Saturday, January 3, 2015


2015-01-01                                                                  INRI

I became man in order that you may become divine, these words are unimaginable to you for the very fact that your God wishes to unite perfectly with you.

You cannot know Me in your humanity alone and so that you may know and love Me as I desire, I am forming you.

I am making you divine, but because you cannot do this for yourself, you must of your own free will become pliable in My hands as a potter forms clay.

Because of your sin you had become brittle, misshaped and I had to break you and remake you into My image.

As you surrender to Me, you are being formed, little by little you are becoming Christ for the world, “Christ” means the anointed One.

Though this transformation is not yet fully realized in you, your conversion is ongoing daily as you allow grace to mold you.

I am opening your ears, sharpening your sight and increasing love in you, that what is happening around you will not consume you, but make you a warrior against evil in all its deceitful ways.

Do not be afraid, fear in you saddens Me for I am working in you a Divine Sonship gained through your Baptism, I am giving you insight into the Father's design for His Kingdom which is to come.

Receive My Peace, for I have chosen you, and you must be constantly aware of this great privilege which is being made available to you, though you are at liberty to refuse it according to your free will.

Many in the world are being swallowed up into the cesspool of eternal death, where there will be no solace and much suffering for all eternity.

Allow Me to grant you this day all that I have set aside for your growth in Divinity, I want so much to enjoy with you this happiness.

As I give you your daily bread, realize that you no longer live, in that you have been crucified with Me and I now live in you, come spend time with Me alone.

What I am asking of you by telling you of this divination is that you will believe as never before in your place in the Heavens with Me, that you take your right place in Me, believe, believe and put into action love for I Myself am love.

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