Friday, January 23, 2015


2015-01-23                                                                                INRI

Children of My Mercy band together against evil.

For evil is consuming the world and many of even My elect are being lost.

Some of those who have been chosen, those whom My Heart has elected to form so diligently throughout their lives have turned their backs to Me.

They lead others astray by their consistent disregard for My laws.

But I am coming dear ones who still seek My face, who look to please Me and are in prayer despite being alone in vast numbers of peoples living for themselves.

You are My garden, I look on you and find consolation and rest in moments of deep woundedness.

My Heart is deeply wounded because of the loss of so many, for it is for each one of these that I suffered and died.  

Evil has flaunted itself in My face in the destruction of the weak and solitary ones who are not in commitment and community in My Church.

Band together, here lies your strength, prayer unites you and My forgiveness and Mercy will triumph over all evil.

Do not dwell on past infidelities for I am greater than the one who had you momentarily, for now you are Mine forever.

You are stronger for having fallen and for that reason I allowed your indiscretions, look for Me I am  here beside you forming and strengthening you daily.

Help those who are fallen and do not judge them, lest I judge you, they also have been mislead and believe that they are secure, but they are on a path that will bring them to only sadness and failure.

Satan's promises are empty, they may sound good in perspective but in the end destruction, My promises are true, every one of them are sound and praise worthy.

What joy to recover a lost Soul, I allow you to help Me in this work that is so necessary in the world, this is a joy felt in the Heavens all rejoice.

Everyone and every creature was made by Me and for Me, and you also have a share in creation in every part of nature and all peoples in it for you are in Me, do not hate your enemy but pray for those who oppose you.

My Name is Love, and greater still is My Mercy for all, I increase love in you if you allow Me to use you to benefit the world through the work of the Holy Spirit within you.

As I gaze on you, My garden, I am constantly being refreshed, bloom and become My faithful remnant for you will be the new inhabitants of My Kingdom to come.

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