied, fed and healed, but you must do your part, give to Me whatever loaves and fishes, that is your offering to Me, I then will be able to use what you offer to heal and feed the world.

Gratitude will always be the correct response for all that you will endure in your life, for pain, for drought in your fields, for flooding or whatever.

Accept that all passes through My loving and capable hands, you may not know the Wisdom that has willed your lot in life at this time, only accept that it is not chance that has allowed this to happen to you but a loving Father.

Confident trust in Me is what I desire as you sit at My feet in adoration gazing at the wonder of it all, I for My part also am lovingly gazing at you and granting you many blessings and grace.

The wonder of God becoming man and thus serving humanity as a slave, recall as I washed the feet of the Apostles, in order to show them an example of love in action taking the form of a slave.

I will serve your brothers and sisters through you if you'll allow Me the privilege to use you in this way.

Spend as much time with Me as you can, your time on earth is short and that you may not waste a minute in vain pursuits, ask the Holy Spirit to open your mind and eyes that you may enter into My presence to see and hear Me.

My words will strengthen and encourage you in the way you must go, for there will be other voices that you must be aware of and not listen to, for the evil one is always on the alert, looking for easy prey.

You will be able with the gift of discernment to tell the difference in the words you hear, so in the time that is available to you praise Me, lift your Spirit in praise and adoration, you will always be joined by My angels and the many Saints of Heaven, who continually sing and praise their God.

Those who will unselfishly deprive themselves of entertainment and worldly pleasures for My sake, will be made ready for My coming and in whatever they will be asked to endure.

You My children are My bride and I am preparing you now, My goal has always been to make you holy and in order for Me to do this you must remain in grace ever near Me.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


2015-01-08                                                       INRI

I have overcome death and all the world, what is it to live in the confidence and trust of God?

When one is slighted by another how should you respond, unless you are living in the Spirit, the reaction would be to retaliate, pride having been injured.

To rely upon God when slighted and respond in kindness, your thoughts and words are of a loving response, the Holy Spirit now living in you has transformed you.

Neither are you indifferent to your neighbor who has shown you harm, because you now are living in Me you are showing him love.

There will be much testing and trials in this world, but you have not been left to fend for yourself, I for My glory provide every grace that whatever would assail you may be overcome with My love.

You do have the Saints that you may imitate, but every one of them has been created uniquely and so I may also be doing in you a brand new thing that has never before been done.

Yes, there will be times when you will be puzzled and a little confused as to what exactly I am doing in your life that seems to be at a stand still at this present time.

You must patiently wait and not be over anxious to be doing anything during this time of what you may consider darkness for My presence seems far away from you.

You need not be fearful I am so very near to you, be confident in this message, in My Wisdom which may be contrary to your thinking, I am not displeased with you, for there are details that are in motion and must be allowed to proceed to completion.

You may be wondering that this is a waste of time that you could be helping others with their problems, or even tending to the poor and so many other things that occupy your mind.

During this time I am working in you what you are not aware of, trust that the virtues are being gained by simply being with Me in peace and tranquility, agitation at this time would not be beneficial.

As I use the example of a flowering tree in spring, you also will be flowering and producing much fruit as I am reserving you for the proper time but you must remain in Me.

My Holy and Blessed Mother has been given to you for the guidance She will provide through prayer and fasting in order to gain cognition in receiving every grace and blessing that awaits you.

Have I withheld anything from you that you need or desire, I have even formed your desires within you that you may unite with My Will and thereby be happy even now.

I may remain silent for long periods of time, this may seem as a cloud to you, that you do not know where you are being lead, praise Me and thank Me for everything that is happening or not happening in your life, I am very near to those who hunger for Me.

Saturday, January 3, 2015


2015-01-01                                                                  INRI

I became man in order that you may become divine, these words are unimaginable to you for the very fact that your God wishes to unite perfectly with you.

You cannot know Me in your humanity alone and so that you may know and love Me as I desire, I am forming you.

I am making you divine, but because you cannot do this for yourself, you must of your own free will become pliable in My hands as a potter forms clay.

Because of your sin you had become brittle, misshaped and I had to break you and remake you into My image.

As you surrender to Me, you are being formed, little by little you are becoming Christ for the world, “Christ” means the anointed One.

Though this transformation is not yet fully realized in you, your conversion is ongoing daily as you allow grace to mold you.

I am opening your ears, sharpening your sight and increasing love in you, that what is happening around you will not consume you, but make you a warrior against evil in all its deceitful ways.

Do not be afraid, fear in you saddens Me for I am working in you a Divine Sonship gained through your Baptism, I am giving you insight into the Father's design for His Kingdom which is to come.

Receive My Peace, for I have chosen you, and you must be constantly aware of this great privilege which is being made available to you, though you are at liberty to refuse it according to your free will.

Many in the world are being swallowed up into the cesspool of eternal death, where there will be no solace and much suffering for all eternity.

Allow Me to grant you this day all that I have set aside for your growth in Divinity, I want so much to enjoy with you this happiness.

As I give you your daily bread, realize that you no longer live, in that you have been crucified with Me and I now live in you, come spend time with Me alone.

What I am asking of you by telling you of this divination is that you will believe as never before in your place in the Heavens with Me, that you take your right place in Me, believe, believe and put into action love for I Myself am love.